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  1. I actually grew to Hate Ellie. Didn’t see it through her eyes I felt she was arse by the time I finished as Abby. Was it just me or did you guys find when you were playing with Abby you forgot all about the supposed storylines of Ellie and Joel. To me it felt like a completely different game taking away the full first half of the game.
  2. Just caught up on the weekends wrestling. Bray Wyatt still continues to blow me away most weeks
  3. How many of these cretins are going to blame mental health and alcohol. It’s disgusting to see this pish.
  4. Lewis Girvan mentioned next and already punted from Discovery Wrestling with Joe Hendry punting him as a trainer from his wrestling school.
  5. Don’t know the guy but Renfrew always seemed to believe his own hype that he really was an untouchable rockstar. I wondered how long before his name was mentioned as being a tit. As you say not at the levels of some but not a surprise to see his name mentioned either
  6. Not a wrestler but regarding what’s been going on I’ve just been given a link to Chris Bungards Twitter. Words fail me
  7. I’m just reading up on whats been unfolding over the last few days and whilst I always knew the wrestling industry would be rife with absolute c*nts this has been a harrowing insight to the levels of abuse victims have suffered. Words won’t ever do justice for the victims of abuse. With ICW itself Dallas is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t speak out more right now. Whilst his silence is painting things in a very bad light if he comes out condemning things and more stories like Aivil’s come to light he’s finished. Some organisations who are posting about it like progress show me why ICW is staying quiet. Me personally think ICW is finished as a brand with a lot of people and I don’t see them coming back from this with a strong product ever again. If you look at a lot of the names mentioned it’s “the lads”. Joe Coffey, Davie Blaze, Kid Fite, Wolfgang, Whiplash to name a few. Even members of the crew are being named. These are long-standing ICW wrestlers and workers who have appeared in the media and on documentaries as friends of Marks on and off screen. How Mark can prove he was oblivious to all the goings on in his company and distance himself from this seems almost impossible. The Wolfgang story on twitter is no longer there but by all accounts it’s one of the most sickening and shocking. The Coffey stuff really does not surprise me as I always felt he was never a character and never doing promos. I felt he really was the arsehole he portrayed himself to be. The amount of people that will have turned a blind eye to this just to be a “lad” and be part of the gang is so saddening. Whiplash doesn’t surprise me either nor will it surprise most of you. One other thing that is absolutely frightening is the amount of absolute fuckwits that hang on every word of their favourite wrestlers. The ICW hardcore who won’t ever criticise a thing and tell you the company is amazing. You all know the ones I’m on about. The problem was these people put ICW on a pedestal for years and I truly believe they hated criticism from outsiders. They are still defending it now with pish like “oh people hold grudges”, “we need more proof” and “there’s two sides to every story”. f**k me do these people not realise the victims putting themselves forward are now more vulnerable than ever and will be going through the hardest times of their lives. The wrestlers are not your friends and never have been take off the tinted glasses ffs. I have absolutely no doubts the ICW roster will be full of good people. I’m in no way tarring everyone with the same brush and I have an idea who will come out of all of this with absolutely nothing to fear. If it survives do you see yourselves ever back at ICW? It would take a hell of a lot of changes before I would even consider it and that’s if no more comes to light.
  8. Thank f**k Aloe Vera a non runner mountain angel too me hee haw else today but I’m taking that gladly
  9. So I’m 0 for two as predicted at Ascot. Other than the win on Pyledriver on Tuesday and Buick’s magnificent ride on Dark Vision yesterday (both at 18/1) I have been pretty garbage in my selections. Only other winner so far was Lord of the North yesterday but Japan was never winning that at a ridiculously short price. I decided to have a deeper look into today’s race than i normally do as I tend to overthink it and just put myself off but since I haven’t even sniffed my money back in the opening two offers I might as well. Sir Dragonet comes with a big reputation and often a lot is expected but the horse isn’t consistent enough in my opinion to justify favouritism. Fox Tal looks a decent horse but not enough stands out for me to part with my cash. Regal Reality on paper doesn’t appeal to me but plenty positives written about this horse and with the impressive Crowley on board I’m tempted to back against my own judgement and punt this as I have been dreadful. Mountain Angel goes well fresh and was one of my two picks as James Doyle has been fantastic since racing resumed. My other pick was similar to yesterday’s effort with Aloe Vera being 2 for 2 with a listed win to its name already and at 18/1 that’s my kind of price. Godolphin also has 2 runners but both Suroor’s and Appleby’s horses has been rather pish so far and they look lacking in fitness so I’m guessing most will need the run. Gosden had Terebellum who ran well and was pipped late on, Dark Vision ran an absolute blinder yesterday and deserves so much credit but it’s a Mark Johnston trained Godolphin runner so I’m left between my own judgement and the “tipsters judgement”
  10. You have your 3 at the top of the market in tomorrow’s race with most places tipping one of those to go on and win but I’m hoping for a wee potential nugget in Kenzai Warrior. Won both it’s races as a 2 year old including a group 3 last year. It’s only run this year happened to be in the 2000 Guineas where it fell out of the stalls but at least managed a half decent 9 of 15. Stripping fitter now I’m hoping it will prove a wee gem and add a second group 3 to its name.
  11. What has Whiplash done? Couldn’t see the original tweets
  12. Yahooo Pyledriver first winner of the day.
  13. Crowley fell out the gates then didn’t try a leg. Oh how I love Ascot
  14. Started this offer again on Friday with them doing 3 races over the weekend. 2 out of 3 with the 33/1 shot unsurprisingly no where. I hate Ascot week and I’m absolutely garbage on the flat overall. Was tempted to take my usual combo at 20/1 but with Dettori on the Godolphin favourite I opted against. Wouldn’t bet Frankie I absolutely hate the man so after some careful consideration and a lot of guesswork I plumped for the other Al Maktoum runner. Good luck Jagfox and to anyone else this week won’t be hard outshine me
  15. Aye if the video he put on his Twitter after his release wasn’t legit and he knew of his re-signing I’ve lost a lot of respect for him in a dark time for many. Not that he will care but a very shitty thing to do.
  16. Personally to me It’s not about what people are “willing” to pay it’s about what people can afford to pay and is it justifiable. I see a lot of the time on Airdrie threads and on social media our fans calling other Airdrie supporters true” or “real” fans because they donate to the club or can pay that bit more. Utter pish. If I was making a really comfortable living I wouldn’t mind doing the odd turn for Airdrie. Fact is though I’ve been a student recently, only just qualified last month and don’t have a job yet. Airdrie have done f**k all for me personally and the football for years is utter pish. Supporting a sports team to me is like other hobbies but a fucking expensive one at that. As fans we owe our teams nothing. So after buying a season ticket and forking out on merchandise I’m no position to and couldn’t justify paying £15-£20 for a shite stream to watch us play turgid shite against other pish sides like Stranraer. Other clubs could also price themselves out of the casual fan tuning in. If it came to a crunch game or the playoffs I’d happily pay a couple of quid to watch the games but only within reason. For people with the disposable income fair play to you and what you do is none of my business but fans looking down their noses at those who can’t or choose not to need to take a look at themselves.
  17. Booooooo predictable shite
  18. My favourite ever song. Loved it. Few surprises in this list for me and a few I expected aren’t there. Netta I ripped to bits but actually enjoyed seeing her in Gran Canaria last year
  19. I’ve just started the ppv what happened with Wyatt? if it’s pish I might just skip it straight to live it’s the only character that still peeks my interest
  20. https://mobile.twitter.com/AirdrieoniansFC/status/1255452186261311488 Likely not the only award he will take either. Just wondering what you thought of him with his time at Accies
  21. A. HBK B. Not fussed so take your pick. C. I actually liked that Triple H theme. D. William Regal it has to be E. Christian (Eddie will win though) F. Kurt Angle (although Glorious is superb) G. Hulk Hogan (Randy’s theme in this should be voices) H. Edge without a doubt.
  22. Dundee were 3rd so it would depend if Hearts go down. If not then the two up would be Dundee Utd and Inverness.
  23. Stop that rite now. I’m just starting to like you guys 😂. Falkirk can suffer with us
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