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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Henderson should have scored there. Shat it
  2. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Last time I was at the racing I gave the winner on here but said I was getting greedy and going for a big price. Turned out to have the best days betting I’ve ever had so tempted to try tip the winner then bet the outsider (not that in superstitious or anything). I’ve had a look this morning and whilst I agree you can make cases for all 5 runners and there wouldn’t really be a shock winner considering the betting market I can’t get away from Top Vile Ben who has looked something else winning by 13 and 46 lengths respectively in its two chase starts. The first race was a smash up job of the impressive Donna’s Diamond and the second race was a 46 length demolition of the Skelton’s 6/5f Red Rising. A horse on the up with bags of potential caught my eye early today. Good luck to all and here’s hoping for a great days betting.
  3. Coupon Bursters

    Not often i bother about losing coupons on here but Derby tonight is an absolute sickener. Especially with the twitter feed of the last 5 minutes
  4. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Ref’s eyes in the Tottenham game must be painted on
  5. Which NFL team should i support

    Yeah will definitely look at going would be a fantastic experience
  6. Which NFL team should i support

    Thanks for all the posts and help was going to wait a few weeks and see but I’ve decided to go for it and with a wee bit of research I wanted a team that isn’t absolutely garbage but a team no where near the top. As a result I am now a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars
  7. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Aye same today mate cash return
  8. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    3rd yesterday but the Gigginstown colours done me the business yesterday with Roaring Bull coming in at 7/1 and Eviscerating coming in (luckily) at 14s. Dont have those colours to rely on in the free bet but not touching Josies Orders at 5/4. Will get a wee look shortly and I see Gigginstown have a few runners today too.
  9. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Best of luck tomorrow
  10. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Royal Thief for me based on the partnership of De Bromhead and Blackmore. They were rock solid for me last week
  11. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    f**k sake better be something on I couldn’t take it this may actually be a chance for me to get dry
  12. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    Thats it mate look at my club. More than our share of fuckwits many of whom are old firm arm chair supporters at heart. Even that is scunnering. Even outisde of the 90mins you can’t get away from it. Only good for the little cash boost to the teams that need it
  13. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    My fault for using social media but old firm “fans” are a breed of their own. I feel myself get angrier and angrier reading their vile pish. I dare say other than for a chance to beat them games against the old firm quickly lose their appeal for top flight fans
  14. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    This is where an explanation is needed. For a statement to simply say the referee saw the incident and no further action will be taken is a disgrace of a statement. If they feel that requires no further action then a statement should be made on why they justify that stance and why they deem it acceptable.
  15. Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

    Not just on about P&B but aye I would say defend is the wrong word I have used. I have seen comments from people justifying the incident. Thats a better statement.