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  1. Is this on the fite network tonight or will I need to find an alternate way to watch it. Cheers in advance
  2. It’s an absolute fact that an element of our support are well and truly capable of being racist, bigoted and a few other things. I’m not going to pretend to be shocked by the news this happened but it is absolutely sickening and shameful never the less. For people to accuse Rico of hearing wrong or making it up is bewildering to say the least (it’s more than just the ones on here if you check other social media). Thankfully the majority of our fans will do the decent thing and call this out for the disgrace it is. As they have done with other injustices too. I hope Rico is doing ok and I hope he will continue to want to play for the club as I have no idea what must be going through the poor lads head rite now. On the debate of “abusing” players as long as any criticism is based on a players performance I personally don’t have an issue with it. The argument that “I don’t get abuse at my job ” doesn’t work for me as I don’t have 800 fans paying to watch me work which contributes to my wages. That’s just how I see that part. As soon as anything said to a player is based on a personal trait or characteristic then it’s went beyond acceptable behaviour. Many will disagree but that’s just how I see it. One thing I will add is any fan of any other club wanting to come on here to score cheap digs against the club and wider fan base can f**k rite off. All your doing is showing yourself to be a dick who isn’t showing any care for the real issue at hand here. We all have supporters at our clubs we are ashamed of. Keep this to looking after Rico not scoring cheap digs.
  3. Went to see candyman and I had very mixed feelings about it. I thought the film as a stand alone film would have been absolutely great with a cracking story and hard hitting messages. As an “old school slasher fan” however I don’t watch horrors other than to try switch off and enjoy them. I didn’t like that candyman went from Tony Todd’s character who was full of charisma and had a weird charm to a character who never said a word and was pretty bland. Anyone who liked the originals will hopefully know what I mean about the difference. It’s now the case of multiple “candymen” each a victim to racial violence and whilst I understand the importance of that message and it did hit home hard. I would have preferred it if they then showed various versions of the legend throughout the film and told us their stories rather than just focusing on the one. I get it’s all relevant subjects such as police brutality and gentrification i just don’t see the film being a horror in the same way the originals were. I know it won’t be a popular view but that’s my take
  4. At the fucking asylum too. Just shows if you wait long enough all is forgotten. Actually disgusted and how easy a time ICW got from all this. I see all the usual suspects dying to get back and see their hero’s too.
  5. First day on here in a while again had a few wins and a few loses in recent weeks but I’m 2/3 this week at York which is a nice turn. Lost interest in it for a while and I’m still not as keen as I used to be on the horses but will see how the next few weeks go. I don’t know what to make of today’s race as if it was good going I would be all over the Godolphin horse (shock) but I think with the conditions it could be anyone guess. Between Brunch and El Drama I think. Good luck though folks
  6. Yeah seen that on Twitter tonight. Didn’t see his name mentioned last year when the speaking out stuff first came to light but looks bad from what I can see tonight
  7. We will be delighted to have Callum back one of the hardest workers we have had and although not prolific he will do a turn in league 1
  8. Does Willie Gibson play that well most weeks? 36 and been down in the lower leagues I thought he would be done at this stage of his career. He was a player I liked a lot back in his first spell with you and he looked absolutely fantastic today absolute game changer
  9. I like Nikki cause she is Scottish but that character is beyond pish. First woman to fail the cash in NAP
  10. That was an uncomfortable watch. As much as you have to respect the chin and heart of Moutinho that’s a brain injury in the making. Can’t be doing that again.
  11. Glad folk are now getting finished. I loved it but as I said I didn’t play the franchise till res evil 7 so the changes made from previous games for me are a positive. I loved playing as Chris really liked that aspect too. Was a good part to the game. I felt I spent longer at lady Demetrescu’s palace than I did anywhere else and that was probably my favourite of the 4 “children”. She followed me everywhere I couldn’t get peace to search areas. The doll makers house was by far the most unsettling. The laugh and noises through headphones was very unnerving. My most frustrating part was navigating across the water to flood the damn I died there a few times and I also died a few times fighting the dude with the big hammer. .
  12. Sorry to ask folks looking for some help on what podcasts to listen to. I started off listening to Jim Cornette I noticed he did 2 with one being “Drive Thru” and the other was “the Jim Cornette experience”. I like his brutal honesty of some of the pish that is served up these days but find him to talk a lot of shite for a lot of it too. Is there any good podcasts out there which isn’t afraid to be critical but isn’t filled with......well ranting garbage
  13. Bulgaria has the best sob story so far or does that only work on Xfactor?
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