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  1. Personally to me It’s not about what people are “willing” to pay it’s about what people can afford to pay and is it justifiable. I see a lot of the time on Airdrie threads and on social media our fans calling other Airdrie supporters true” or “real” fans because they donate to the club or can pay that bit more. Utter pish. If I was making a really comfortable living I wouldn’t mind doing the odd turn for Airdrie. Fact is though I’ve been a student recently, only just qualified last month and don’t have a job yet. Airdrie have done f**k all for me personally and the football for years is utter pish. Supporting a sports team to me is like other hobbies but a fucking expensive one at that. As fans we owe our teams nothing. So after buying a season ticket and forking out on merchandise I’m no position to and couldn’t justify paying £15-£20 for a shite stream to watch us play turgid shite against other pish sides like Stranraer. Other clubs could also price themselves out of the casual fan tuning in. If it came to a crunch game or the playoffs I’d happily pay a couple of quid to watch the games but only within reason. For people with the disposable income fair play to you and what you do is none of my business but fans looking down their noses at those who can’t or choose not to need to take a look at themselves.
  2. Booooooo predictable shite
  3. My favourite ever song. Loved it. Few surprises in this list for me and a few I expected aren’t there. Netta I ripped to bits but actually enjoyed seeing her in Gran Canaria last year
  4. I’ve just started the ppv what happened with Wyatt? if it’s pish I might just skip it straight to live it’s the only character that still peeks my interest
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/AirdrieoniansFC/status/1255452186261311488 Likely not the only award he will take either. Just wondering what you thought of him with his time at Accies
  6. A. HBK B. Not fussed so take your pick. C. I actually liked that Triple H theme. D. William Regal it has to be E. Christian (Eddie will win though) F. Kurt Angle (although Glorious is superb) G. Hulk Hogan (Randy’s theme in this should be voices) H. Edge without a doubt.
  7. Dundee were 3rd so it would depend if Hearts go down. If not then the two up would be Dundee Utd and Inverness.
  8. Stop that rite now. I’m just starting to like you guys 😂. Falkirk can suffer with us
  9. Enjoy it folks I wouldn’t be giving a f**k what other fans say. If it was us I’d certainly milk it. Congrats
  10. So is Ronda Rousey setting up her return as a top heel or is she genuinely trying to burn every bridge with the WWE?
  11. I remember not so long ago when us diddy team fans (cause lest be honest in the grand scheme of things our teams are pish) used to at-least be united on how we got shafted by the big 2 and the top teams looking after number 1. Now there’s petty bickering and fans turning on other lower clubs fans when “everyone” of us want what’s best for our respective clubs. I see plenty of people getting on at Doncaster and that’s great to see but fans need to stop the petty stuff. My dads in hospital rite now fighting the virus and it has honestly put so much into perspective. Falkirk fans, Airdrie fans (who haven’t moaned on here as much as I expected) East Fife fans, Montrose fans, Edinburgh City fans and the rest in the play off positions. Fact is from 2nd to 4th we get f**k bar a chance in the play offs come the seasons end. It gets us absolute f**k all guarantees. Raith are top doesn’t matter whether it’s by a point or a goal. They are top come the seasons end premature as it may be. They deserve to go up for that. As do Dundee Utd and Cove. All the reconstruction ideas won’t happen unless the big teams are kept financially secured and keep their advantage over the rest. That’s what’s fundamentally wrong with the Scottish game. It’s not the small clubs wanteing some financial gain and a hopeful promotion here it’s the arseholes at the top who get fatter and richer year in year out whilst continuing to shit all over the lower leagues.
  12. You guys are the only club I feel for through this whole thing. I think yous would have avoided automatic relegation and as for the rest of us I couldn’t see anything changing bar who went up and down via play offs.
  13. I’d have absolutely no problem with the teams at the top going up and the teams at the bottom going down. Sadly whether we like it or not they were in those positions when play was stopped and if Airdrie were top even by a single goal at that time I’d be arguing the same as Raith fans are. The only team I would feel for is Partick as they have played a game less than QoS and a win would put them into 9th. For me two teams don’t deserve to go up with no relegation as 2nd place gets you the same as 3rd and 4th. A play off place with no guarantees of promotion (sorry Falkirk fans). As an Airdrie fan we still had a chance to win the league or be promoted and whilst that is a nice dream the idea of the leagues resuming tells me people aren’t taking what’s going on around us seriously enough. Very simplistic and won’t happen but just how I see it.
  14. From a taking the piss match to a going for a piss match
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