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  1. Broome Broome ................ Colin Keane not over here just to make up the numbers bet at 12s and instantly out to 14s. The no best odds is garbage but paying 5 places for your money back so a chance to try one at a price. The Irish horses are an enigma at the best of times and with O’Brien you never have a clue what horse is the one to be one with often the stables “3rd” strong horse and bigger price horses being the winner. Stradivarius priced to carve them up at a canter and the form figures of its 3 attempts at this race is a second, a third and a win. For me though although it was a slog in the mud I just wasn’t impressed with it last week in the Arc and this may be another draining affair. Good luck folks as always. Not much luck recently by the looks of it sadly.
  2. To Godolphin or not to Godolphin that is the question
  3. I haven’t been betting this week yet but last week I didn’t even bother posting my pics they were that bad. Looks a likely win for Chindit in the first but I’ve taken a punt on Mujbar. The St Ledger I’m leaning on Pyledriver but will get another look. Good luck folks
  4. A better start might have saw me win. Bollox
  5. Sorry guys but I’m winning this today
  6. Just had to watch the chainsaw bit after you guys talking bout it. It’s the way they egg him in after each rope and the celebration like it’s supposed to be a big deal. Utterly terrible but as has been said the write up made it seem amazing
  7. Not that I’d have won it but Marco Ghiani needs a baw booting from the owners for that. well in Jagfox and really unlucky welshbairn
  8. Well my horse was dead last a week ago so it’s all positive from here can’t be worse. Equitation first me. Previous course and distance winner and ran well finishing second at Ascot in its last race. Good luck folks
  9. That’s statement can get in the fucking bin. So if your a convicted offender we won’t book you and will fire you but if your an absolute creep with a history of abuse and no convictions ICW find that fair game. The welfare officer is a sham why would talent feel comfortable with that. Unless they appear to go down the root of criminal proceedings then nothing will change. They created a “code of conduct” tell me why something like that wasn’t in place beforehand. Surely every employer should have a code or work ethic for its employees to follow f**k sake. Dignity at work policy 🤣 yet more pish. I have been quite reserved in my condemnation of Dallas and ICW up until now. Got absolute no interest in going back to it which is a shame as there is plenty good guys involved in the company but absolute f**k all has been done really if you wade through the pish of that statement.
  10. Was away camping at Loch Doon yesterday so had no signal. Was stupid enough to put my horses on before my signal went. Checked them today when I got home. I had 8 horses. First two Godolphin horses won at 4/6 and 3/1 for a wee double. My sky bet horse was dead last (call me ginger) don’t even want to watch it and none of the other 5 were in the top 3. Happy days.
  11. Aye was very strange finishing the last 2 months from home. Glad to be done but this working for a living ain’t for me 😂 Fantastic on the win mate that’s some going hopefully a wee change of fortune today for you too with the horses
  12. F**k me absolutely fantastic guys. Get in what a result they are
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