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  1. Yeah Magic of Light would have been my pick too but worried now 😂
  2. Anyone know much about TK Cooper? Just saw his promo for his match for the Zero G title
  3. Missed the offer during the week apologies Jagfox did you bet anything though mate? As for me roaring into 2020 its been a decent start with a win in the first offer and then beaten in a photo in the second race when I thought my horse should have came out on top. You'll be shocked to know this 3 time champion armchair jockey wanted to climb into the tele and smack the horse's jockey for producing it far too late. Today's race is a tight little grade 2 novices chase. All racing off 11 stone with 3 horses having an OR of 142 and another 2 only a couple behind an argument can be made for most of these. Even although I tend to stay away from favourites I really can't get away from the head of the market today and i think Highest Sun still remains the most unexposed carrying probably the better of the form. At 2/1 its not a price I like to take but the only other horse to tempt me is the Skelton's runner Ardlethen. I think they will have 2/3 winners on the card and at 5/1 it is more my kind of price but the horse comes with risks attached for sure. Good luck as always folks
  4. Well hopefully I can carry on 2020 with my 100% record for the year 😂. Ok it may only be 1 race but I'm milking it whilst I can. Today I have went for Delire D'Estruval with everything crossed it can produce a good display but good luck to all today.
  5. Well I did say I was going to stroll 2020 and that’s the best way to start it. Good old Champ falling at the last
  6. Just had your first shandy to celebrate the bells good on you wee yin. You’ll learn to have a few more and not make an arse of yourself one day. Today just isn’t that day clearly. You enjoy yourself kid.
  7. Agree with you as we are hardly a dominant team at set pieces but caused a few dangers. Always wary of Falkirk too though our keeper isn’t exactly great in the air or that commanding. Great shot stopper though
  8. First 20 was shocking from both sides. Should have been a red. You should have went 1 up. Then did go 1 up. We get a shite penalty then dominated the last 10 but I wouldn’t say it’s been all 1 sided.
  9. It’s a good dramatic game we have no idea about the header but very fortunate with the penalty how bad did it look to you?
  10. Falkirk TV have the benefit of slow motion replays... Get your slow motion replay on that header that must have been over the line
  11. A flair for a dodgy penalty and an equaliser against Falkirk. Bit much
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