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  1. I was quietly hopeful that Tierney would be fit in time for this, seeing as it wasn't a "major knee injury". But now that's confirmed, it's a huge loss for the team. No other player can replicate what he offers to the team.
  2. Gilmour thrives with good, hard-working players around him. Everton have very, VERY few good players. They're only just marginally better Norwich. Hope his ankle injury is not serious and keeps him out of the WC play-offs. He would be a massive loss.
  3. FFS. We're just a John McGinn injury away from becoming an average team again.
  4. The Welsh squad has been announced. Anyone heard anything about when our squad is announced? We already know about Dykes, Christie and Brown.
  5. Sorry to see King Kev leaving but sadly he's not the same player he was 2-3 seasons ago so it's perhaps for the best. Age has now caught up with him but let's not forget what a fantastic servant he's been to the club. A true professional both on and off the pitch, and we wish him all the best for the future. Still zero confirmation from the club with regards to who's staying and who's departing. Which is pretty poor. Don't know about anyone else, but I get the feeling that whomever is contracted for at least another season may be negotiating with the club to try and rip up their contracts to start afresh and look elsewhere. The club and Stevie Crawford now have a massive task to try and entice a group of players to want to sign for this club.
  6. Thank Christ this nightmare of a season comes to an end this afternoon.
  7. The warning signs had been staring right in our faces for the past few seasons, yet we failed to act and now ultimately paying the price for it. And now it appears that a small number of our more promising, criminally under-utilized young guns are heading elsewhere at the end of the season. What a palava. Hopefully the younger lads take their opportunities this afternoon. Can't do that much worse than most of the senior squad. My only concern is that most of them look really small. Will they be ready for the physicality of League 2 next season?
  8. Can only recommend that people rank every single candidate on their ballot paper and "vote till ye boke". Yes, even if that means ranking your least preferred candidates from "least worst" to "very worst". My (limited) understanding is that if you only rank your preferred candidates and leave the rest blank, it is then assumed they're all given a "joint-last" score. You know, for the first time in a long time, I was very ready and open-minded to hear what "Scottish Labour" had to offer in these council elections, but they appear to continue to go down the road of taking the Scottish electorate for absolute fools and promising things they cannot possibly deliver at a local level. They're only showing themselves to be the Scottish branch-office of the what-is-now, "British Brexit Labour Party" and therefore, I cannot in good faith give them a vote in my top 4 or 5. So disappointing that they refuse to listen and to learn from their past mistakes.
  9. I fully accept that some people have a dislike of Sturgeon. That is entirely your right. But to try and use this latest 'mask-gate' thing as some kind of a "gotcha!" moment or to try and equate it with what BoJo and his staff/pals have been up to with party-gate, completely and utterly reeks of desperation. It's absolutely pathetic.
  10. I find it incredulous that in Scotland we have hardly any young GK's even close to challenging Craig Gordon for that no.1 jersey.
  11. Quite simply a colossal disaster of a season. Getting relegated (deservedly so) is one thing, but when you consider the fact that we could be missing out on as many as eight money-spinning Fife derbies next season, it takes that disappointment to another level. So what happens next? Well now that relegation is confirmed, I suppose the board and Crawford will be able to start preparing for the new season, but I can honestly say I have very little, if hardly any confidence at all that we'll have a core group of players capable of getting us at least getting into the top 4. Wouldn't be disappointed to see the back of the entire team to be honest with you. Only ones worth keeping I'd say would be Smith, Murdoch, Higgins, Steele, Millar, Denholm, Newton and Healy. Swanson's a decent player but will be on far too high wages for League 2 so he'd have to go and the others are either loanees or simply not good enough. One thing that was glaringly obvious to East Fife fans this season was the blatant lack of physicality within the squad and this MUST be addressed for the upcoming season.
  12. Going to be bold here. I reckon with the pressure off the players and with the despondent mood of EF fans, we'll manage to get a couple of wins against Falkirk/P'head completely out of the blue, and Dumbarton will lose their next two against Cove/Airdrie before the decisive last game of the season. Let's have it!
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