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  1. At the moment, in my 29 years this has been the worst, most depressing, boring, uninspiring campaign by a long shot. I've never disliked, hated even, a Scotland national team as much as I have with this one.
  2. If we can just for once defend really well we may stand a chance, here.
  3. You know you're bad when you're considered even worse than Iwelumo.
  4. McBurnie being as far away from the Scotland squad is the best thing for us. Worst striker I've ever seen in a Scotland jersey
  5. Clyde 1 Montrose 1 Dumbarton 1 Forfar 3 East Fife 3 Stranraer 1 Peterhead 2 Airdrie 1 Raith Rovers 1 Falkirk 2
  6. I am in despair at the fact that plenty of Scotland fans are criticising the call-up of Shankland. The lad is on absolute fire right now and McBurnie has to be the most spineless striker I have ever had the misfortune of seeing in the Scotland jersey.
  7. Not a chance that was a penalty. Player should have stayed on his feet and put his side ahead. If I was a Falkirk fan I'd be fuming at the player not the referee.
  8. Anything to make them feel like they're still a relevant club. Good god that's a bit sad.
  9. Abysmal game of football. Chuffed with an away point though. Damn you, Forfar.
  10. It's not even match day yet. Perhaps both sets of fans can agree to stfu from now on until 4.45pm tomorrow? This has been the kind of whiney, bickering thread I'd expect to see from the Auld Firm knuckle-draggers. Grow up.
  11. Is that some kind of a sick joke?! TWENTY POUNDS for a League 1 match?! Daylight robbery. Hope we stuff that lot.
  12. What concerns me about being at the top of the league at this (still) early point of the season, is how easy it is easy to get carried away and becoming overconfident too soon. This is a massive test of character for the squad and we must remain focused. As people have already said, on paper we should nick this but this will be just as tough as any other fixture we've had so far. Going for a nervy 2-1 win.
  13. The problem with McBurnie is that he is mince. End of.
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