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  1. I’m glad you acknowledge that. In all seriousness though, I fully expect a Rovers win on Saturday.
  2. No issue with it if you get to pick roughly where you sit, which we did. Doesn’t take away from the fact it’s unnecessary though.
  3. Yeah I remember doing that in the past. Wasn’t sure if it was at Starks. Don’t we print tickets with seat numbers on them but the ticket is then marked with sit in any unreserved seat? I’m sure I’ve seen that.
  4. We were required to give our name and address when buying tickets so Raith know exactly who’s sat in each seat. This leads me to believe they won’t allow PATG at the last minute. It’s a shame because some people don’t know if they can go until the last minute and it means a poorer crowd than if folk could just pay at the gate if they took a notion at the last minute to head along.
  5. What’s the likelihood of a cash gate at the last minute for this?
  6. Loved the new super Joey Thomson song. I’m sure I recognise the tune from somewhere though...
  7. At the time it looked like they were claiming for a handball in the build up to the goal but I’m not sure. Definitely didn’t look offside anyway.
  8. They sure are. Ollie’s not too bad for listening now. He’s 10 so eventually mellowed out, but he was a wee strong willed shite when he was younger. Really clever but his ears were painted on when it suited him [emoji23] Him on his holiday in Poolewe...
  9. PM me with your list of needs. I’ve got a pile of doublers left.
  10. Really? That’s pretty crap. I got all of the ones I ordered. I’m sure there was a letter inside with a contact number if their were any problems with your order?
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