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  1. Yes, really difficult time for all clubs. The rumours are out there but I’m sure we’ll find out in time what’s happened?
  2. What was the reason behind them all leaving in mass, including the assistant manager? So many rumours you don’t know what’s true? They’ve been at the top end of the table for the past 10 years it would be a shame if it all went wrong.
  3. All the people that put the money in have now left. It’ll be interesting to see where Beith go from here? Personally I think it’ll go down hill and fast. Hopefully I’m wrong & they get it sorted before it derails their season
  4. In stead of smart ass reply’s & silly emojis help me understand? I’ve asked you on a few occasions now to explain the following: how many teams get relegated and promoted in the first year? do the 3 conference winners gain automatic promotion into tier 6? I'm calling you out! You don’t know? You’re just happy to be in with the big boys for another season.
  5. Here’s the question @Bestsinceslicebread ? I think all the teams outside the top 20 teams have been let down big time & im just looking for some answers?
  6. Thank you @Bestsinceslicebread 👋 Still waiting on answers to the other questions? It would be great if you could help @glensmad and @Burnieman ? Apparently they know what’s happening with the new setup with regards to promotion and relegation?
  7. Lol When you cant answer the question reply with a silly emoji. Feel free to answer the questions at any time?
  8. Still waiting on the answers? A link to the rules and regulations for the new league structure will also be appreciated? Let me guess? You don’t have the answer?
  9. The structure is already in place? I must’ve missed that statement? So how many teams get relegated in year 1? Do the 3 conference winners get automatically promoted? Do the winners of the premier get automatically promoted to the LL or is there a playoff ?
  10. So how are clubs supposed to recruit and prepare if they don’t know what league they will be in or how long it could potentially be until they are in their desired league ? Have all the details of the league structure out so clubs can prepare...... THEN if there’s a delay or more safety issues due to the virus, the clubs can revisit and come up with a solution. Clubs /players must be left In limbo with all the uncertainty at the moment ?
  11. This is what the statement said: “There will be promotion and relegation across the league at the end of season 1. The details of that will be agreed when we have a clearer picture of what the playing season looks like, given all the current uncertainties. “ Will all the conference winners be promoted automatically? Will the premier winners be promoted? How many will be relegated? Will the premier be a 20 team league for 1 season only? if it’s as straightforward as you’re making out Glensmad why does is not state this?
  12. I was referring to promotion and relegation from the conferences into the premier? This is the main issue at the moment.
  13. Why? It’s unfair on all the teams not just the new teams.
  14. There’s suggestion that there won’t be ANY promotion (just relegation) in the 1st season? This could be easily cleared up in an official statement but like everything else it’s open to interpretation. It’s a joke to be honest!
  15. The proposal said there would be promotion and relegation but stopped short of saying what format or how that may look ? It also suggested that this was subject to change at any point. I don’t think they could've made a bigger hash of this if they tried! Completely incompetent and a total farce
  16. I genuinely think clubs would accept the proposed format as long as The 3 promotion winners from the conferences would gain automatic promotion? However this isn’t what’s on the table? Until this is sorted we’ll be going around the houses.
  17. Everyone outside the top 20 clubs have lost out? That’s how I see it? There’s no way they will potentially relegate 7 teams from the premier next season to allow the 3 conference winners to come up. It’ll never happen. So all the clubs signed up expecting to be one season away from tier 6 now find themselves at least 2 years away from tier 6. Even then there’s still a chance the goalposts could change again? It’s comical 😂
  18. Surely if All clubs stick together they could put a stop to this? That would mean putting self interest aside and doing what’s morally right and in the best interest of the game.
  19. And what about the rest of the ambitious clubs that bought and paid into the “level playing field “ & have also been shafted?
  20. Rightly so Darvel Icon! Teams have invested heavily in their squads already (Drumchapel) on the basis that all teams would be on a even footing only for the goalposts to be moved? If all the member clubs stick together and force a vote could it be overturned? so many clubs have been shafted!!!
  21. Surely all this should’ve been sorted and agreed before clubs signed up to joining the new SFA league structure? This is an utter shambles! Back to the SJFA anyone? 🤔
  22. I think that's important, if they do have a bit of money to throw about. They can't just spend it on getting a quick successful team, without the foundations of the club. But I'm sure they know that. I know a player they’ve spoken to and he was really impressed with what they had to say. He was told construction on the stadium was already underway ?
  23. I was saying something similar yesterday. However I’ve since heard they’ll be spending big and aim to be in the SPFL in a few years. It’ll be interesting as Millar has plenty of experience & knows how to build top teams capable of winning things.
  24. Thank you FairWeatherFan 👍 really looking forward to the new league set up, let’s hope the new guys can offer something.
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