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  1. I think it’s a great idea and it’s about time the SJFA started thinking outside the box. If you have a top match every Sunday, it could potentially add a few more fans onto the gate generating more money for clubs. I think they should be applauded 👋
  2. Now we know who will contest the cup final, who do you think will win ?
  3. From a neutrals point of view I don't think either incidents were even close to penalties but that's football!!! Some decisions go for you & some go against you, that's why we all love football. However these personal insults between individuals are disgusting! We had 4 fantastic occasions yesterday, with bumper crowds, end to end attacking football, goals etc and all we can do is trade insults to each other. Either get back to talking passionately but sensibly about the quarter final matches or mods please do us all a favour and lock this topic as it's became farcical.
  4. I must be missing something with Bradley? The times I've watched Beith this season Bradley has been on the bench and occasions didn't even get on ! For the Beith fans on here, how many goals did Bradley score this season ?
  5. I think Beith do need to address their defensive options but midfield to front they will be as good as any team in the league . Correct me if I'm wrong, is it not only Sean McKenna that they have lost from their striking options ? Yet they have added Burk, Campbell & the winger from Hurlford ? I'd say they will be even stronger going forward.
  6. They done it not so long ago ? I don't think they will be far away if all the hype / rumours come to fruition.
  7. I heard that last week & tbh I thought it was all rumours. I also heard of another two that will be signing this week, that will also raise a few eyebrows !! Could we have a title challenge from Beith this season ? Interesting times.
  8. Honest post All the best next season.
  9. Are you sure? 100% guarantee Paul was offered the job when the previous manager was still in post. John McKeown was never in the running, it was always only Paul. Why don't you go and ask the rest of your committee ? Oh and while your at it, ask their wife's as well as I hear they also have a say!!!! SHAMBLES!
  10. I hear Beith have signed a couple of crackers & if true things could be interesting for them next year. All rumours of course
  11. Sorry mate, wasn't having a go & I don't know who approached them. But what I do know & without going into details, it did / has happened ?
  12. I have no issue whatsoever about sacking a manager, but there are ways of doing things correctly & with respect. Offering the managers job to someone else whilst a manager is in place & behind his back is totally unacceptable!!! I have no doubt that JD & his players had also heard these rumours whilst there was still meaningful games to played.
  13. You tell me ? It's a fact that at least one of them (Paul) has been approached about the managers job! It's a disgrace & wouldn't be at all surprised if JD hadn't heard of these rumours?
  14. Was at the game last night & also thought Cumbernauld played very well. However all the plaudits have to go to Pollok achieving promotion from an extremely competitive league . Well done!
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