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  1. Carlisle is equidistant loads of players playing leagues there ?
  2. I’m absolutely convinced there should be enough local talent within a say 25/30 mind radius to get Gretna at the top end of that table ? Annan should be the same lazy lazy clubs ( never mind producing their own )
  3. Interesting why you say that ? Annan fans have never boasted about anything.
  4. Considering your goalie probably won you promotion in the end ? Good luck.
  5. To freshen things up you cant ask for much more than 3 new teams. Interesting.
  6. Wow doesn’t look good for Albion ? That seems a high position for Bonnyrigg ( general comments )
  7. The home strip is proper traditional, first class. I think my first visit to Palmerston as a you boy was Dumbarton.
  8. I think you’re 100% correct. I loved going to Palmerston as a boy, amazing what a good tidy up, paint and repair job could do for the feeling of the place in the meantime.
  9. I’m reading he feels the buzz ? f**k me straight from Slicky Sturgeons wee black book
  10. The days when clubs primarily signed local boys, please come back ?
  11. Didddies careful, your in this league for a reason ?
  12. Good player at our level so I'm happy to see the lad stay on. Ill agree with Solway Star he runs around alot
  13. I notice you guys have eased off regarding the board, have things changed ?
  14. To my mind season tickets are very much a thing of the past ? Peoples habits have changed IMO, and dont make clubs rich at this level anyway. I’m more in favour of a per game advanced ticket purchase ( at an attractive price ) That way surely clubs would attract extra foot fall, and therefore knowing the number of tickets sold can plan for add ons, pies etc.A no brainier for me, a deal done with security on a swings and roundabouts basis will also save much needed capital.
  15. Likewise. However debate and opinion is allowed ? I was asked why i sad what i said and answered. Let’s all look forward to an improvement next season happy days.
  16. What’s all the clapping ? This started with my response to a comment made regarding the manager. However, none of there lads started and finished an Annan youth system as you know. The best Scott Norman from Gretna by a mile ( did he not break his leg ? ) Why do you seem to be taking my comments as a personal challenge ? The initial author has long gone.
  17. You better keep that goalkeeper then my friend
  18. Ok i best leave it at this. Name the 3 ( please don't say Pete as playing at u 12 doesn’t count ) The style I’m not arguing about, from the very start I’m saying its he haw to do with Murphy and everything changed when CM came in last season ? Surely again that cant be a false statement its in the seasons stats. I’m really looking forward to seeing your 3 names BTW. ( SURE SOMEBODY THEW AWAY 2ND PLACE ? )
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