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  1. Know when you post and at the point of pressed you just know the answer is going to be utter pish.
  2. Best have him in front of you ? You can see the fucker that way.
  3. 9 STRIPPED SUBS WOW i really didn’t realise that, barring injury those 9 must be fairly constant ? Wonder how much game time they get.
  4. What in the name are you doing ? It was bad enough when the gun was at your head, you didn’t have to pull the trigger.
  5. Christ I’m from Annan ill help you boys in anyway i can
  6. Ok I’ll leave you with this. Skyline is the numbers man but 1+1 still makes 2 Income from gate receipts and SFA in no way covered QOS running costs ? Now something that could have been a bit banter over the long break doesn’t look like that.
  7. Queens also have a major investor ( and are full time ? ) which Annan don’t/ aren’t, so need to find another way.
  8. Not snappy no. Your comments cant be faulted, and a fair opinion for sure. The make up of the whole squad will be more important than ever before ? Im sure the management etc will know this. By that I meant the blend of youth/experience and positional cover, which maybe has not been just as important as of now ( as in just get good players in the squad )
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