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  1. Mrs has gone away for a long weekend with our Daughter. Took the bus to Dundee, had a few 'refreshments', stopped off at the local to have a wee top up and now I'm home. Cheerful, f**k yeah...
  2. Mmm.. Is it because they can actually see the doorknob.?
  3. They could just be admiring the size of the doorknob..?
  4. Cat's tails seem to be a bit vulnerable to an impact. A few of our cats over the years have had 'broken tails', and indeed one was close to losing some of her tail. She recovered OK but with a massive 'kink' as a souvenir.. Hopefully it'll be fine, they're tough wee shites.
  5. So, this was/is so important to both parties. One party opt to go on holiday and the other party leaves after 30 mins or so on the last day..? Really...
  6. I'm no Plumber or DIY enthusiast for that matter, but today I took the cistern off the toilet, fitted new flush and fill thingies, got it back on (without breaking anything, which is a first), and it works and there's no leaks. Mind you, I've heard that Plumbers never bite their nails? I fully understand why..
  7. I smiled throughout the performance I'll have you know.. Returned to the Victor Meldrew 'norm' as soon as it finished though.
  8. We were at the Dundee Rep for the matinee of The Bookies today. Mrs loves the Rep, I go along on occasions. It's not really 'my scene', (poor pun I know), however It's been an amazing experience every time.
  9. From memory he also tried to get the Royalties changed. Think it was 50 years then it ends.. but he wanted a longer period..? Times are obviously hard doing nothing, living in Portugal, owning land, growing grapes and inviting guests over to stay..
  10. I think he would also lose his genitalia once they were both back home.
  11. The fact we have news, social media etc available 24 hours means that something as insignificant like this (to most of us) becomes totally mainstream. BBC, ITV, Sky etc must be rubbing their hands at such a 'freebie'. Sadly, as mentioned already, it means that things like the cost of living, Ukraine, MP's behaviour etc etc will get less reported. What might be exposed as a result of this case could be interesting? Hopefully we get some decent Gifs/Memes to have a laugh at?
  12. TBF, looks as though he's still smiling. Maybe she has similar sized lips..?
  13. Also referred to as the 'Up Bummie' guide. Highly sought after in Brighton for some reason..?
  14. Enjoyed for a change and have one more which I'll neck at the weekend. I've heard it was popular in Spain but obviously there's been a deal with brewers/companies to promote it here. Like most lagers it has to be really cold when opened.
  15. We need evidence on this. Some kinda 'concrete evidence'.
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