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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-politics-36339298 MM. This 'bloke you know', is he pally with Mr Icke?
  2. Mrs b-l's phone shat it and died last night. She likes Samsung phones and has had S4, S7's whatever over the years... Any advice (phone related obviously) about what Samsung phone is the 'must have' would be very welcome. Any other non phone related advice will obviously go in NSFW I presume.. Thanks..
  3. Out and about rural Angus on the old road bike earlier today. 25 miles (not quick) but it's 1400 odd calories burned aff the beer belly according to Garmin. As mentioned earlier, the condition of the roads are piss poor.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not an avid reader (unlike Mrs b-l who reads a number of books at the same time), but 1984 is also one of my favourite reads. It really makes you think about things in a different way in terms of politics, work (and the politics within your workplace) and of course people in general. I was given a hardback version as a gift from my daughter as she knows how much it liked it. Maybe it's time to re-read? If you haven't read The Ragged Trouser Philanthropists it's well worth a read?
  5. Not Dystopian as such but shortly after finishing 1984 I was encouraged by a friend to read The Ragged-Trousered Philanthropists. If you haven't already read it there are abridged versions, but I would suggest you read the whole thing. It kinda goes on a bit, but wow, a fantastic book. I had a go at Catch 22 but never got in to it and gave in early doors. Maybe I should give Farenheit 451 a go sometime soon..?
  6. I took the old (er) road bike out for a wee spin today. Haven't been on a road bike for 18 months. Only did 5 and a bit miles.. Getting used to a saddle is gonna take some time..
  7. Apologies for the poor LighTing. No fridge, chilled on the doorsTep.
  8. Did you use any sort of glove, or go for it bare-back?
  9. In reality.. Put the winners of the previous race at the back of the grid, first starts last etc. Get rid of 'ship to shore communication'.. Get rid of of tyre options. One tyre for the whole race, everyone has the same. This includes no use of softeners etc etc.. For fun.. The cars engine must be hand cranked by the driver to start. Flames from the exhaust must be used to cook various meats/veg which are then offered free to the public after the race. Every car must have a Murray Walker loud speaker that shouts and screams when it attempts to overtake..
  10. Aye, but these days the knee pain lasts more than a day..
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