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  1. For fek sake big man!,you,Carlo and Keiron,now that's a scary trio! I mentioned earlier,Davie Graham.I'm sure he has also played in every senior league and while you wont find any record of it,he has played amateur. Allegedly..........................
  2. Ex Dunipace striker David Graham,now at Dunfermline.Kenny Deuchars was at Bonnybridge and Camelon,though I think Camelon was on loan from Falkirk.
  3. present Dunipace keeper Euan McLean played in the SPL with Dundee utd.
  4. Im sure we played them 81/82 season,beating them 3-0 at home,but they were called Rosslyn Rosemount. The memory of that game was when the two treasurers were settling up.At the time it usually was a straight case of the home team paying for the visitors bus.We were expecting a bill of £100,£120 tops,they hit us with a bill for £300!.After impromptu committee meeting they were told £150 take it or leave it.Turned out they were booked in for an overnight stay in Glasgow.
  5. Dotman,theyre not known as the durty bonnybrig for nothing!.
  6. Bonnybridge folded about 10 years ago,down to lack of bodies.Was kept going for years by the Connell family,most notably Ruby!.There is a strong boys club set up that is based at the Duncan Stewart ground,and I know that they have spoken about trying to go junior again. The youth player hasn't Lawrence Haggart was it?.Lawrence was 15 and on Celtics books when he was murdered in 1996.
  7. no Del,Tam and Ian told you Newall was sacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. you were his big pal Del ,did he not take you for lunch?
  9. Name for the Pollok fans...........................................Greg Denholm....................
  10. 1.Yes Westfield is a run down dump,but its our run down,and to me its the best stadium in europe! 2.No money at the Pace?,PISH!!!,I Know for a fact that there was money available. 3.Why the fixation about money?,you mention it in regards to three of his four teams,was the only reason he had success at C.U. because he had money?. 4.Getting to the final of the Stirlingshire cup is success!!!!!!!!!,thats a belter.As for the £10 a week,he certainly let the world know it. 5.Three months at the Pace?,try six,and that was four months too much. 6.Dont forget about Elgin......................................
  11. Portlander,please,please,please stop taking drugs,think of the children.Dennis Newall complete and utter twat.In all the years Ive followed the Pace,I can only think of a few people who have been at the club,who I would describe as twats,hes one.Ask him, same reply everywhere hes been....."aye I was unlucky at Cumbernauld","I was unlucky at the Gow","ah was unlucky at the Pace","ah was unlucky at the Shire".TWAT.Plus he landed us with mate Gordon parks,that make him a double twat
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