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  1. Any word on Rennie's injury? His knee looked pretty swollen when he came off on Saturday.
  2. Personally, I can't recall ever shouting abuse at a Clyde player. I've felt like it many times but it's not in my nature to do so. In saying that, I've booed many Clyde teams of the park. Does abuse make Clyde players function better? Absolutely not. Does getting their frustrations out make the supporter feel a wee bit better? Probably. Is it realistic to expect as football crowd to applaud politely when we score or shout, "Hard luck Scully" when we score an own goal? No It's a football crowd. Not tennis at Wimbledon. I enjoy football partially because of the adrenaline filled tension. It's like pantomime for angry adults. That's the reality of football crowds. If players relatives get upset by comments from fans they shouldn't go to the match. Alternatively they should have encouraged their child to join a swimming, athletics or horse riding club.
  3. If you're a relative of a footballer, particularly a poor one, and you cannot suffer hearing insults aimed at your beloved maybe you should just stay at home. Supporters pay an entry fee to express their feelings, good or bad. Relatives of players probably get complimentary tickets. Hence, they should sit down, brace themselves and shut their entitled mouths.
  4. I make it one win in fifteen for Jim Duffy since her took over. There's no way the board can justify giving him an extension into next season.
  5. I'm absolutely looking forward to Saturday's game. Christ! We actually have a chance of winning a football match.
  6. We've had two experienced managers this season and we've not won a league match since August. I doubt whether having Stephen Swift as assistant manager will make our performances any worse. Perhaps we may even improve with his input. If we go down it's certainly not caused by Swift being our assistant.
  7. Had he been a scapegoat or has he just been poor? Criticism of Parry pales in comparison with the criticisms of Lyons, Thicot and Cameron. The simple fact is all have been pretty awful this season.
  8. Just read the chairman's message. Which one of you has upset him?
  9. This thread now mainly consists of fans of other clubs posting shite and failing to get a rise from Clyde fans. What sad empty lives these trolls must have.
  10. I'd love to know what he said to the players before the kick off yesterday. "Try not to be forward thinking. Don't shoot when given the opportunity even with an eighty mile an hour wind behind you. The best we can hope for is keeping the back door shut" "Lyons, I want you to lose the ball in every time you have possession" "Defenders, punt the ball as high as you can" "Parry, if the forward looks like he's going to back heal the ball into the net, it's a trick. Don't fall for it. Under no circumstances anticipate it" "And most importantly, don't get the fans excited. They'll start to expect to be entertained at matches. That would result in redundancies for over the hill, negative managers like myself" "Come on boys, get into them... but not too much"
  11. What's the best Peterhead could hope for playing in the same conditions? Duffy is a joke. The lack of energy and drive he displays in his manner must transfer onto the players.
  12. Lyon, Kennedy, Cuddihy were all absolutely shocking today. Why, given the strong wind, we didn't just concentrate on getting the ball into the opposition box I'll never understand. We chose the high ball out the park option instead.
  13. Please explain to me what happens when the board resign? There's no one else. It's sad but it's true. I'm genuinely not trying to be argumentative but I don't understand how the entire board resigning improves anything.
  14. Christ knows what I'm watching but it ain't football. 200 mile drive to watch this shite.
  15. I really don't understand how this helps. Fans boycott the club. The impact is there is less money for the club. Since board members have no personal financial interest it only damages the club. They're volunteers. They're not great but it's all we have. There's no rival board waiting in the wings to take over. Board resigns. Then what? If there's something I'm missing, please set me right.
  16. If it's the case that Danny Lennon didn't utilise the recruitment team's recommendations, what was the point of them being employed at all, even for a pittance?
  17. Signing a full back is good news. However, an eighteen month contract? Who sanctioned that length of contract when the manager's contract ends in the summer? Also interesting that he is a former Gretna player
  18. I think you may be right. The GP has obviously told him to avoid excitement. Watching his team play certainly ticks that box.
  19. Don't get me wrong. I'm fully on board with booing the team after a performance like today's. The in-game booing of Thicot was wrong in my opinion. Wasn't Cameron due a booing? Wasn't Lyons?
  20. Thicot's "tackle" for the penalty was the most brain dead stupidity I've known since I first winched my future ex-wife. However, get the booing of our own players to f**k. Christ! Even Robert Jones was never booed in a Clyde shirt
  21. Expecting we're waiting closer to the end of the transfer window to pick up any sloppy seconds. I'd guess two eight stone, eighteen year olds who'll play a cumulative 11 minutes over the the rest of the season. *I'm on the brink of not really caring anymore
  22. Seriously, are we allowing an important midfielder to walk away with two matches still to be played before the transfer window opens.
  23. Deadline for applications re. Community Asset Transfer of Crownpoint was yesterday I believe. Does anyone know when we should hear if there were any rival applications?
  24. Shocking for a referee not to give a foul for a high foot when 6' 4" Sula gets kicked in the face. Almost as ridiculous as Parry's attempt at preventing the goal.
  25. Genuine question. I'm not trying to take the piss. In today's game and last week's match, what were Clyde's tactics. What were we trying to do? All I see are high balls to Allan's head/chest (if they go anywhere near him at all). We continuously missed out midfield. Is that it? Is that our tactics?
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