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  1. TBH, Domino looked like he had Covid, distemper and rabies.
  2. Our fans are so fickle. Overreacting and panicking at the slightest provocation.
  3. A defence that doesn't stop crosses. A defence that allows unopposed shots and through passes from the edge of the box. A midfield that allows the opposition to run through them easily A midfield that cannot retain possession for more than one pass (or touch) A midfield that creates very little. Lucky as we are that the scores are even at HT, this may end up a tanking.
  4. Clyde 0-2 Montrose Falkirk 1-1 Cove Rangers Forfar Athletic 0-1 Airdrieonians Partick Thistle 1-0 East Fife Peterhead 1-0 Dumbarton
  5. I doubt there is any support in Scotland that wouldn't be reacting negatively to 5 defeats in a row, scoring in only one game and then snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with only 4 minutes remaining. Didn't watch the game yesterday but going by some reports on the performance maybe things are turning around.
  6. Cheers. Must have missed it in my (past) eagerness.
  7. Re. Tomorrow's game, the official site says "Season card holders who are opted-in to live streams will automatically have access via the match page. All card balances will be reduced by £10 following Tuesday." Does that mean I'll be paying from my ticket co wallet balance whether I watch it not? I can't recall opting in for cup games. Not too bothered one way or the other but I'm curious to see if I've signed up to something without realising.
  8. After the match Danny Lennon said: We played three centre halfs to tighten up the defence. The team is young and will be inconsistent. Robertson had a good first half with Barry Cuddihy.
  9. Considered demanding a refund from Airdrie for the 30 minutes of dreadful picture quality. Now, after that performance, I think it's Clyde that should owe me £12
  10. At least Chapman's team went 2 up before losing 4
  11. 4-0 down. Clyde need to start time wasting
  12. Wrongly thought I couldn't see our midfield because of the sun glare.
  13. I think someone needs to tie a white carrier bag to the ball
  14. Before the season started I was confident that three teams would finish below us. We've now lost to two of them.
  15. Lang didn't cover himself in glory for the goal either
  16. The improvement when Duffy took over should embarrass Millar.
  17. Airdrieonians 1-1 Clyde Cove Rangers 3-0 Forfar Athletic East Fife 1-0 Dumbarton Montrose 2-0 Peterhead Partick Thistle 1-1 Falkirk
  18. Surely there must be someone at the stadium that can be asked to get that bag to f**k. The camera tracking the "wrong ball" is not exactly unpredictable after the linesman's heid scandal of last week.
  19. Hopefully Clyde will play better into the wind. McNiff and Lang's long diagonals might hold up in the wind rather than rolling out for a goal kick.
  20. Are you sure he's injured and not just in Sunderland?
  21. Clyde 2-1 Peterhead Cove Rangers 2-0 Partick Thistle Dumbarton 0-2 Airdrie Falkirk 2-2 East Fife Forfar 0-2 Montrose
  22. Anyone know when the cost of the Thistle match will be taken from my ticket co balance? It's still showing £250
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