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  1. All on league attendances of 160. Do we really want these empty shell clubs in the SPFL funded by wealthy benefactors? That is, until these benefactors lose interest All at the expense of so called "dead wood" teams who's spending reflects their actual income through the gate and local sponsorship. Give me Cowdenbeath, Brechin City and even Berwick Rangers rather than EKFC every time.
  2. Remember a cup tie against Thistle in the 80's when it was absolute bedlam at Shawfield. Bottles being thrown and fans charging one another. There was definitely a rivalry in those days. For what it's worth, I'm (ahem) over 50 and still dislike Thistle more than any other team.
  3. Current players of your team who continuously make Twitter posts about Rangers or Celtic but rarely about the team they actually play for.
  4. You ignore the installment option You ignore the possibility to withdraw any surplus back into your bank account.. Would he prefer to be charged £200 but have no refund for matches that you're unable to attend?
  5. Season ticket is £250. Any surplus monies on your account at the end of the season can be used towards next season's ticket or club shop. Any other clubs offering similar for missed matches? I thought it an excellent scheme.
  6. Both McStay, if he leaves, and Grant are replaceable. They'll be plenty of players without clubs to choose from. It's about Danny Lennon's ability to make the right choices.
  7. Don't really care if the Gregor Buchanan rumour is true or not. I'm just happy to have some speculation about new signings.
  8. Yup. Exactly this. I think his confidence was shot pretty early on in his Clyde career. I don't think he ever recovered. Preferred him as a winger than striker
  9. Howie, Rumsby McNiff and Cuddihy cannot and must not be our first choice back four again.
  10. We really need a proper left back. I think we need better than McStay. I think we need better than Syvertsen. Hopefully, given squad trimming in the leagues above us, all these are possible and affordable. Also, as an aside, I wouldn't have re-signed Lamont.
  11. Clyde and EK Thistle had plans for a new stadium at the Showpark. If I recall correctly, the owners of the land were pretty amenable. Obviously, it fell through in the end. As a resident of East Mains I was astonished at some of the objections from the community council at that time, including concerns about burger vans and folks pissing in gardens. [emoji1787] I believe the community council voted against it on the chairman's casting vote.
  12. Looking at the responses to our new home shirt on here and social media, I look forward to the owner compromise shirt for next season. It'll probably look something like this
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