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  1. Looking at the Cove site there doesn't seem to be an option for away fans to purchase stand tickets. Is that correct?
  2. Airdrie 2 - 0 Dumbarton Cove Rangers 3 - 0 Clyde Montrose 2 - 0 East Fife Peterhead 2 - 1 Falkirk Queens Park 2 - 0 Alloa
  3. All signed or re-signed in the summer. If funds are the issue you need to optimise what little there is. We seem to continually waste substantial amounts of monies available to strengthen the squad. Most frightening is most saw this coming. During the summer we, as amateurs, could see the signings for what they were, poor quality dregs and leftovers from other clubs waste bins. Currently we're hoping for the return of Johnathan Page to strengthen our dreadful defence. A player relegated to the Highland League with Brechin and was part of their dreadful defence. He hasn't had a decent season since he played for East Fife. Full responsibility lies with Danny Lennon. Two seasons of shite performances, shite signings and still some fans make excuses as he managed us to promotion seasons ago.
  4. I've been thinking of Danny's comments about the fans on Saturday. I'm my opinion he (and the team) got off very lightly. The booing lasted all of three seconds and I heard only one person shout towards the team. When you compare it to fan fisticuffs with Chapman's assistant and fences being climbed at Cowdenbeath it was very very mild. For what it's worth, the team and Danny deserved much louder and vociferous booing on Saturday. They were lucky so many fans left before full time.
  5. I'm glad he's home and safe. Unfortunately the Clyde defence is still missing.
  6. If this was the case he isn't taking "full responsibility" for the signings.
  7. Danny, I'm curious as to how Clyde fans should have acted after a 5-0 home defeat going on 8-0. Gentle applause?
  8. I think Lennon taking Rumsby off three minutes before half time was adding insult to already hanging him out to dry. Why not wait until half time rather than humiliating him? (I assume he wasn't injured). No idea the purpose of bringing Jones on. Tade and Jones on the park and we don't go long? Two left backs on the field, Rumsby at right back. Makes you wonder if Danny is working his ticket.
  9. Just listened to Lennon's audio. He takes full responsibility for square pegs in round holes. He takes full responsibility for the players signed. However, the fans expressed their views on the wrong way. We should've all sat down and discussed it with him instead of booing and shouting. Remember according to his pre-match comments, "Talk is cheap. Anyone can talk a good game. It’s time to get the sleeves rolled up and bring our best.” Full responsibility? Yes Danny, talk is cheap
  10. We had a full squad to choose from today. This is is at maximum strength.
  11. Also looks like the East Fife juggernaut is starting to roll.
  12. All the goals came down the Clyde left. Don't see the reason for Rumsby getting it in the neck as opposed to others.
  13. Alloa 1 Peterhead 0 Clyde1 Montrose 2 Dumbarton 0 Queens Park 2 East Fife 1 Cove 2 Falkirk 1 Airdrie 1
  14. Surely its time for this season's loan signing of Tom Lang. Perhaps a few old firm youngsters we've never heard of to sit in the stand for a few months before disappearing into obscurity. How exciting it is awaiting the loan window slamming shut.
  15. Airdrie 3 - 1 Clyde Alloa 1 - 1 Cove Falkirk 3 - 0 East Fife Peterhead 1 - 1 Dumbarton Queens Park 2 - 1 Montrose
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