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  1. If the Scottish cup game is postponed because of Prince Philips funeral it will cause even more fixture congestion.
  2. I'm outraged the commentary team didn't apologise for the foul language emanating from the dugouts and picked up on microphone. I was fair affronted.
  3. Cove Rangers 2-0 Dumbarton Falkirk 2-1 Clyde Forfar Athletic 0-2 East Fife Montrose 1-1 Airdrieonians Peterhead 1-2 Partick Thistle
  4. I wish God wasn't so eager shining his light onto his favourite football club
  5. Airdrie 1-2 Falkirk Clyde 1-2 Cove Dumbarton 0-1 Montrose East Fife 1-1 Partick Forfar 1-1 Peterhead
  6. We've had one league win in a row. I'm still praying we avoid relegation.
  7. Cove 2 - 0 Airdrie Falkirk 3 - 0 Dumbarton Montrose 1 - 1 East Fife Partick Thistle 4 - 0 Forfar Peterhead 2 - 0 Clyde
  8. Airdrie 1-1 Partick Dumbarton 1-1 Peterhead East Fife 2-2 Cove Forfar 0-2 Falkirk Montrose 3-1 Clyde
  9. Saw this on Celtic Reddit posted a couple of months ago "I watched the Development Squad game the other month against Partick Thistle. Ewan Otoo ran the show and is very much in the mould of Soro. Good tackler, physical presence in the middle of the park and has great vision and passing technique. "
  10. I think £40,000 is a lot but I've no idea how much a ground similar to Forthbank with a plastic pitch would cost to maintain? I'd be interested to know. You have to also take into account the lack of income from non match days. Owning our own ground would give opportunity for 7 day a week income. Also Clyde owned stadium would be an asset allowing secured borrowing if required. I do understand us owning a stadium is not going to happen. The stadium discussion has been done to death so I don't want to bore folk all over again going over old ground. (Although I've just done it) We're at Broadwood and there we'll be staying. Unfortunately that means we'll be a lower League 1/ League 2 team for many years to come.
  11. No idea. Although I doubt we'd be paying the same as we do for a 8000 seated stadium. We would also be able to retain all stadium related income. It's all theoretical anyway. We are where we are. No new stadium is on the horizon or is likely to be. However, Broadwood is a huge drain on our resources and severely limits our income. That puts a ceiling on our potential attainment. Multiple untried colts being a large percentage of our team is an indication of this.
  12. Exactly as I see it. It's the stadium issue that's the elephant in the room. It draws to much of our financial resources that cannot be used on the pitch. At the same time, we earn little in the way of income from the stadium. Ticket sales alone are not enough to support a challenge for a championship place. We're finding it's not enough to even secure our League One position.
  13. Not withstanding the person responsible, recruitment last summer and during this lockdown has been lamentable.
  14. I must have missed that announcement. PJ Corr still head of recruitment?
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