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  1. Jay Henderson's loan spell has ended and he's in his way back to St Mirren. Danny Lennon is quoted on the OS as saying "He didn't get as much game time as he hoped and that was more down to me and the system we wanted to play, rather than him" Why then take him in loan? Surely you sign loan players for your desired formation.
  2. I wonder if our club would rather accept the 3-0 defeats and keep the fine money.
  3. Are you implying that all is not fair and above board? That particular chief executive's team has been hit more by the pandemic that any other team.
  4. For Stewart to believe that football achievment didn't exist before his personal memory is quite an arrogant mistake to make. Jings, how many times on Friday were we reminded that Queens Park were a good team in the 1800s?
  5. His own club said he left the "bubble". Surely then he is just like any other member of the public
  6. Can't see Clyde being sanctioned now after seeing Iain Maxwell's response to the Celtic situation* No case to answer for Celtic even after John Kennedy admited "slip ups" in protocol adherence. * Correction. We'll be hammered.
  7. Does this mean that training is suspended too? If not, we should have three weeks of nothing else but defensive organisation.
  8. Surely if the league is called it needs to be the same system as last year's debacle. Bottom team relegated, no playoff.
  9. Another couple of 19 year old loans and the cup is ours.
  10. Recently we've a pretty poor record of taking youths on loan that impressed. I can only think of Waddell, Gourley, Cogill and Banks. The latter two, even though they made a significant contribution, spent a lot of their time on our bench. Have I missed any?
  11. I didn't see it as completely positive. Looks like we had allowed ourselves to get into serious financial trouble even before the pandemic hit. Only the Celtic cup draw, donations and government grants kept our heads above water. I think we'll be heading back to an austerity approach in short to middle term. In saying that, I'm glad that the club's future looks secure.
  12. Let's hope it's very busy. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/clyde-boss-danny-lennon-says-23240381
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