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  1. Why was Danny Lennon given a two year extension in April? I've no idea What were his successes in the last few seasons to earn him an extension? I've no idea Is he really doing a good job maximising the resources at his disposal? No! Financially, we simply cannot afford to sack him. It's as simple as that. We'll just have to bear the multiple runs of defeats followed by a couple of lucky wins. That will be enough to have some singing his name again. Being a nice guy seems to go a long way for Danny. Personally, I'd rather we had a successful b*****d of a man in charge.
  2. I'd counter by pointing out we went on a run of 1 win in 13 (thirteen) matches later in the season.
  3. When Danny extended his contract he said "I am excited to build on our journey of forward momentum together in my five seasons here, moving from bottom of the fourth tier to mid-table in the third tier." My questions are what forward momentum? And where is the progress during the last 3 seasons in League One? If Danny Lennon wins a few matches in a row he gets a two year contract extension. Isn't that the way it works at Clyde football club?
  4. Looking at today's team selection I'm starting to think Danny Lennon is trolling Clyde fans or seeking a package to go.
  5. Whenever I see him in my mind's eye he's warming up behind the goal. I have zero memory of him actually on the pitch. To his credit, I usually have even less memory regarding most of our loans.
  6. Still no fullback loanees. Was the loan of a goalkeeper really a priority?
  7. We'll find out within 5 years how Broomhill is doing. Personally, I doubt they'll exist at any serious level.
  8. I'm surprised it's taking so long as they seemed very (overly) eager to get started. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/concern-over-east-kilbride-charitys-5397283
  9. What's Broomhill's average league attendance? I bet it's nowhere near 1000
  10. Heading into the finial weeks of September and the problem with fullbacks continues. We all can see an issue there. Why the delay? Centre halves look weak and slow too What a combination. I've just seen the goals from yesterday on Twitter. That was outrageously bad defending
  11. It will be interesting to see the architect's drawings. What kind of stadium will it be? Similar to Annan or more substantial?
  12. Working folk don't have the same emotions as the Landed Class. We're too used to our close relatives dying of cholera, diphtheria and TB to form any kind of close bond with them.
  13. Match will no doubt be moved to a winter midweek Tokenism costing Clyde thousands of pounds. Absolute nonsense.
  14. Someone needs to tell me where the schisms are so I can pick a side. I'm obviously out of touch (not for the first time)
  15. I'm not aware of disunity amongst the support. Sometimes I agree with other Clyde fans and at other times I disagree but I still feel as one with our support.
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