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  1. They'd have to pay a decent transfer fee for starters. No chance. Goodwillie is staying.
  2. We should call it a "fan zone". That way we'd get up to 3000 capacity. Covid knows the score.
  3. First match of the league season is a relegation dogfight, Clyde v Dumbarton on July 31 Complete list of fixtures here. https://spfl.co.uk/league/league-one/fixtures
  4. They'll probably be a few players from a few teams signing for Alloa. After all they've been given £500k. Compare to the £150 given to teams in League One last season.
  5. Am I wrong to be concerned that we seem to be signing "bit part" players before we sign players as starters? I fear sentimentality is rearing it's ugly head again. This doesn't fill me with optimism for next season. *Go on Clyde, surprise me with some cracking signings*
  6. At the time the club stated "Danny was informed and involved throughout, agreeing the remit of the role together (with the board)".
  7. I'll be curious to see how many of the released players end up playing League One football next season. Very few if any I'd guess. McNiff signed a two year contract in the euphoria of the playoff success. He's been a bit part player this season in a pretty poor defence. Quite right to let him and others go
  8. Thanks for the reply JS. Looks like I'll need to get a full refund of my surplus and then order a Puma one as Darren suggested. I was going to buy a hoodie and donate the rest. I'm really annoyed at the lack of notice. Not even a mention of RGM sports purchases being unavailable on the recent update. I thought I had until the 21st. Surely it must have occurred to someone to tell Clyde fans in advance. An excellent lesson on how to piss off a paying customer.
  9. I see we have a new kit supplier for next season. What's the score with RJM Sports website showing "under construction"? I was going to buy myself a hoodie with my surplus session ticket money. Does this mean I'm limited to coffee mugs and table coasters? Surely prior notice should have been given before the site was taken down given that we only have to the 21st of May to spend
  10. Sorry my reply didn't meet your strict response criteria. I don't know the answer to the question. However, if it's okay with you, may I put forward Michael Daly as a suggestion.
  11. We're probably awaiting the result of the Lowland League vote tonight. It will have implications on how many Old Firm colts we take on loan next season
  12. I am available to be an advisor to Danny if asked. My salary commensurate with Graham Diamond's or I'll decline.
  13. I looked at the other teams, looked at ours and thought we'll do well to avoid relegation.
  14. Would you consider this season to be a successful one? My opinion is 8th place is a success. I had hoped for 8th before the season started, 7th at a push. Also a decent cup run However our football had been pretty awful and rotten to watch.
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