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  1. Taylor breaks the throw in the first leg.
  2. God I hate Andy Hamilton. Whats even worse is you know hes the sort of player who will fail to give Taylor a game.
  3. Due to Andy Hamilton being so fucking slow and boring as well being cheered on by the Engerland mob I've changed the channel for the first time this week.
  4. I can't remember what Webster was sitting on, but common sense dictates you guarantee yourself at least one dart at a checkout, and if the dart isn't a bullseye then only a complete idiot would ignore it.
  5. Is it just me the tournaments always feel a bit flatter without Anderson?
  6. Thank f**k for that. Had a huge wad on that game.
  7. Maybe he should ditch his shitey unicorn darts and go back to the old rusty fuckers that got him the PL and the world championship final.
  8. Anyone backing Anderson at 1/5 there would need their head examined. What a fuckin bottler. Been unlucky his last two tv games though with Nicholson and Hamilton hitting loads of big finishes on his throw.
  9. I've always found him to be very slow to be honest. Anderson can't get any rhythm.
  10. Pish. Hamiltons pace is killing the game.
  11. Hamilton is painful to watch, so fucking slow.
  12. Get the feeling Anderson might make more of this than he should.
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