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  1. Easy seen she's a QC. They could argue a black crow was white - and have enough of the jury believing it.
  2. That is ridiculous. Even a fortnight is too long when you've no money coming in. I suppose everybody is expected to live off the interest off their trust funds...
  3. You could say that about a lot of threads on P&B...
  4. I would have thought Prince Andrew's appointment diary would be fairly comprehensive - even his private social life will be recorded somewhere, if only by the security services.
  5. Filling out any government form - whether local or central - is hard work.
  6. I agree, another poor game. Enjoyed the penalties, though.
  7. It was never going to happen. And it didn't. Should have gone straight to pens and saved us 120 minutes of crap.
  8. I hope somebody scores - I don't think I could take another 30 minutes of this. There's a couple of those Ivory Coast players look like they've never seen a football before.
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