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  1. Well, now that Philip is out of the way, who's next then?
  2. I was in digs with a chap who was, among other things, the tea boy on site for Enterprise Ulster. (A scheme for getting workshy skivers chronic unemployed back to work.) He used to dry the teabags out and re-use them. Not sure what benefit this was to him, as I'm sure the cost of the teabags wasn't coming out of his pocket. However, he had lived through the Depression, so maybe he was just frugal.
  3. What? I've yet to burn a hole in the liner, let alone the caddy.
  4. I thought 3 of them were married to SS officers. Or were the other 2 just married to ordinary Nazis? Anyway, you can choose your friends, but not your relations...
  5. Manys the time, but I never got paid for it or had my meals and accommodation provided. I was obviously doing it wrong...
  6. Thanks for the heads up, one to avoid. I've a job to price, might head to the contractor's office.
  7. And this is April... You won't find it on this thread.
  8. I was a lot older than that (45), and it baffled me, too.
  9. Other than a wee snippet on Radio Ulster news last night when driving home I haven't seen any TV/radio coverage, so can't comment on the coverage which has this thread in an uproar. However, if it is anything like the Princess Diana coverage, it'll be a load of repetitive, mawkish, sentimental shite. * Too much use of the word "coverage" but can't think of a suitable alternative this chilly morning.
  10. It is a significant event. Maybe not just as significant as they think.
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