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  1. Well don't disappear on us like you did the last time.
  2. Some people can drink. some people can't drink. And the some people who can't drink don't find out until they start drinking.
  3. Who would Carlisle have a derby with then?
  4. Nobody expects him to be a superhuman saint, but they don't expect him to be a paedophile instead.
  5. Assessing a child over the course of a year's work, indeed over the course of the entirety of their school "career", seems a more sensible approach than relying on the results of exams only. Obviously there is a balance to be struck and exams shouldn't be done away with entirely. However, that's just my opinion as a lay man, professionals such as yourself will obviously have a greater insight into this debate.
  6. I don't think coursework counted for anything when I was at school, other than to prepare you for exams, so I'd agree with you, that it be given even more weight than it is at the minute.
  7. I used to drink in there - occasionally - if Covid-19 had happened between 1970 and 1973 IT COULD HAVE BEEN ME!
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