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  1. Mind and lift the shite after you get off your high horse.
  2. Could someone else not have unlocked them in the morning?
  3. The older I've got, the worse I've become regarding heights, just looking at that nearly made me sick.
  4. A slight fall of snow, looks quite bonny looking out the window but I dare say the path and road will be treacherous underfoot, there was a sharp frost last night.
  5. You're obviously not using GrannyDanger's calculator ETA: @djchapsticks
  6. A lot of interesting articles on that site.
  7. I was out in the car earlier and switched on the radio for Talkback on Radio Ulster but had to switch off after 5 minutes. William Crawley should shut his f******* gub. If he stopped playing crappy music and kept quiet he would have plenty of time for "first time callers, female callers" and even repeat callers. It's Talkback, not William Crawley Talksback.
  8. Could he not get a job in the team?
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