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  1. If you don't supply chains you're O.K., then?
  2. Very high risk strategy, imho. Maybe Jeffrey will be able to get the party onside re Irish Language Act erm Cultural Act and then get his own man nominated as FM. Then again the whole thing might collapse - and a lot of unionists would maybe approve, although the DUP would be castigated by the media, (but what's new there), unlike Sinn Fein, who got rewarded for their previous blackmail(s). Attitudes among unionists range from apathy to stick your language act where the sun don't shine, and trying to scare us with a shinner as FM may not work this time round.
  3. Givan must resign - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-57538844
  4. An EP of Vera Lynn singing "We'll meet again"?
  5. It means if the match was played today, England would win. Because we wouldn't be there...
  6. I doubt they're in the same room. It'll hardly been any more awkward than the last 3 weeks when Poots was leader after defeating Donaldson in the leadership contest. Anyway, if they are anything like the McCreas when William was an MP and Ian an MLA, they won't actually be in the office that much, leaving most of the day to day stuff to secretaries and councillors.
  7. I didn't. But it's not me who gets the most sought after trophy in the P&B Quiz League (and Occasional Cup), no siree, @101
  8. Although you're right, that's a different argument.
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