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  1. It's harsh to say it, but he's better away - that's how I felt when my mother died, 3 months from diagnosis to death, the last fortnight was awful, I don't know how my father stuck it. She was skin and bones at the end up, but now when I think of her, I see the cheery, busy, active woman she was and not the skeleton she became. It will take time ,but it will happen for you, too, and when you think of your dad it will be pre-cancer that you will remember.
  2. You mean his great great great grandfather? Yes, very slight Germanic links there. I've more recent German ancestry than that.
  3. I could only understand about half of what he was saying - and I've been living here for nearly 50 years. Unreal, indeed!
  4. I never made it to Shawfield - could have gone in the mid 80s, Glasgow Cup games, Partick v Celtic which I went to and Clyde v Rangers the following night which I didn't bother attending "Ach, I'll get another time." Another time never happened.
  5. F*** me, 3/10 for Wednesday. All 6 guesses wrong, and 1 that I knew wrong. Going to score a 10 and still end up with thw wooden spoon!
  6. That's about 22,000,000 people. That can't be right, surely?
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