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  1. If anyone tries to defend Harvey tonight can I just say you are ducking deluded. 14 goals against 0 for in 3 games! If he has any self respect he should resign if the board have any left, they should sack him I’m not angry I’m just deeply deeply saddened by this
  2. I think this is the problem, we are experimenting every week with different formations and players. Football is a simple game. defend well, score goals, if you are changing the side every week, trying untried players upfront, playing a different defence every week, no wonder we are getting tanked, That's why i don't blame the players. lets have a a solid 442 or 4411 players in the position they know, defend deep if we have to but pace up front (Adamson off See) and tell Barr to play to his position not go wandering, we might just get something. ps is Forbes back from his stag do, sorry I mean suspension?
  3. Have we a choice? 100% behind the team and will be there on Saturday but he's not the man
  4. crowdfunding anyone? Whoops, I'll be on the Harvey hit list......
  5. Noticeably whilst the Qp directors all sat together in the Enclosure Stand looking like an undertaker's stag do, Berwick directors were sat separately with family and friends all over the main stand. You get the feeling the boardroom isn't a happy place atm either
  6. Yes, it's Scott Mclean my mistake sorry, I liked him , got everything , good footballer, played with his head up, got stuck in when needed, even a few headers. as I said above, him and Galt were the difference
  7. Talking point of the day was the Berwick team sheet. A debut goalie, 3 at the back, Bryson dropped or injured no one was sure., Top scorer under Harvey's reign, Adamson on the bench with the handsome Ousey and Healy. We needed to win this game so much we once again started with Rose up front with Barr playing off him, I should really add ' inexplicably ' because how Rose gets that role I do not know. He has the touch of one of Daenerys' Dragons. It was going well for the first 20 minutes or so until the excellent MOM Galt for QP crossed a beauty and the header went in under the keeper. Harsh to blame him but he maybe should have done better. Then the turning point Berwick have a penalty claim denied, Ive seen them given only for QP to break forward and win a penalty when their forward got in front of Wilson. Unlucky? yes. Qp were beginning to play, beginning to find space behind our wing backs, The excellent McLaren, controlling the game now, Galt a willing runner, holding up the ball when necessary. Everything we didn't have. A query- if we cannot attract good players because of our wage bill, how come the 'Amateurs' from QP can attract players of the calibre or Galt and McLaren? 2-0 at half time, manager JH stayed at the dug out to discuss tactics (I hope) with his staff before his team talk but strangely with 3 strikers on the bench and the ineffective Rose wondering why the offside rule should apply to him, no changes. We huffed and puffed for the first 10 minutes but we weren't getting anywhere, finally the change was made and Ousey came on to give us a bit more attacking bite. Strangely he replaced our only decent defensive midfielder McIllduff and sure enough with gaping holes in front of our now exposed back 3 we conceded the 3rd. The rest of the game was just a chance for Qp to introduce some of their 13 year old youth players to have some shooting practise as we faded from the game. Positives? Good to see Ousey back, play him JH! Jack Cook and a mention to Rob Wilson, who if nothing else gives 110% . The loyal Berwick supporters. Last week I was among the poor 324 Annan crowd who turned up to see their play off seeking team but today even though we are bottom, even though we have won only one game since November, over 400 Berwick fans turned out to see us play. That is phenomenal in my eyes and you know what, most of them were there before our manager and you know what most of them will be there when he goes. That gives them every right to have a moan and a boo when THEIR team, THEIR club is dishing up such a shitfest. Deal with it JH
  8. We are bottom and had 540 there, I reckon 100 or so from QP not bad for what is the worst team ever. The support is there Johnny Boy but we need more than just your now infamous interviews, we need a team that can win a few games. The upstairs was full too. In fact it felt like it was the cocktail deck on the Titanic. Everyone behaving like what is happening isn't quite real. Its ok we're fine, make sure table six get their butties. 3-0, hmm better than last week lol, Is the food ready for the boardroom? thought we had a good first 19minutes, 50-50 tickets sir? Keep playing those violins.
  9. I’ll say it again the punishment for playing an ineligible player has always been docked 3 points, not the result reversed this is new. Why? Who decided? Is it in the law no it’s totally ambiguous. A decent barrister would wipe the floor with this.
  10. All I'm saying is give me a recorded incident where the fielding of an ineligible player, not half a team like Sion, where the results have been reversed? if you can fair enough, if you can't your input is irrelevant
  11. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/six-players-that-played-when-ineligible-1-4127301
  12. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/six-players-that-played-when-ineligible-1-4127301
  13. Obviously had argumentative spaghetti for tea, jog on, there is no comparison with this case and you know it,
  14. yes they have, if you can find anywhere, in any league which has reversed the result for this offence let me know. 3 points deducted yes but never a reversal of the result
  15. Agreed, Ive never seen it before unless the other team folds mid season, look at Fort William this season 9 points deducted but not awarded to the other team. Fort William have been deducted nine points and fined £150 for fielding an ineligible player on three occasions The Claggan Park side have lost all five of their opening matches this season, conceding 48 goals and scoring on only two occasions. A statement released by the Highland League this morning confirmed the points penalty. It read: “’The matter of Fort William FC fielding an ineligible player on three occasions was considered by the league management committee at its meeting yesterday evening. “In forming its conclusion, the league management committee took into account the fact that the club had agreed that this amounted to a breach of Rule 8.9.4 and that the terms of clause 8.9.13 provided for a mandatory penalty. “Consequently, the meeting decided that Fort William FC be fined a total of £150 and deducted nine points with immediate effect.”
  16. Unfortunately, the players are not the problem, I bet they were hurting, we all were
  17. Berwick fans come in all shapes and sizes, they also don't all live near the ground, a lot of Berwick fans live hundreds sometimes 1000s of miles away, doesn't make them any less of a supporter, Years ago when i edited the fanzine, i learnt pretty quickly the club i thought was mine was actually shared with a lot of other people, some local some not. Every Berwick fan has a right to an opinion, in a way that's what makes football such a great sport. I don't agree with the personal attacks aimed at JH or the board but i reserve the right to call out what I see and hear and if that is in the form of criticism so be it, We are in a precarious place, Ill be there on Saturday to give my support in this crucial time but ill also say to JB or anyone else who'll listen exactly how I feel, but just don't invite me in the dressing room just after if we get another hammering, it wouldn't be very pretty
  18. It wasn’t a fluke 6-0, it was a bloody embarrassment, that’s 14 goals we conceded over there without reply. This season and as someone said, we have played a lot better Annan teams than this current one. But let’s not beat about the bush, this situation has been coming for the last 3-4 seasons, the board are culpable for that, supporters or not.
  19. A good point but now irrelevant as this team is Harvey's, only 3 players from Horn's last game were in that side on Saturday, Agreed, when it started to go tits up he sat back down in the dug out with his hands in his pockets, he waited until they scored another until he changed things, too little too late. The lack of comment from the club looks like they are going to take the gamble and keep him, I hope they are are right, i really do
  20. next up , is JH a beast toucher because he walks with his left foot first? Ffs guys he's a p/t football manager not Kim Jong Um
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