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  1. me too but they're not going anywhere, and if you like them or not, the SPFL need them to survive in its current format.
  2. survive being the operative word, if you knew anything about it you'd know the vote to let them in or not hasn't taken place yet. Fed up with nosey cnuts like you talking shite now do one
  3. and the TV rights of course, and league sponsors, you have added that to your total? No course not. I'm pointing out that the SPL wouldn't be worth shite without them, but you carry on living the dream. No one likes the Old Firm unless you are one of them but it's sheer hypocrisy to come onto this forum and tell other teams they're scabs when you have sponged off them for years. Good luck in the cup btw.
  4. Aye and you sanctimonious bar stewards have lived off their away support for years, when you ban their fans from the farm, come back and tell us what to do
  5. I know, rather than debate the issues, I'll steal a photo from google and write swear words on it - stupid arse
  6. This is a good question, they also proposed reducing the league by 6 teams in the 90s which was successfully opposed by the then Berwick chairman Tom Davidson. He actually negotiated a better deal for the existing then Division two and three clubs from the SPL, you can thank us later. Didn't hear anyone from Aberdeen or any other higher league club for that matter jumping up and down then. The truth is the top league live and thrive off the Old Firm, the other league clubs, including us when we were in the league, prayed to draw them in the cup. Yet when a wee upstarty league want a slice it's no we cant be having that, it will ruin the game, not fair I tell thee, down with the little buggers, hey Andy! Start a petition. Hypocrisy all round I'm afraid
  7. Thank you, your comments have been noted er mate
  8. Some interesting comments and some absolute pish too. On the Berwick fan Facebook page, we did a poll with the vast majority coming out against the Colts joining however the powers that be, with the organised Supporters groups, decided to go with the League proposal. There's good arguments for and against but some of the numpties on here calling for a boycott or petitions who have never been near a Lowland league game are just stirring the shite, and one or two of their own club's ownership has been questionable for years. I'm not too enamoured with the decision myself, I know some Berwick fans are absolutely livid. Of course it's about money, every club will want the benefit and I bet you none of the five 'no' voters will turn down the extra money they receive. So calm down Space Cadets and get your own houses in order first before you start throwing stones.
  9. We have close to a full squad, the website has just been passed to new volunteers, one of whom is away on holiday hence the slow updates. This cup is an irrelevance to us in our current situation but good way to get the young lads fit and hopefully gelling as a team.
  10. your usual cheery self DL, you do have some valid points this time.
  11. Well here we are, in the league of the Lowlanders, any tips on the best and worst away days? Looking forward to visiting some new grounds
  12. A good days fishing, Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it Rodger
  13. Once again you miss the point, you're like a big kid who's crayons have been confiscated, We know you don't like JB , we know you are a mate of Walla, now stop being a miserable c*nt and start bringing something positive to this forum, have a nice day
  14. 'And I'll say this, see that John Bell..... I'll no be back........ The club is doomed..... who stole my crayons...... See that john bell..... it's a conspiracy...... hope i'm wrong.... Club will fold.... John bell.... 3 years.... I'm right .... Yano.... Walla.... ' ad infinitum
  15. Declan OKane signed for Musselburgh according to their Twitter
  16. Ok I promised I would answer this, the Statement from the supporters club was written by whom exactly? It looks a well prepared statement probably written before the game. You say that Lenny and Walla are easy to get rid off, I beg to differ as they are the supporters club representatives on the board. it's like a business owner writing to himself and saying 'you better resign or I'm calling an EGM and then i will sack myself' , it aint gonna happen. As proved by the subsequent 'not our fault' interview on TV. And make no mistake, Len Eyre will always be known as the Chairman of Berwick Rangers FC who took us out of the SPFL after 64 years. The major shareholder's board representatives should be as responsible as any other director for this complete and utter shambles in leadership. Which brings me to your next paragraph, where in my posts do i defend JB? I actually said he is as much to blame as the others . It seems any comment made about the SC is taken as a defence of JB, far from it. They have a collective responsibility to the club and frankly they have ALL let us down. So if you sack or ask one to resign, you have to ask them all and that means Walla and Chairman Len too. So here we are 5 weeks before training starts with no leadership, no news on the management team, the players, signings, budgets, but hey that's a great excuse if it goes tits up, after all we got away with last summer remember? As one supporter said to me at 5pm last Saturday, it's heartbreaking it really is
  17. I’ll answer you in full later as I’m working but in the meantime, if you can, read Craig’s post he said fans singing about Bell I pointed out he isn’t the chairman, puppet Len is and we know who pulls the strings. Craig corrected that to singing sack the board in his next post.
  18. Funny how JB gets grief and current chair Lenny and his puppet master Walla get off Scot free.
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