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  1. Johnny looks like you got yourself a bunny boiler, obsessed
  2. Peterhead v Berwick

    Any result a bonus but you never know in this league, you wrote us off last year too
  3. I just don't think the manager should be taking all the stick for the current predicament of the club. I think it's a fair assessment to say the board are as culpable as the manager and players for the recent results. Like all fans, BA, i just would like to see my club competing in the league getting as high as we can lke you guys are doing this season. Finishing in the bottom 3 for 3 seasons on the trot is not acceptable , maybe you have different expectations from me.
  4. I say again the problem isn’t the manager, we have under achieved for the last 3 seasons with 3 different managers one given a new contract two months before he left. The problem Is much deeper than just replacing another manager. And if it is you have to ask who employed him?
  5. Blaming the manager is the easiest of all options, isnt it?
  6. As is blaming the manager.......
  7. It's 'their' strikers, and in Goodwillie and McAlistair you have two strikers playing way below their level. We can't compete with the current top 3, moneywise or playing staff. we should be able to compete with the likes of Annan though and we are not. I'm going say something controversial here. To start going on about the manager is one, premature, and two if we get rid, nothing fundamentally will change. A good start would be to stop the free bar for certain directors so maybe they would be sober enough to see what's happening on the pitch. Digging out the tin hat as you read this
  8. From what I’ve seen this season a left sided midfielder is just what the team needed, good business from the management team today
  9. Too right. wait till you get home then argue on the computer like every other fecker on here
  10. Ok then hope you choke on your own vomit that good enough numbnuts? Be careful what you wish for
  11. I was one of the few who stood up for you guys, didn't want you to see drop out the league even when you were truly pish. Got to laugh at some of the sanctimonious comments above when your 'successful' season sees you 6th in division 2. Yes we know we are poor this season and we are working hard to sort it. The inevitable introduction of this third division with colt teams, highland & lowland teams, the ambition of the likes of Bonnyrigg or your near neighbours Kelty will have us all looking over our shoulders. Be careful what you wish for
  12. Only because there isn't a thread already, Hopefully we can turn the last 20 minutes versus City into 90 mins in Fife, Still some big players missing but would welcome any sort of result today, 2-0 Berwick - Ouzy with all 3 goals