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  1. Who says you're not a berwick supporter Gobsy?
  2. rattled enough to be trolling on the facebook page eh gobsy
  3. Their he goes....Absolutey loving your comments have bit you on yer arse and your club is a shambles....Very pleasing. There! Ffs if you’re going to troll learn English numbnuts
  4. If he’s a teacher he probably hates the kids from that area with a passion, not to mention the parents.....
  5. Naw like a wee bit of 🎣 fishing now and then
  6. you're obsessed with us Gobsy
  7. the best thing about this guy's posts nowadays is nobody reacts, he's like the mad uncle at a wedding who tries to show off his dancing ability and nobody notices, so he tries even harder. aw well that's Uncle Lodger over there, nice guy but a a bit of a dick
  8. We have close to a full squad, the website has just been passed to new volunteers, one of whom is away on holiday hence the slow updates. This cup is an irrelevance to us in our current situation but good way to get the young lads fit and hopefully gelling as a team.
  9. You're right, at least we have a stadium... Shire, just a small man's Clyde
  10. Who mentioned Kelty, funny how you know our attendances but use an estimated figure for Bonnyrigg but Ill give you that. Still say we have a strong core support and if we start off well, and it's still an if, we can compete in this league. A I said cant see us winning this year but give us time to find our feet and I reckon we will there or thereabouts.
  11. Think it's you being on the beta blockers you miserable bugger. Everything apart from the personal insults, which is just playground stuff really, I tend to agree with. We shouldn't be in this league we should have invested, we should have got rid of harvey when we had the chance, the truth is it didn't happen, you can be as bitter as you like, it doesn't matter now, we are where we are and i think we can go back up. I like the way this management team have gone about their business, quietly and not responding to the negative stuff we all have thrown around but I didn't say this season. You're right again about results on the park. the truth is , we don't know what the standard is but my guess it's not as good as Division 2 therefore with some good young players and some experience we can compete. And if we start winning we can get the 3-400 back in through the gate, far more than Bonnyrigg, Spartans et al could ever dream of. Where we need help is on the commercial side, the current board don't fill me with confidence they can attract new investment through commerce but i would be gladly proved wrong. here are few things we can do though, make sure all the perimeter advertisers pay for their signs Stop this £25 for a pie, programme and a seat behind the glass and offer proper corporate day out with a meal, ie Spartans £45+ and already nearly booked out because it's value for money Stop the freeloading in the boardroom on a match day Charge TRFC a rent rather than buying a few 50-50 tickets Put the catering van out to tender or do it in-house Just a few ideas
  12. I think we will, maybe not straight back but I think we have enough financial support to actually come back in a year or two. Sorry re-reading my post I was a bit cynical, it's not been an easy year. Cowden and Berwick go back a long way, some epic games at both central park and Shielfield, it would be a shame if we didn't get to renew our rivalry at some point. As i said, good luck to you guys, Ill watch for the results with interest, for us it's an opener against Robbie Horne's Bonnyrigg. I'm actually looking forward to visiting some new grounds
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