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  1. Ok I promised I would answer this, the Statement from the supporters club was written by whom exactly? It looks a well prepared statement probably written before the game. You say that Lenny and Walla are easy to get rid off, I beg to differ as they are the supporters club representatives on the board. it's like a business owner writing to himself and saying 'you better resign or I'm calling an EGM and then i will sack myself' , it aint gonna happen. As proved by the subsequent 'not our fault' interview on TV. And make no mistake, Len Eyre will always be known as the Chairman of Berwick Rangers FC who took us out of the SPFL after 64 years. The major shareholder's board representatives should be as responsible as any other director for this complete and utter shambles in leadership. Which brings me to your next paragraph, where in my posts do i defend JB? I actually said he is as much to blame as the others . It seems any comment made about the SC is taken as a defence of JB, far from it. They have a collective responsibility to the club and frankly they have ALL let us down. So if you sack or ask one to resign, you have to ask them all and that means Walla and Chairman Len too. So here we are 5 weeks before training starts with no leadership, no news on the management team, the players, signings, budgets, but hey that's a great excuse if it goes tits up, after all we got away with last summer remember? As one supporter said to me at 5pm last Saturday, it's heartbreaking it really is
  2. Your lack of irony is astonishing
  3. I’ll answer you in full later as I’m working but in the meantime, if you can, read Craig’s post he said fans singing about Bell I pointed out he isn’t the chairman, puppet Len is and we know who pulls the strings. Craig corrected that to singing sack the board in his next post.
  4. Funny how JB gets grief and current chair Lenny and his puppet master Walla get off Scot free.
  5. That includes Walla and Len, it better do
  6. Congratulations Cove and good luck next season
  7. This is the end, beautiful friend- The End
  8. A mind that Berwick side...Good team.Gary Wood a think his name ? Lad up front with ginger hair he was a right good player. 3 of the 2007 Champions at Cove last Saturday
  9. Eric (from Berwick ) Tait on Look North tonight folks
  10. We’ve got enough arses Craig
  11. Welks? Don’t bother showing your arse , everyone can see you’re full of shite already
  12. I don't know who you are but this kind of post doesn't help. I'm a massive critic of the board but let's have a sensible debate not some free for all mud slinging
  13. ‘ Bird’ is very 70s does he own a kestral? The words many fingers and pies spring to mind