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  1. So Jericho got pished, went for a steak and has lost his title.
  2. Dave Mustaine diagnoed with throat cancer
  3. Not technically a beer but thought it related enough to be worth a mention. It's an Eastern European (this is a Latvian Kvass) fermented beverage made from rye bread. Difficult to really compare to anything but the closest in beer terms would possibly be a really light stout or a mild with a load of dark fruits. It's not really "brewed" long enough for any notable alcohol content (it's classed as a soft drink) and I believe you can actually make it yourself over just a few days. Load of B vitamins in it so technically good for you. Quite nice as something different.
  4. Jokes about shovels and the like aside, you can't deny the guys drive and dedication.
  5. Anyone using PS4 for this tonight? Looking to use Fite but when I do the "Test Livestream" it just shows the image. Not sure if I'm meant to see a video or what.
  6. Wullie vs Mark in Saudi https://www.wwe.com/worldwide/article/wwe-super-showdown-undertaker-vs-goldberg-june-2019?sf212604216=1&fbclid=IwAR2VdScyRcDLudUo-W1txPAK7XkbomSa7SukfFRyPs_4TAA0-DDjjreEakc
  7. A niche choice for graffiti, certainly in 2019.
  8. Loosely metal (tbh the WH vary so much, even in the space of a song that they're not easy to categorise) but this is an absolute banger from the new record out today.
  9. Had to chuckle at Taker's answer to Kenny when asked about Goldust copping a feel in the ring.
  10. Venue - bit out the way but decent enough Host - Thought Kenny spoke way less than usual. More just pointers for the Micker rather than just straight questions. Me - If you were one of the wallopers constantly shouting and trying to get yourself over, have a word Mick Foley - good guy
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