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  1. Suppose this is the most appropriate thread for this. Pal recently started a podcast. First guest was Morgaro Gomis. Nice wee blether with him about his career. Gie it a spin. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=210553824413249&id=176176624517636&m_entstream_source=timeline
  2. Did Download from Perth a few times back in the day. Picked up in Canal Street and had possibly got folk in Dundee before. Went from Buchanan Street in Glasgow before too. Hazy days.
  3. Griffiths charged for the "smoke generator" incident.
  4. Nobody is denying that the thing shouldn't have been thrown in the first place. If whoever brought it in and chucked it on the park is identified and faces repercussions, then it's their own fault. However, a player then booting it back into a stand full of supporters is even more idiotic.
  5. It's a smoke bomb m9. It was actually "smoke generator" according to the mealy moothed and biscuit ersed statement from the Dees. https://dundeefc.co.uk/news/statement-from-club-and-leigh-griffiths/
  6. There was a whole squad of them (that were for some reason dressed like some sort of terrorist/Blues Brothers hybrid) got made to stand up against the wall before being allowed into the ground. Yes, it's obviously not clever taking in potentially dangerous pyro but at the same time, the stewards clearly did a half arsed job of searching folk. Whoever took it in and threw it onto the park = flump Griffiths booting it into the stand = flump No need for him to run all the way over to do that. A quick shout to a steward and they could have moved it off the grass.
  7. Some fantastic "It's no a derby" type ragers still mouthing off in the corner of the Derry.
  8. Cillian Sheridan looks like someone off Emmerdale.
  9. Beast apologists now emptying out of the Derry.
  10. Aye I just saw on the website there. Had it in my mind you could only get them from Dens. Will just swing by after work.
  11. What's the caper with tickets for this? Are they posting out? Not got any yet but think the ticket office is open from 10.
  12. Pleasant enough but an awfy middle class snootler audience. Place just smelled of wine. Had the perfect antidote last night as decided last minute to drive down to Shearerville and see the Wildhearts. Outstanding night.
  13. Not anyone recently. Early 20th century, keeping exotic pets (such as large, non native cats) was popular amongst toffs. Wartime and changes to legislation made it an arseache to keep them so most would have been released. There's enough prey for them to survive on and for there to be a fairly small yet consistent breeding population.
  14. Teenage Fanclub in Aberdeen the morn. Bandmate managed to source a couple of spare tickets. One band I've never actually listened to I don't think. Really need to learn some tunes before heading up.
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