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  1. Someone starts mouthing off that Broken Skull IPA is shite to kick the feud off.
  2. Big Mark chatting about the Boneyard match and tweaks to the gimmick.
  3. That was just before the Roman match I'm sure. Can recall the chat was that immediately after that Mania, he went and had hip replacement surgery. Would make sense given the nick he was in.
  4. Haven't bought any of the games since I had a PS2 but surely the next installment has to have a boneyard mode in it.
  5. Deadman Inc. Landscaping Services
  6. I'm hoping for big Mark to roll into the "Boneyard" on his hog.
  7. Also lived in the Gorbals for a short time I believe.
  8. As is P&B tradition for Mania, what are folks cargos looking like? Yes, I know the tiles need fixed.
  9. And so begins the annual "Is biker Taker returning?" patter.
  10. It was nice seeing Slash and Duff back in the band initially and hearing them playing those songs but it's been 4 years now. Don't expect them to still try and make out they're the "most dangerous band in the world" in their 50s but it'd be nice if they still had something to say and put out new material. Guns was my favourite band growing up but it's just getting a bit too Butlins now.
  11. Same nostalgia fest they've been peddling since 2016. No fanks. Sad what they've become.
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