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  1. Fauldhouse 2 Bathgate 0 H/T
  2. Kirriemuir 1 Fauldhouse 4. Another great result for the Hoose today and maintains our winning run going into the midweek game v Bathgate. Go the Hoose!!
  3. Full Time :Kirriemuir 1 The Mighty Hoose 4...(Jack2, Yammi1 & Matt 1) Another great 3 points!! Looking at rest of league results its only the Hoose and Musseburgh that have max 9 points from 3 games...bring on Bathgate midweek!!
  4. Kirriemuir 1 Fauldhouse 4 F/T. Go the Hoose!!
  5. Fully agree with Burnie man almost all teams faced with that situation would have passed the ball back to the opposition keeper. The keeper had the chance to pick the ball up or play it long either option would have meant Fauldhouse attackers would not have had a chance to press, however the keeper played it short hence why the Fauldhouse attackers pressed the defenders successfully. Nothing at all wrong in doing that! To suggest that there was any element of poor sportsmanship involved here is very poor indeed. Go the Hoose!
  6. 6 quid Admission for all Super & Premier League games for Season 17/18 are £6 & £3.
  7. Excellent 1st half show from the mighty hoose tonight and save taking their foot off the gas the last 25mins it was an easier than expected win. I did feel that JP (ex hoose) at the back did well for Whitburn and tried his best to organise the defence throughout the game. 2 out of 2 so onwards to Kirriemuir on Sat in confident mood.....go the hoose. Will the bookies still be offering 16/1 now I wonder?
  8. Fully agree! Very early days but very encouraged with yesterdays overall team performance. Hope it continues on Tue night! Go the hoose!
  9. Fauldhouse 4 Dalkeith 2. Full Time. Go the hoose!!
  10. Fauldhouse 3 Dalkeith 1. H/T
  11. Smash & grab it was indeed but credit the lads for chasing the winner when most teams equalising at 88mins would be settling on a replay. Not a great game but great result! Go the Hoose!!
  12. Larkhall 1 Fauldhouse 2. F/T
  13. Great 3 points for the hoose. Certainly should boost the confidence levels for the visit of the Rose on Sat. Well done lads!! Go the hoose!!!
  14. A good and fair summary of the game IMO. Really appreciate you travelling to Largs to watch us in action also. Hope you can make it up to Park View sometime to see the new look "Hoose" in action.
  15. Hope the new signings (which is most of the new squad!) get a good run out and do well against the Dundee Select at Airdrie tonight! Go the (new season) Hoose!!
  16. Fingers crossed mate. Have you seen any of the new players play before at all?
  17. I agree bigal that I thought the ball was over the line when it came down off the bar....linesman was in line with 18 yard box so he couldnt see it. Anyways all irrelevant now.....what a finish to a very nervy 2nd half! Hoose conquer the Saints......Go The Hoose.....!!
  18. Fauldhouse 4 Carnoustie 1 full time
  19. Fauldhouse 2 Tayport 0. F/T (Browne & Love scorers)
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