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  1. Good luck to both Matty & Ben today as they turn out for Clyde v Albion Rovers at Cliftonhill this afternoon. Both should be well pleased with their performances v Easthouses yesterday. Go Matty & Ben.....Go the Hoose!!
  2. Agree with you JC. Good result and some good football played in spells. I never thought we were in danger of getting beat today and giving Matty the full game can only add to his confidence especially with a clean sheet. Young Ben looked comfortable and took his goal well so another very positive outcome for the club. You're spot on next week is a big game but I'm sure you will have the squad well up for it and "buzzing"!! Oh loved the touch of comedy with the "diddy of the week" t-shirt also.....it was good to see players before the game having a laugh and looking relaxed....well done to all!! Go The Hoose!!!
  3. Just noticed that McBookie now have the Hoose 2nd favourites at 7/4 for the league, behind Musselburgh at 13/8. Few weeks ago it was 16/1....interesting! Go the Hoose!!
  4. Can't ask for more than that JC....Go The Hoose!!
  5. A 1st for the Hoose this Saturday as Easthouses Lily come to Park View for the 1st time in the East of Scotland Cup. Not sure how well they are supported but I hope they bring a few along to the game and to enjoy the delights of The Howff. Hope the lads under JC stay focussed for the game and keep the winning run going......Go The Hoose!!
  6. Another great result yesterday from the lads. Well done again! It's good to have several players in the team that are goal scorers and some quality and width in the team to help create the chances....massive step forward. Cup game at home on Sat then home v St Andrews in league on 9 Sept.....not a bad set of opening fixtures to get points in the bag and confidence high. Just hope rain stays away this week to allow the park to dry out a good bit...fingers crossed! Well done to JC and the management team...stick together and keep it going. Go the Hoose!
  7. Tayport 1 Fauldhouse 4... Go the Hoose!!
  8. Tayport 0 Mighty Hoose 3 half time.....keep it going 2nd half lads! Go the Hoose!!
  9. Another big and tough game for the Hoose on Sat as we cross "the bridge" again and head to the Tayport shores in the league. Always a very hard park and difficult team to get a result against BUT given the current form the team are in and the level of confidence, self belief and ability the current squad have I'm sure that the boss JC will get the best out of them on Sat. Good luck!! Go the Hoose!!!
  10. Scottish Junior Cup 1st Round Bye for the Hoose
  11. Well done! Great idea to attract the younger fans....junior football needs them badly.
  12. Lol...ok G I'll let him know that you'll treat him to a pie next time you're up at Park View....woof woof (go the Hoose!!)
  13. Well done Graham in getting the videos all posted on the main FUFC link here. Always good to watch the videos when your scoring goals! Job done well after minor hic up!
  14. Haha nice one!! Just leave the mighty Hoose's guard DUG out of it or he may attack you next time your up at Park View.....!!
  15. It's a good feeling waking up on a Sunday morning, catching up with all the football scores and gossip etc when you're top of the league!! Go the Hoose!!
  16. Cheers Toffee! Early days re league but having surpassed last years total league points already is pleasing as is the current squad that JC has assembled. This is a tough league and I'm sure there will be lots of surprises ahead for all teams. Looking forward to playing the Burgh however! See you behind the goals! Go the Hoose!!
  17. Nice words JC.....agree performance was not our best BUT to win 5-1 was (and I do agree it flattered us) was still superb. Behind you and coaching staff and the squad 1000%! Fully agree also about the ref....he was excellent! Go the Hoose!!
  18. The "gateman" is fine Casey having recovered from last seasons disappointments and the grey hair remains in tact for the time being! Given the results so far I'm hopeful that not too much of his hair will be pulled out this season...and hopefully none at all will be extracted when we play against the Burgh!! Complete trust (and hope) in JC and the squad....go the Hoose.
  19. Hoose 5 Downfield 1 Great result again from battling Hoose team today against a tough and organised Downfield team in very difficult conditions with wind, rain and a heavy park. Some good finishing in last 15mins gave us the edge overall and that took the pressure off us and helps us to proudly sit top of the league! Downfield played well and but for a bit of luck could've took the lead with the shot that hit the post but again credit to the lads for bucking down believing in themselves for last 30mins and grinding out yet another impressive victory Go The Hoose....top of the league!
  20. Fauldhouse 5 Downfield 1 F/T. Go the Hoose!!
  21. Fully agree! Another great result and keeping clean sheet will give JC (keeper) an added boost. Didn't see all the game but I felt that we played well in parts but on occasion we did allow Bathgate to come back into the game and IMO they did look dangerous at times on the break. However the sign of any good and successful team is their ability to grind out good results when not playing at their full potential and at the same time being able to keep a clean sheet.....well done the Hoose!! The difference between last season and now is "night and day" and the overall squad looks strong, well balanced and huge ability and potential in depth....credit due to JC (manager) for being able to attract the players we have this season. We certainly look like we will have no problems (unlike last season) in scoring goals. 12/12 with home game v Downfield on Saturday .....great start to season...Go The Hoose!!
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