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  1. I think db11 may have been the lino's father...or even his mother! "assault"?....very emotive, totally superficial and antagonistic language indeed! With the whistle having gone our defender kicked the ball (ok maybe a bit firmly) to a Bonnyrigg player, he moved out the way and the ball hit the linesman and it knocked the flag out of his hand. No first aid was needed, no blood was spilled, no ambulance was called but he got a red card.....assault?....never....unfortunate yes. db11 should stick to using his big words in the Sunday Post crossword tomorrow!!
  2. Here here...he certainly was! However all players showed a tremendous fighting spirit today and IMO I thought on the 2nd half performance we merited a draw. New signing Chris Patrick fitted in well also and the goal by Dunny was just amazing! The officials also failed to spot a hand ball in the late move (just before Bonnyrigg scored their 3rd) just at the edge of the 6yard box.....although I don't think the linesman would have been able to see it! Well done and all the best to Bonnyrigg but Go The Hoose as we travel to Dunbar next week.
  3. Fauldhouse 1 Bonnyrigg 2 60mins
  4. Cheers Casey! Good luck to Mussy today also! Game is on so cant wait!! Go the Hoose!
  5. Fully agree JC....this game will present the Hoose with a major but exciting test when we face a top Super League side for the 1st time this season. Just hope that the weather remains good so that the park can get some time to dry out....looking forward to the game and hope that a few neutrals come along also....Go the Hoose!!
  6. Thanks Jimb appreciated! Good luck to the Talbot also, against Forres.
  7. Should be a tough hard exciting game....but I'm sure the lads will all be fired up for it and JC and crew will have them well organised. Can't wait! Keeping discipline on the park will be critical next week against a physically strong Bonnyrigg team. Go The Hoose!
  8. Well done to the Burgh today....good result Casey as Tranent is never an easy place to get a win at!
  9. They prayer mats are being installed and the sun dances are being practiced at the moment mate......fingers crossed the weather allows the park to dry out a bit for the big Scottish game next week!!
  10. Hopefully bossman JC will have a full squad to select from for tomorrows home league game v Thornton Hibs, with David Dunn's 2 game suspension now served. Fingers crossed also that the weather overnight (no more rain please!) doesn't affect the Park View surface too much. Looking forward to yet another good hard and entertaining game with the Hoose hopefully maintaining their good run. It will also be interesting to see how Mussy get on away at Tranent in what should also be a tough match and here's hoping that local rivals Whitburn and Bathgate can maybe help us with positive results against both Haddington and Tayport? You can but hope! Roll on 2:30 tomorrow....Good luck to JC and the lads.....Go The Hoose!!
  11. If you are correct in your Top 3 making it to the Super League, I don't think any Hoose fans would complain Casey. Based on teams I've seen so far this season I would have to say that I don't think that Blackburn or Tranent will be too far away either as both will be difficult to beat on their home grounds. It will be interesting to see how Mussy get on at Tranent on Saturday and to see if you can match our narrow win there. Good luck! The weather this week may affect a few matches at the weekend if the forecasters are correct, so here's hoping that the rain this week is kind to Park View!! Go the Hoose!!
  12. Good to see you have a sense of humour Casey and nice to hear your views on the boss JC being honest about things and taking am interest in the Hoose! Good result for Mussy today which in many ways wasn't too bad for the Hoose from purely a promotion point of view and also given results elsewhere!
  13. Cheers Brycey! Agree a good shift was put in by the lads today today. Good to see you at todays game ...hope you can make it through for the Bonnyrigg game?
  14. Positives today IMO was the overall performance of the defence as they looked solid all game. I felt some of them had their best game in a Hoose shirt that I have seen. Yes disappointed in not getting a win but the Haddington keeper had 3 great saves to day and both Sammy and Ben came close with headers. Had the forwards "clicked" today and had that wee bit of luck then I'm sure we would've got all 3 points. On a few occasions today I felt that had we taken that quick shot at goal rather than hesitate and take another touch then it may have paid dividends. Overall it was a very open and end to end game despite having no goals and I agree fully JC....you shouldn't be too hard on the lads. Thornton at home next week....lets go for it!! Go the Hoose!!
  15. Hope the Haddington park holds up to the rain! Looking forward to a good game tomorrow. Go the Hoose!!
  16. The challenges keep coming as the Hoose face another tough match on Saturday playing away to Haddington on league business after a wee but successful cup break last weekend in Kirkcaldy. I'm sure JC and the team will have the lads well pumped up and ready for this trip! With Mussy playing Blackburn at the same time it gives (if we need it!) us an extra incentive.....looking forward to the game and hope the weather holds...fingers crossed! Go the Hoose!!
  17. Pity yesterday's match wasn't in the league from a Hoose point of view!! Anyways 2 massive games for the Burgh and the Hoose this Sat....against Blackburn and Haddington ...so let battle commence!!
  18. Agree fully JC about coming away from yesterdays game on a poor park injury free! Massive game again next week. But bring it on....all behind you and the lads!! Go the Hoose!
  19. The proverbial game of two half's today in Kirkcaldy. Lots of positives 1st half with good link up and passing and using width to create many many chances and to get 5 goals. The high balls over the defence caught them out almost every time and the forwards always looked sharp running onto these long balls. Good to see young Ben & Jake get a start and really game was over after 3rd goal. 2nd half was opposite and whilst the Hoose never looked not being in control of the game it was dull & non eventful. However great to see young Matty get 2nd half in goal and looked comfortable with a clean sheet. However job done and JC & lads go easily through to next round. Thought ref did well also and no cards for any Hoose players today! Haddington here we come next week...another BIG game. Go the Hoose!!
  20. Over the bridge we go tomorrow to play Kirkcaldy YM. Chance to relax from the league pressure perhaps and maybe chance for JC to rotate some players? Looking forward to game as need to keep momentum going ahead of big test against Haddington next week. Go the Hoose!!
  21. Cheers Casey! Not quite sure about the "young man" bit but I'll take it anyway....Go The Hoose!!!
  22. Look forward to seeing you behind the Park View goals soon Dukla. Just let us know when you are coming through and you will be made very welcome.
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