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  1. Glenrothes 1 Fauldhouse 1 h/t. (macmillian)
  2. NOTE : Livingston Reserves v Fauldhouse Tue 7 Aug 18 is now an 8pm kick off (on the pitch outside Livingston's Stadium). Go the Hoose!!
  3. Big opening game for the Hoose on Saturday travelling up to take on the 2nd favourites for the league Broughty Athletic. Looking forward to seeing how the lads shape up in what should be a good tough match at a ground that carried very mixed fortune for us over the last 10 years. Go the new season...GO THE HOOSE!!
  4. Full Time ; St Anthony's 2 Fauldhouse 3 (Currie, Gribben & Magee) Go The Hoose!!
  5. It was very sad this week to hear of the sudden and unexpected passing of Chic Coll. Chic was a committee member for many years and played a key role in securing funding for the current pavilion/changing rooms, he regularly attended games and was a great supporter of the Club. RIP Chic.
  6. Sounds like the lads played well, scored few goals and increased match fitness...….good outcome all round. Good luck tomorrow at St Anthony's....Go the hoose!!
  7. 2 home draws and not a bad league cup section....quite good overall IMO. We better get used to crossing the bridge next season however on a positive note we do have 2 local derbies to look forward to. Go the hoose!!
  8. Some more pics from the Park View pitch improvement works.....go the hoose!!
  9. Nipped into the park today to see how the work was progressing and was amazed to see the sheer quantities/ mounds of grass, soil and sand etc that have been removed. Shows just what a massive task/job this is....looking forward to seeing the new pitch emerge at the end. I'm sure it will be fantastic! Go the Hoose!!
  10. As per response to John-n-C.. appreciate you taking time to post this and hope to see you at Park View next season nutmeg. Go the Hoose!!
  11. Always good to hear someone from outside the club set up commenting very positively about either the professional standards or the set up/facilities. It shows that the management, the committee and our supporters are moving in the right direction. Hope to see you back at Park View next season John-n-C. Thanks for taking time to post this...appreciated! Go the "professional standard setting" Hoose!!!
  12. Not even mid June yet the squad is already taking shape and looking good. Given the successful run Wishaw had in the Junior Cup last season and the fact they scored 68 goals in the league last season the 2 new signings look positive. Go The Hoose!!
  13. INTERESTING NEWPAPER ARTICLE ON THE EAST SPLIT Scottish Junior Football Association secretary Tom Johnston admits they didn’t do enough to convince Junior clubs in the east to stay, although he doesn’t know what more they could have done. Junior football in the east has changed drastically with 24 clubs having signed up for the East of Scotland League as of next season. Every club east of West Lothian has departed, leaving behind an association mainly comprised of Fife and Tayside based clubs. The format of the East Juniors for next season is still to be rubber-stamped by administrators, but the Evening News understands a regionalised structure of three leagues will be put in place. Johnston, secretary of the SJFA, says Junior football still has a future, although he says they’ll learn a lot from the east exodus. “We’ll just continue as we have done before,” said Johnston. “It might be a depleted East Region we have, but we are still very strong in the north and the west. We will continue as we have done previously. “It’s disappointing to see all these clubs leaving, especially seeing as they have been around for a long, long time as Junior clubs. If that’s what they want to do... it’s really entirely up to them. We’ll focus on the teams that remain and we’ll march on. “It seems to have been a kind of domino effect recently, a lot of clubs left because of others. I don’t know what we could have done about that. We’ll look at it and we’ll learn. From what remains, we’ll try and make that stronger.” Johnston is confident west clubs won’t end up joining an equivalent league, with plans still in place to bring the Juniors in line with the SFA’s Pyramid. He continued: “If we get in at tier 6 in the Pyramid, I don’t think there would be any requirement for them to leave. What they have got there in the west is a pretty strong organisation, so I don’t see the same applying in the west. “We’ll learn from the situation in the east and we’ll make improvements and we’ll take it forward. “Obviously we didn’t do enough to convince clubs to stay in the Juniors, but I don’t know what else we could have done. I went out and met the clubs and talked with them. Even up until the rest of the clubs started pulling out, we had conviction from them that they would continue. People changed their mind at the last minute, so I don’t know how we would have been expected to cater or cope with that.”
  14. Totally agree Fluff...they all have "put a shift in" for the Hoose and good luck to them all in the future. It will be interesting to see what players JC (Boss) brings in now, but given his past record we all should feel very confident. New playing surface also will help next season....Go The Hoose..onwards and upwards!!
  15. VERY NICE EXTRACT FROM FACEBOOK REPORT FROM FANS WHO TRAVELLED UP FROM DALBEATTIE AND ENDED UP TAKING IN THE HOOSE GAME AT PARKVIEW ON SATURDAY The anticipated match at rutherglen for the glencairn v Pollock game turned out to be postponed due to a murder incident.we only found this out around 12.30 whilst having our dinner in wetherspoons in rutherglen.so a look at what was available to goto and decided on a visit to fauldhouse v tayport.on arrival at park view the 1st person we bumped into was young hearts player Rory Currie,here to see his brother playing for fauldhouse.after finding out that we had travelled a couple of hours we were shown around their facilities including their boxing ring/Tae Kwon do gym and changing rooms.also told to head into the committee room at half time for tea and sarnies!just love non league football.the game itself was totally meaningless yet both teams served up a entertaining spectacle.despite the 4-0 win for tayport it was only due to the better finishing and not their overall play.later on we also bumped into another of hearts young guns Jamie Brandon and fellow Jambo Rob Mildren.a decent day out once again with folk who don't half make you feel welcome. The Fauldhouse Fans facebook page has the full copy with pictures. Go The Hoose!!
  16. 2nd last game tonight away to Thornton Hibs. Good luck lads. I'm sure "The General" will be looking down tonight and shouting you on...GO THE HOOSE.
  17. RIP Tommy ( The General). You will be sadly missed but never forgotten.
  18. Success! What a superb achievement with such a new team! Congratulations to JC and the rest if the backroom staff and the players! Well done! Lets finish on a high and win last 2games. GO THE HOOSE ....RUNNERS UP!!
  19. Excellent, hugely positive and encouraging summary JC and I agree with Fluff's post that you also deserve a lot of credit for getting the playing and backroom staff where they are now, The importance of having good professional motivation and leadership skills cannot be underestimated in the junior game today and it's obvious from the squad vibes that this is there....WELL DONE!! Like any club at the end of the season I expect there will always be a few changes to strengthen the squad but given your past experience I'm fully confident that you will do that well if required. I like you,, am looking forward to the new playing surface being available for the new season and also seeing the youth in the current squad continuing to improve and gain experience and confidence....very pleased with the signs so far. 2 games to go and "runners up" spot within our own hands.....let's finish the season on a collective high...GO THE VERY POSITIVE HOOSE!!
  20. Well done to all the Hoose lads for an excellent result against Glenrothes last night. A Gribbs hat-trick and manager JC again taking his place between the sticks along with a solid and determined team performance got us a great 3 points!! These 3 points became even more important with Haddington losing at home to Arniston as it means that the Hoose now only need 1 point from 2 games to become runners-up, unless of course Haddington don't win against Dundee Downfield on Sat in which case we become runners-up then. A well earned weeks break before the next game should hopefully recharge a few fairly drained batteries before the trip to Thornton next Wednesday. GO THE HOOSE.....2 to go!!
  21. Another hard game for the Hoose tonight against Glenrothes. With only 3 games now to go 3 points in the bag tonight would take us a step closer to that runners-up spot and allow the lads to have a few well deserved week off from competitive matches given we do not have a game on Saturday. Haddington also play Arniston tonight in what should also be an interesting game.... 3 to go...go the Hoose!
  22. The sun's out again today, royal wedding, cup finals but don't forget Musselburgh v Fauldhouse!! Another massive game for the Hoose today and lets hope the lads put on another good team performance to help get some points in the bag again. Never an easy place to go and get a result but let's hope....4 games to go....completely in our own hands to get runners-up spot...so GO THE HOOSE!!
  23. Hats off to all at Rossvale. Sportsmanship, Integrity, Principles and Beliefs all applied in a totally professional manner.....that's the sign of a well run and organised club. TOTAL RESPECT!! I hope that you attract a large crowd on Friday night and good luck!
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