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  1. Entertaining as ever Kinky....not sure the last time I ever read a biblical reference to Mr Noah being made in our match report but it sounded like weather was horrible....least everyone got back safe and well and we made it into the 3rd round draw which is more than can be said for some our other local rivals...and we avoided the dreaded banana skin. Looking forward to the 3rd round draw ....nice wee home tie would go down well!! Go the Hoose!!
  2. I agree with this view...and good to see someone from Penicuik saying that. I think it was a mistimed tackle without any intent or mallice (the park was very very wet especially at that side) and I agree a red card was correct. Up until then Sam was IMO one of top 3 players in our team and hadn't really put a foot wrong. There was hardly a bad tackle in the game yesterday...it was a tough but good hard encounter. Thanks for posting the highlights by the way...much appreciated. See you at Penicuik.
  3. Look forward to seeing the highlights later mate....thanks for that. Good game for the neutrals amongst the crowd today and us. Although you had a lot of the play today I felt (thankfully for us!) that you just lacked that final finish, although our keeper did have a superb save. Apart from the 1st half goal (great header from Jamie) we missed 2 or 3 really good chances that could've seen us home and dry at half time. Different story 2nd half when I felt you had most of the play and when we went down to 10men I was getting bit worried BUT we held on and missed the easiest chance of the game just before we scored the 2nd....game over. Penicuik played well and will definitely be up there at the end.....looking forward to visiting Penicuik later in season. Hope the 2 Penicuik committee men that had the scuffle at the end resolve matters....never nice to see that. Go the hoose!!
  4. Result raised a few eyebrows after the Hoose game yesterday to be honest. Did you miss Bairdy today in midfield?? It will be a test to see how well you play away to Penicuik next week....never an easy place to get a win.
  5. Home v Montrose RL today! Expecting 3 points (nothing else!)and a good home display to entertain the loyal fans to keep us on track.....cmon the Hoose!!
  6. Only a few minutes away from penalties Bilbo...then who knows what may have happened...BUT the mighty Hoose stuck at it and got the winner...go the Hoose!!. Suggest you seek some advice from someone before you do you next prediction......in fact why not go ask your old grey wizard friend Gandalf! See you at a Gollum free Park View!
  7. I understand that the SJFA got "confused" over the no of 1st rounds clubs that should be in the hat to balance it out to 128 clubs in round 2. They will therefore have to draw 8 more teams (4 more ties) out of hat sometime soon. Lots of egg on face etc for all concerned...not sure how they made such a basic mistake.... UPDATE - 4 other ties now drawn (inc Bonnyrigg v Bo'ness!!) & good news the Hoose are through to round 2....go the Hoose!!
  8. Stupidity? I think the ref came into that category....the 1st tackle in itself hardly warranted a yellow card on its own far less give a 2nd yellow to the same player in the 1st half when it was anything but a dirty game. Would the same referee have sent a Linlithgow or an Auchinleck player off if they were at home? NO WAY!!
  9. Dont disagree with you BUT most refs would've used some savvy or common sense and given a warning for encroachment at the free kick.....oh forgot that we also scored a header (at least a foot over the line) that we never got......oh well. Those that missed the game.....missed a cracker...glad I was there..... Yeah the league looks to be a cracker already....
  10. Overall a great game...good atmosphere ...some cracking goals and a superb advert for junior football........well done both teams/fans etc. However IMO I felt that the Hoose would have won it had the ref not (howler of a decsion!) sent Kevin Ross off in 43min..........oh the joys!!
  11. Agree should be a good game.....hope decent crowd turns up! Go the Hoose!!
  12. The Hoose v Lanark Sat 3rd Aug KO 2pm Park View Another good game for us.......go the hoose!!
  13. Nice one G!...both participating in some good coo shed banter with the lads tho! Good run out against a good but young Hearts team (Naismith played 75mins!) BUT goals from Sam Scott and King Kenny do to them what Liverpool couldn't do on Sat....beat them by 2 goals!!! Go the Hoose!!
  14. Legend.....Red IS NOT slagging Afro off at all he is having a dig at the writer of the posting that Afro was replying to ie MEAT! Go Jamie (Big Gall)...Go The Hoose!!
  15. Kellsash.....thats a strong statement to make! I cant recall Baird being mucked about or indeed not being appreciated......by fans, players, management and the committee at the hoose! The one thing at the hoose is that we fully appreciate good hard working honest players.....and Bairdie was 1 of them. Money certainly talks trust me and whilst the hoose may not be able to compete with what has been offered we will still be a force in the Premier next season. I wish Bairdie all the best next season. Bathgate have a good signing so lets see how well they do.
  16. Brian Martin (Motherwell & Scotland) Played with Fauldhouse United 3 seasons back. George Connolly (Celtic & Scotland) played with Sauchie Buzz Lamont (Falkirk Goalkeeper) played with Linlithgow Rose. Hope this helps!
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