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  1. If you come across to Park View (The Hoose ground for clarity) I'm sure we could arrange to show you the forks that were used last week and you can try and see if you can fit them in your mouth.......that would certainly clear up and clarify your allegation albeit it may leave you with a hefty dental bill....allegedly of course!!
  2. I've some bread to throw at them to shut em up!! Go the Hoose!! Over the bridge tomorrow again.......if it's on!!
  3. May I quote your goodself from a later post.... "maybe you should think before you judge folk and make posts like this, maybe some enlightend soul will put you right"...... I think you should gain some enlightenment before jumping to such conclusions.........Strange as it may seem Fauldhouse has had quite a lot of heavy rain over the last week......At 754 feet above sea level you may not appreciate that fact in the good Burgh since you are only 150 feet above! The micro climate around Faudlhouse/Harthill/Shotts is notorious for having extreme weather when a few miles away things can be normal. We have one of the best playing surfaces around which is maintained entirely by volunteers......today we wanted the game to go ahead....it suited us....no conspiracy theories ...no suspensions......unfortunately and due to circumstances beyond our control an underground drain (either collapsed or was blocked) as the water on a part of the park could not drain away. The ref inspected the park and called it off.....that is the first time in many many years our park has been unplayable on the morning of a game save for snow or severe ice! So in future before casting any aspertions about FUFC or the hard working committee etc......you get your facts correct. We may not be the "big club" in the league but we are there by merit and are working hard to stay there and as such we deserve a bit of respect. Perhaps an apology is warranted?
  4. And here's me thinking the ref must've called the game off to suit the 'big team' in the league!!! Conspiracy conspiracy ..... Get a grip....the hoose wanted thus game to go ahead unfortunately unforeseen circumstances (maybe we don't have the expensive cyrstal ball the rose
  5. Very well said hooseguy.......thoughts and condolences with the big man at this time.
  6. Cheers macintosh....feelings were aligned at the end with both sets of fans agreeing a very entertaining draw was a fair result. Hope the Kelty fans enjoyed their trip to the new look Park View (and the Coo Shed!) as a lot has changed since your last trip (which Im sure the Hoose won 2-1!). All the best next week for your trip to Forfar and thanks for the good banter today.... Go the Hoose!! Dale here we come!!
  7. Good luck the Hoose today.....must take something from this game...a win would be great tho! Give it your best lads.....can't make it today but I'll be having a nervy 90mins here trust me.... Go the Hoose!!
  8. I dont know what games you watch cookoo but whilst it wasn't a classic it was never a poor game and nowhere near the worst game I have seen.....maybe take off the cookoo specs the next time I think! Go the Hoose!!
  9. Summed up perfectly Kinky (as always)....the Hoose is about the WHOLE experience and I'm glad those you spoke to enjoyed it yesterday. There are times when the product on the park may not quite what we expect BUT the off field banter, the coo shed shouts and the general "junior wind ups" are what make it enjoyable for all and add to the atmosphere.......if we get a win to add to that then we are all H A P P Y..... Not quite the result we hoped for yesterday (but IMO a draw overall was fair!) but the Hoose remain unbeaten and 5th in the league.....so things are still looking good and everyone has played their part in helping the club achieve that and the good crowd yesterday show its working...well done all. Onward to the rookie cookie next week and lets hope.......GO THE HOOSE...and get well "the Jaykit".
  10. Local derby.....big crowd...park looking great.....scene is set for another thrilling Park View encounter......GO THE HOOSE!!!
  11. Some interesting results yesterday shows that this years league will be tough and serve up lots of great games. Only 3 teams have maximum 6 points after 2 games....well done to them and only 6 of the 16 teams remain unbeaten. Great result for Penicuik yesterday.....which IMO was result of the day, although the Hoose result may also have raised a few eyebrows. Some cracking games lined up next Sat....cant wait!! Go the Hoose.....
  12. Interesting season it will be.....but we are all looking forward to it....based on yesterdays performance the hoose will be a hard team to beat at Park View and that is where IMO we can pick up the points to at least survive in the Superleague. Good crowd, good atmosphere, park looking fab......."Coo Shed" banner proudly on display.....and the team to a man played well.....it was a great home debut for us yesterday.....well done everyone!! GO THE HOOSE!!!
  13. Thanks Tynie.... you're always wecome at Park View. Hope to see you under the new "Coo Shed" banner soon......
  14. Cookoo....why dont you take a wee leaf out of some of the genuine Cuikie fans on here (Blue White Dynamite for one) and try for next season to post something sensible...hmmmmm .then again maybe not! "Kicking Teams off the park".......Not even worth a comment on that ridiculous statement. Oh I fully agree with Kinky's 6 point tribute to you by the way........6/6 in my book!! Go the Hoose.....roll on August.....roll on our first league game v Penicuik!!!!
  15. Cheers mate.....just you focus on Wednesdays game. All at the Hoose are rooting for you to overturn the Cuikie and grab that play off place......just think more local derbies if you manage to get up!
  16. Cheers mate.....much appreciated.....hope my nails grow back in soon after the 90mins today!!
  17. Great post Kinky...Neverneverland is now within our reach at last.....I just hope we can get a bit of Tinkerbells magic at Park View on Sat to get us across the ultimate hurdle and get to the Superleague. Fewer trips across the not so magic bridge.....how will the Buckie Boys cope without the culture trips...then again....Linlithgow Palace may be looming!!! We need a good crowd on Sat.....Go The Hoose!!!
  18. Hoose played well today overall and could've easily had a few more goals. Scorers 1min Ross, 22 min Chilli, 45 min o.g. Half time 3-0. (Clark hit post 43min) 49min Clark, 80min Adam, 85min Reece (47min Ross hit post, 83min Shanks had penalty saved & 76min Kirkcaldy had man sent off - 2 yellows) Good to see both Adam and Mikey Brown also getting a run out today after a wee while out.
  19. The Hoose march on! Good hard game today with an evenly matched 1st half. 2nd half however the Hoose dominated and played some really good football, took the chances well and were (IMO) worthy winners. Few tough games at the top of league next week so a good performance from the Hoose at Montrose could keep us out in front. Go the Hoose!!
  20. Looking forward to the game and the Hoose/Coo-Shed banter today! With Penicuik playing in Scottish it gives us a chance to put (hopefully) few more points in the bag and with Jeanfield playing Bathgate today the top 6 position I hope will look healthier for us. Go the Hoose!!
  21. Kinky you forgot to mention that the Hoose did not receive a single booking (can’t really remember when that last happened....1980 er hmmmm...lol)....and that the ref was excellent, save not giving us the stone wall penalty near the end!! Although I believe he put his hands up to that after the game....so fair play to him. Not quite sure how we didn't manage 2 x hat-tricks yesterday or going into double figures but at least we made plenty of chances and played some great football in very testing conditions, especially in the 2nd half....but another 3 points on the board for us. Hope everyone's thawed out by now!! Go the Hoose...
  22. Go the Hoose Bard!!! Lang mae the Coo Shed Reek!!! ......
  23. Brilliant pic.....go the Coo Shed Lads......Go the Hoose......
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