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  1. Always good to hear views from a neutral point of view and I agree with your summary bc. Glad you enjoyed the game. I also thought that it was a really hard fought and exciting game with both teams contributing to that. I did feel that save the opening 15mins and last 10 minutes that we did play the better football and looked a bit more composed and dangerous going foward. That said when Kilwinning scored in last 10 mins they raised their game and gave us a few scares. Overall I felt that we did deserve the win over the 90mins. Wee word for the officials yesterday....I thought they were excellent. Made very welcome by all at Kilwinning yesterday nice set up (save the sleepers) and I wish them all the best for their promotion bid this season. If you are ever at a loose end again bc you will be made equally as welcome at Park View .....so maybe see you at the Hoose soon? Go the Hoose.....last 16...here we come!
  2. Glad the Buckie Boys stand United. At the Hoose we are all United!! Loved the banner at the coo shed last week!! Go the Buckie Boys...go the Hoose!!..United we stand!!
  3. Here here. Hats off to Jason. Superb gesture & well done!!
  4. I did wonder how long before the Rose fans would again be on here re-igniting the conspiracy theory arguement again. If you were a true junior fan then you would realise that your disingenuous and derogatory comments are a real slap in the face for the very hard working committee and other helpers who tried their best to get the Rose game on. Your perception of the squad availability is again way off the mark (no surprise really!). For what its worth no matter how many of a squad the Hoose had each and every one of them would've been up for that game along with the Hoose fans both in and outside the coo-shed. Suggest that you take some time out to reflect on just how stupid you are making the true Rose fans look....and like tracy and others I fully agree with tommybrannan's comments....hats off to old and very wise TB! I you cannot get that then sorry.....here is some bread for you to go feed the swans. Go the Hoose!!
  5. The Hoose v Hill o Beath. Ko 1:45 game ON!!!
  6. Nice one Kinky!! Can feel the conspiracy theorists circling around now. Go the park....go the hoose!!
  7. Glad you're coming to visit the Park View Coo Shed on Saturday budgie.....the lads will make you welcome....make sure you introduce yourself. Fingers crossed game is on....as Kinky said "Cos when Saturday comes and you get the dreaded "game off" text, it's shite... What would we do without a game and our wee Hoose?"....so true!! Go the Hoose!!
  8. Well said locheeboy...there were a few neutrals in the crowd that all went away saying they thought it was an excellent game even in the wind and rain and wished more of the games they watched were like it. Fully agree that the pitch held up superbly considering the rain that fell...(hope the Linlithgow conspiracy theorists took note!)....banter as ever was top class, young and old alike....thats what makes junior football and its great to see and hear that. Thanks for comments from you and other about our hospitality....appreciated. Look forward to the return match at Lochee next year....all the best. Newtongrange next week then a BIG local Derby and another 6 pointer v Broxburn on 20th....Go The (wet and windy!) Hoose....
  9. The Hoose 3 Lochee 2 f/t. Go the hoose.
  10. All the best for todays game lads.....go the hoose!!!
  11. Well if your not buying the pies next time you could always put on a wee wager!! Lol.
  12. Thanks for correction.....i cut & pasted wrong odds table. 100/1!!! Worth a £1 each way?? Hmmmm
  13. Can't remember us ever being 1/14 AWAY from home......yikes!! The Hoose are the shortest priced team out of all 64 teams in Saturdays games!!....that's got to be another 1st! Go the Hoose..... 11/1 Nairn St Ninian 8/1 Draw 1/14 Fauldhouse
  14. Interesting to note current betting for Superleague...would we settle for mid table spot now? Any brave souls fancy an each way bet on us? Go the Hoose!!! EAST-McBookie.com SUPERLEAGUE 2/1 Linlithgow 3/1 Bo'ness 7/1 Bonnyrigg 7/1 Newtongrange 12/1 Camelon 16/1 Hill of Beath 20/1 Broxburn 25/1 Penicuik 33/1 Fauldhouse 33/1 Kelty Hearts 33/1 Lochee Utd 33/1 Musselburgh 33/1 Sauchie 50/1 Ballingry 50/1 Armadale 66/1 Carnoustie Each way 1/5 odds 1-2-3
  15. Ballingry 1 Hoose 2, kev ross og. 65mins. 3:1 Hoose 66 mins Campbell 20 yarder
  16. Ballingry 0 Hoose 2. Love pen 50min
  17. Ballingry 0 Hoose 1. Kev Ross 18min
  18. Remember kick off is 1:45 today. Go the hoose!!
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