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  2. Good post as ever Kinky.......Going to Burns land next week.....in the hope of silencing that damn bell!! Go the Hoose......ding dong....silent...we hope!!
  3. Glad to have met you both at the game yesterday.....and thanks for the nice kind words. We all at the Club including the Coo-Shed army will always welcome the true junior fans like you a warm welcome with some good banter! Hope you both got home at reasonable time and hope to see you back at Park View soon. Go the Hoose!!
  4. Another superb post big man with a nice Ayrshire Bard slant......the big games keep coming our way....bring it on!! Go the Hoose!!
  5. Great comment.....excellent turnout for Paddy's funeral today with lots of football connections there also....great result for the Hoose today....that would've pleased Paddy....rest in peace.
  6. Class post Bard Kinky......top quality for the start of the new season....keep the posts coming!! Go the hoose!!
  7. Camelon 2 Fauldhouse 1 H/T
  8. Appreciate the post mate.....a lot of hard work goes on by many people to keep the Hoose going. The Club is everyone and eveyone contributes to keeping it going ..the fans, players, management team, committee, many helpers and everyone has done their bit in helping raise the profile and the level of respect others have for the Hoose over the last few seasons. Just look at the hits the Hoose topic has on here...112,000!!!.....keep it going......well done Kinky, Brycey et all for that. To be successful everyone needs to play their part (no matter how small) in contributing to the Club.....long may it continue!! Off to Camelon for a final match ..hopefully we will take a few fans with us....go the Hoose!!
  9. Another excellent and in bits touching (the die hards will feel that when they read it) post Kinky!! Park View ......"The Field of Dreams"....something special about that I must say... Onto the Mariners land on Sat for final game of a special season. I'm sure big Peter Lynch (god bless him) will be with us all on Sat as proud as can be also with the season we have had. Go the Hoose....
  10. Fauldhouse 2 Linlithgow 1 Jamie Robertson 80mins
  11. Fauldhouse 1 Linlithgow 0 H/T. Andy McQuillan.
  12. Fauldhouse 3 Carnoustie 2 f/t.
  13. Fauldhouse 0 Carnoustie 1 h/t
  14. Cheers Scorpion....it's been a roller coaster at times and a huge learning experience for us all but we have both survived and enjoyed it all. See you next season in the Superleague. Go the Hoose!!
  15. It wasn't a supposed collapsed drain it was an actual collapsed drain last time! There is some further drainage work needed which will be resolved by digging an area of the pitch up during close season. With 2 home games left nothing can be done until they are played unfortunately. In addition the rain, hail & snow that has fallen in Fauldhouse last 2 days has been extreme to say the least. Unfortunate game was off but the early pitch inspection shows a proactive stance by the Hoose and ensured all supporters were given advance notice. The Hoose have taken 7 points from 9 in last 3 home games ( Bo'ness, Penicuik & Musselburgh!) so I was confident of the Hoose getting something from the game had it gone ahead. See you all at Park View in the sun soon!! Go the Hoose!
  16. Fauldhouse v Linlithgow Tonight KO 7pm. Following a pitch inspection at lunchtime the game is now officially OFF.
  17. Great! Thanks for your support mate. See you in coo shed Wed. Go the Hoose!
  18. Appreciate the post Larky and thanks for coming up to Park View for the game. Glad you enjoy the CooShed banter also...the lads will like the compliment!! Hope to see you back in the Coo Shed soon....cheers!
  19. Fauldhouse 3 Musselburgh 1 Campbell 80mins.
  20. Fauldhouse 2 Musselburgh 1 Brian Ross 50min
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