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  1. Apparently his wife / partner is having a baby and went into labour
  2. some interesting comments in that statement, ranging from the fact that we break even at the moment, to the hint of future full time football. It will be interesting to see if this is actually feasible, and how many of our players are currently in effect full time players, albeit they only train twice a week
  3. I would agree....we scored our goals at perfect times....relatively early then right before half time. You had a lot of the ball in the first half, though Martin's save was inspirational for us. Then the 3rd early in the second half I thought we were totally professional throughout and its actually been.quite a while since we controlled a game in this way For Raith, I thought the only player who got pass marks was M'voto....I thought he put in a real captain's style performance What a goal though for Thomson's second
  4. Thomson on the wing yesterday made sense as he had a major height advantage over Talbot I'm guessing aitken doesn't really fancy Gallagher as a player given how little game time he's had Will be interesting to see if he shuffles his pack after yesterday though
  5. We should have seen it as an omen and asked for game to be postponed [emoji23]
  6. Some eejit decided to try and overtake us as two lanes merged down to one..not enough room...clipped the side of the bus...got flipped round so that the bus was actually pushing him along sideways...before flipping him again into a big ditch at the side if the road. No one injured but driver pretty shaken up Just on Fife side of the kincardine bridge
  7. An extremely poor day at the office. Need to move on now to a big game next week. Reading some of the comments from pars fans....they are saying they have been threatening to turn their chances into goals for a while now....unfortunately for us, they decided to do it against us Quite clear from the highlights that we defended poorly as a team...both the midfield and defence didn't cover themselves in glory for the majority of the goals, so to pick out individuals is not helpful. This is the same defence that has actually been pretty damage good all season....do the same players not get praise where we defended well? Let's move on and use this to ensure we get all three points next week Interesting also to see headbutt gate omitted from the highlights. I think the majority of fans who were there yesterday saw exactly what happened. This plus the bus yesterday shows there's never a dull moment being a Sons fan
  8. He definitely headbutted Carswell who immediately signalled to be subbed...don't know if he was injured or didn't want to play on That said...we've improved since Stanton came on
  9. Good point....perhaps an option would be two levels of membership? Silver and gold...with the gold maybe £20 and with current benefits, while the silver would have slightly reduced?
  10. To be fair...pretty much the whole of Dumbarton is underwater just now
  11. Is Hippolyte any good for you guys? I've seen him quite a few times for you and Livingston, and can honestly say I've never been impressed
  12. Hopefully we'll get a reaction from the players after yesterday's disappointment. Arguably losing to Bonnyrigg was the best thing to happen to us this season
  13. It was a horrendous attempt at a tackle...totally stupid...deserved red card
  14. I think its the government trying to force the hand of the football authorities to deal with issues like sectarianism....their preference is for clubs to accept strict liability....I get why the old firm don't want it...but surely it's a win win for everyone else?
  15. Horrendous decision by Northcroft....pretty much the most blatant foul you'll see all season
  16. i think this flags up the problem with the current rules....defenders have to clear the ball..they cannot assume the ref or linesman will actually give an offside decision....I would suggest that any defender who has to rush into a clearance in this type of situation is surely being affected by the presence of the opposition player...who is therefore interfering with play
  17. Just on the crowd want....I would have to say...the crowd yesterday looked a lot more than 2,000
  18. Why would the referee face sanctions? He's had to make a split second decision...the position meant neither linesman had a decent view What should happen is that the morton player should be punished and banned....if we are serious about stamping out cheating....cheats have to be punished and publicly shamed
  19. He may well have been good this season, but he did not look anything like a footballer yesterday
  20. I think the ref now has some discretion in the event of a penalty There looked to.be contact, but it looked to.me as though Stirling got himself behind the ayr player and felt he needed some kind of challenge....it didn't look to be a professional foul
  21. He was consistent with first bookings for both teams...both seemed a little harsh, especially when an Ayr player got away without even being spoken too for hacking down Stirling from behind in the second half Definitely a penalty, but the red card seemed a little harsh
  22. I would agree....we didnt offer much in the 1st half, but the timing of the goal was perfect 2nd half was much better, and other than the final couple of minutes, falkirk didn't really test Alan Martin Not quite sure what's changed since Bonnyrigg....perhaps a reaction to that defeat? We have struggled in last couple of years against lower league opposition
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