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  1. it'll be fine so long as all their players are called James Lammond or Ferguson Oliver
  2. do championship teams not need to have the players names at the top on the back?
  3. I'd say we're stronger than we started last season, but weaker than we finished Hopefully a couple of good loans will help
  4. I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed....I kept waiting on seeing a premiership class player...and other than occasional glimpses...he didn't do enough to me Nowhere near the quality of Stirling or Vaughan or Stanton
  5. it is the nature of Scottish football - I would imagine there will be a few other teams in the championship reducing budgets, e.g. Dunfermline (after losing Raith). Personally I would prefer that we as a club break even each season. We don't have a rich sugar daddy so we will just continue to do what we've done for the past 5 years. I do wonder though whether or not the budget reduction is significant, given that Stevie Aitken was happy to sign up to 2 year deal - perhaps it was his best option if the Raith job wasn't going his way...we'll never probably know I don't think though that the budget reduction has any bearing on any potential stadium move. All sides seem to have acknowledged that it will only happen if its financially viable. I have no objection in principle to a move, provided the Sons Trust get the transparency and reassurances they are seeking. And by that, I would hope to see concrete proposals that the club get a share of / all the potential additional non football related income. This would actually allow us to grow the club
  6. disappointing about Buchanan, but probably to be expected when he didn't sign up in the initial batch of players I guess its a sign of how well we did last season that our best players are moving up to bigger and full time clubs still hoping Barr signs on - him and Ben Gordon could make quite a good pairing
  7. It could just be that Aitken wants to see his budget for next season before committing?
  8. I would say Vaughan did pretty well...maybe 7/10 Always tried really hard...perhaps sometimes too hard...had a habit of trying to beat one extra man and losing it sometimes Scored some good and important goals though, and I'd be happy to have him back on loan next season
  9. Sad to see Garry go, but probably inevitable given his lack of game time this season Given St Mirren offered him a contract previously, I would assume he was one of our top earners He has totally been a Dumbarton legend these last few years Slightly more surprised to see Docherty leaving It looks to me though that Aitken is staying...i can't imagine the board would sanction new contract offers if they thought a new manager was coming in
  10. Nope...Thomson is signed with us Difficult conditions yesterday...swirling wind and hard pitch made playing football on the ground difficult..and it showed...pretty dire game We clearly set out to make sure we didn't get pumped...sensible option...although unlikely...it wasn't impossible Raith could score a load against Ayr - similar tactic to taking ball into corner for final few minutes Disappointed I have to say with Falkirk...you will need to play much better than that to get through the playoffs...but good luck to you
  11. We haven't really played well against you other than the 2-2 game The fact that you've taken 8 points off us surely points to the fact that we've been better against the other teams in the league It's going to be an interesting and nervewracking end to the season
  12. Probably a borderline red, but Charleston is a fud..and Docherty's feigned injury probably ensured the red..what a disgusting player Thought Ayr probably deserved the victory....we looked as though Nade had pulled out minutes before kick off and didn't really have a plan b....balls into the box for either Stirling or Gallagher were pointless....I would have put Thomson in there for at least a bit of presence Good goal for us, but probably all that Vaughan did all day We didn't really handle al alagui all day, and the timing of the equaliser was a sore one Good second goal from Ayr, but sparky really sold it with his diving in taking Smith out in the process Thomson should have scored after great work from Stanton We probably played our best football when down to ten men
  13. Apparently his wife / partner is having a baby and went into labour
  14. some interesting comments in that statement, ranging from the fact that we break even at the moment, to the hint of future full time football. It will be interesting to see if this is actually feasible, and how many of our players are currently in effect full time players, albeit they only train twice a week
  15. I would agree....we scored our goals at perfect times....relatively early then right before half time. You had a lot of the ball in the first half, though Martin's save was inspirational for us. Then the 3rd early in the second half I thought we were totally professional throughout and its actually been.quite a while since we controlled a game in this way For Raith, I thought the only player who got pass marks was M'voto....I thought he put in a real captain's style performance What a goal though for Thomson's second
  16. Thomson on the wing yesterday made sense as he had a major height advantage over Talbot I'm guessing aitken doesn't really fancy Gallagher as a player given how little game time he's had Will be interesting to see if he shuffles his pack after yesterday though
  17. We should have seen it as an omen and asked for game to be postponed [emoji23]
  18. Some eejit decided to try and overtake us as two lanes merged down to one..not enough room...clipped the side of the bus...got flipped round so that the bus was actually pushing him along sideways...before flipping him again into a big ditch at the side if the road. No one injured but driver pretty shaken up Just on Fife side of the kincardine bridge
  19. An extremely poor day at the office. Need to move on now to a big game next week. Reading some of the comments from pars fans....they are saying they have been threatening to turn their chances into goals for a while now....unfortunately for us, they decided to do it against us Quite clear from the highlights that we defended poorly as a team...both the midfield and defence didn't cover themselves in glory for the majority of the goals, so to pick out individuals is not helpful. This is the same defence that has actually been pretty damage good all season....do the same players not get praise where we defended well? Let's move on and use this to ensure we get all three points next week Interesting also to see headbutt gate omitted from the highlights. I think the majority of fans who were there yesterday saw exactly what happened. This plus the bus yesterday shows there's never a dull moment being a Sons fan
  20. He definitely headbutted Carswell who immediately signalled to be subbed...don't know if he was injured or didn't want to play on That said...we've improved since Stanton came on
  21. Good point....perhaps an option would be two levels of membership? Silver and gold...with the gold maybe £20 and with current benefits, while the silver would have slightly reduced?
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