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  1. It was a clear booking for McLaughlin, but to imply it was a red is utter nonsense...he actually barely caught him, but went down as if he'd been shot...it was embarrassing I can only assume that was why Falkirk refused to put the ball out when it was clear to everyone that McLaughlin was seriously injured...I heard a broken ankle...they just assumed he was feigning an injury like taiwo was
  2. I'd be slightly surprised if Aitken ended up at St Mirren. I would imagine after Ian Murray, they would be cautious about taking a manager with no full time or premiership experience
  3. I think this is a pretty tough draw for us...our recent history would tell us we generally struggle against lower league teams would definitely have preferred to play them at home
  4. the person who complained about the drums????
  5. NME is still going, but it's now free...my daughter had a job handing them out at Glasgow Central
  6. Away to Peterhead in the Scottish Cup 4th round
  7. Loved the ball boy copying McAllister's goal celebrations after the last goal
  8. i see we've drawn away to The New Saints on 17 or 18 February - I see Saunders and Routledge still play for them will a bus run for this one?
  9. Comfortable win...and tbh..Raith were awful...easily the worst team I've seen this season...only Vaughan looked interested Raiths defence looked suspect throughout, and our second summed thar up Like everyone else, I didn't really see what happened for the penalty...I can only assume Spence handled the ball. Awful penalty from Walsh though and actually allowed Raith to have a good go at us for 15 minutes Delighted with the win and would love to get crusaders away in the semi final
  10. No idea...didnt manage to get into the ground until about ten past three...is it like that every home game? Point probably about right...I thought we had the better of the first half and looked comfortable until Morton scored..after that the game changed, although both teams could have won it Barry Cook as usual was awful...no idea why he didn't give Lamie a second yellow late on...a more obvious yellow card you'll never see
  11. Absolutely shambolic getting into the ground...and...I was one of those who missed the goal [emoji22]
  12. it seemed from last night, that a decision has still be made on this, but will depend on which is the most financially advantageous to the club. There is a concern that if the club own the ground, they would then be liable for tax on it, so the £1 peppercorn rent is a work around it was also interesting to hear that some of the existing / former directors had also provided soft loans to keep the club solvent - that is worrying, and perhaps indicates one of the reasons they are keen to explore new revenue raising ideas
  13. Very interesting meeting tonight I thought New guy from brabco much more open than Iain Wilson Business plan for new ground depends on them selling rest of new site for housing...they reckon though that west dunbartonshire council will refuse application, but seem confident it will be approved on appeal Whole case seems much better now I thought...costings more advanced and scheme actually seems viable I thought the fans tone was also changing and seems more positive towards the proposals General consensus also seems to be we need to spend around £250k to fix the current ground with the wall below the castle being a major problem. Didn't appear to be a plan where this money would come from
  14. I think she only gets involved with things she has previously tried to close herself....then complains that others might be trying to do the same don't think she's ever been anywhere near the supporters buses
  15. you may be right...but in that case we would be as well chucking it....a football team should be trying to win every single match....we cannot get relegated then try to avoid promotion in case its too expensive yes football is expensive...but have you looked at the costs of the alternatives recently? I went to the cinema the other night...1 1/2 hours entertainment...ticket was something like £11...then add in the drinks and popcorn....
  16. is it just me...or does Billy Davies look like Percy from The Green Mile?
  17. we don't produce tickets for our normal games - i've never really understood why when we play at your ground - I need to buy a ticket from the woman, then walk round to the turnstiles with it...why not pay at the turnstiles so I would assume the extra cost is for printing the tickets, and for additional stewarding as you presumably will be bringing a decent away support
  18. You'll be watching football...the employment status of our players is irrelevant And because we're just a wee diddy part time team...you'll surely pump us...which makes it totally value for money??
  19. Thoroughly deserved three points that looked pretty unlikely in the first half Poor opener to give away...think it was a poor pass from Hutton, and that seemed to give Caley confidence, and they were finding a lot of room in front of our defence Second half though totally different...we looked to have purpose right from the kick off...great goal from Froxy after a good cross from Walsh Fantastic free kick leading up to the second and fine finish from Wardrop Clear dive from Warren leading to his second yellow, and how Vigurs didn't get a red for his outburst at the ref is beyond me Great three points
  20. Plenty of parking in the ground...it costs a pound, but you get a ticket for the half time 50:50 draw for that
  21. To be fair...our home crowds have routinely been between 500 and 600 ever since we've been in the championship....yesterday's attendance was only low because there were next to no away fans
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