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  1. Presumably these Dumbarton councillors did vote to build your new pitch though...
  2. I did however see it quoted that the majority of councillors who voted against the development were from Clydebank....my experience of Bankie councillors is they are not the slightest bit interested in anything that happens in Dumbarton
  3. Interestingly there's not a lot of shouts for a penalty from our players...then again perhaps because Barr is constantly being penalised in the box?
  4. No idea...that was the best we've played in ages, but the goals are hard to come by just now Terrible penalty miss by Nisbet, but I thought he had a decent game apart from that....I hate to see players arguing over who takes the penalty...its almost like their effort goes into making sure they get to take it...the amount of times they're missed [emoji35] [emoji35] [emoji35] I thought the ref was quite decent up until denying us a second penalty...horrendous decision...it was more of a penalty than the first one Disappointed with the result, but pleased to see more balance in the team and a better performance
  5. We came out the traps last night and definitely had Morton on the ropes early doors Looking back we needed to score during that spell to have something to defend...poor miss from Froxy, but it looked more like it came off him rather than him putting it over the bar After that Morton got themselves into the game without really testing Gallagher Poor goal for us to lose, and we didn't really look like getting an equaliser Some of the guys looked out on their feet by the end of their game I thought Stirling and Stewart both looked good and give me more hope for the rest of the season
  6. I had a feeling all BBC content was only available in UK and Ireland [emoji22][emoji22][emoji22]
  7. Flights and accommodation already booked...nobody tell me the score so I can watch it "live" when I get home [emoji34] [emoji17]
  8. Delighted we've made the final...absolutely gutted that I can't make the game as I'm in Japan visiting my daughter Someone please tell me I can get BBC Alba there???
  9. Delighted with Andy Stirling coming back...we've clearly been struggling to create chances, and if he can recreate the form that got him his move to Queens it will be brilliant. Some games last season he was unbelievable
  10. Better team won...not a huge amount in it in the first half, but st mirren stepped up in the second, and we had no answer A lot of our own fans beating ourselves up...we just lost to the best team in the league and the likely champions For me...our best players were Dowie and Nade in the first half I thought the ref missed all the big decisions...how he and the linesman missed McGinns kick out I dont know. I thought Carswell could have had a red fir his challenge, but Stellios was embarrassing
  11. Kind of a pity the last time we visited your stadium it took them 45 minutes to get us in due to your shambolic new ticketing system
  12. is it the case that you're spending a large proportion of your budget on Dobbie, which is affecting the manager's options in bringing other players in?
  13. It was a clear booking for McLaughlin, but to imply it was a red is utter nonsense...he actually barely caught him, but went down as if he'd been shot...it was embarrassing I can only assume that was why Falkirk refused to put the ball out when it was clear to everyone that McLaughlin was seriously injured...I heard a broken ankle...they just assumed he was feigning an injury like taiwo was
  14. I'd be slightly surprised if Aitken ended up at St Mirren. I would imagine after Ian Murray, they would be cautious about taking a manager with no full time or premiership experience
  15. I think this is a pretty tough draw for us...our recent history would tell us we generally struggle against lower league teams would definitely have preferred to play them at home
  16. the person who complained about the drums????
  17. NME is still going, but it's now free...my daughter had a job handing them out at Glasgow Central
  18. Away to Peterhead in the Scottish Cup 4th round
  19. Loved the ball boy copying McAllister's goal celebrations after the last goal
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