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  1. Not much interest in this one Making the long trip up north and hoping Peterhead are worse than us
  2. Bit of both I'd say... very much a confidence player, but don't expect him to get past his man if you play him out wide...he won't even try Play him through the middle though and give him chances...he will score Ended up our joint top scorer last season with 16 odd goals
  3. Personally I blame the plastic pitch... shouldn't be allowed in professional football [emoji2957][emoji2957]
  4. We didn't park the bus last week... we're just lightweight up front
  5. Saw Dom Thomas as I was in the queue at the turnstiles...just sayin
  6. He was fine without being outstanding...that said we definitely tightened up at the back when he came in
  7. Surely ear plugs are the answer.. everyone's happy
  8. Gallagher is a hard working player who will score if chances are made for him. If you play him as a winger you'll be disappointed...he can't beat his man As for ally Roy.....tbh..i can't really remember him that well...he is probably most remembered for a guy on here called rangeman who may or may not be related to him
  9. I know the final table never lies, but thought it would be interesting to see who took the most points off us this season compared to their final league position Vs Dumbarton FC 1 (3) Raith Rovers 10 points, +9GD 2 (2) Forfar 10 points, +6GD 3 (9) Stenhousemuir 7 points, +1GD 4 (10) Brechin 6 points, -2GD 5 (8) Stranraer 6 points, -2GD 6 (1) Arbroath 5 points, 0GD 7 (5) Airdrie 4 points, 0GD 8 (4) Montrose 4 points, -2GD 9 (7) East Fife 0 points, -10GD perhaps not surprising to see Raith and Forfar up near the top, but the fact that Stennie and Brechin fill the next two spaces is weird, while Arbroath only the 6th best team we played
  10. We're only worried about avoiding the relegation playoffs Think the players realised if we lost a late goal we would really be in the shit
  11. There was a guy warming up with Beany before the game...he sat in the stand and watched the game No idea who he is but rumoured to be signing this week Looked like a defender
  12. It would need to be club legends rather than guys who played ten times over two seasons I'm thinking of guys like Craig Brittain, Paddy Flannery (recent fb posts aside), Andy Brown...
  13. There's no doubt that refs and linesmen aren't that great, but I remember from the season we won the league...when you're winning games the bad decisions aren't critical...if you're 3-0 up...not getting a corner or a poor offside decision makes no difference When you're fighting for every single point...they are much more noticeable
  14. Probably a draw was a fair result I thought Airdrie had the better of the first half. Definitely want to see their first goal again...looked offside for the shot Adam saved Fantastic effort from Barr for the equaliser and we were in the ascendancy after that, then Airdrie scored against the run of play. Fine goal though from Thomas Perhaps the argument shouldn't be can Hutton and Carswell play together...it should be can Forbes and Hutton play together. Both very slow and static which allowed Airdrie to control the midfield Good performances again from Ballantyne, Thomas, Adam an Barr
  15. It's a great idea but maybe would have been better to try avoiding the cheaper hospitality day? I would imagine quite a lot of the people going will be season ticket holders, so perhaps limiting the take up for this particular game?
  16. Much better performance...can we only play well at home? Thomas clearly man of the match, but no failures Brechin were dreadful...numbers 6 and 17 especially We so need to keep Thomas after January
  17. From our end of the park it didn't look like there was any contact...it looked like as he turned he slipped...fairly half hearted penalty claims from only the striker and one other player When did Grant Gallagher turn into such a bellend?? Seemed to take great delight in.fouling our players in front of our fans and very lucky to stay on the park. He was never a major target for the fans as he spent most of his time with us on the treatment table...I would have said we all wished him well, but came across yesterday as an utter fanny...compare that to Bryan Prunty...total professional and legend
  18. Totally agree with you about Paton...don't think he's not interested...he just looks unfit and done at this level I actually thought Hutton looked ok yesterday, while the few chances we made cane through Barr
  19. A bit like our proposed stadium at Dalmoak...
  20. He was on the bench..but only as extra pair of eyes to help out Durrant and Ewings He's not fit
  21. I wonder if the board are being cautious about getting rid of Stevie because they don't want a reputation for being trigger happy. This could clearly affect our ability to attract a good quality manager Perhaps this is why they are not rushing in to sack him just now during what is clearly an injury crisis
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