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  1. am pretty sure he was released by us at the end of last season
  2. I have to say I thought he looked more suspect in the 2nd division than he did this / last season.....perhaps it was the Craig Gordon influence.....or perhaps (after In Murray came in) our defence looked bit more solid with Lithgow and Graham as commanding centre halfs?
  3. personally, i wouldnt have him back...when he was here this season on loan, he looked as if he had gone backwards, and tbh i thought he looked out of his depth at SFL1 level. Great in the 2nd division though
  4. I see we have now appointed a new Head of Youth Development. Does this mean Jim Chapman is gone from the club?
  5. its his job to try and improve the team and keep us up in the 1st division. Personally i would love to see Riordan at the Rock. If he performs, he should be a stand out at this level. He is an SPL level player who has dropped off the scene due to off field issues, so perhaps looking to put himself back in the shop window yes...its tough on the players, but our form has dropped....4 points our of last possible 18 indicates to me that we are still not good enough. if nothing else, it may push the current players to even higher levels, and will do them no harm to learn off better players around them no idea what has happened to McCusker....seems to have disappeared
  6. yep...he made a mess of that, but he also produced a delightful chip over the wall for someone....maybe Agnew. there were also a few others who made a mess of good opportunities....Prunty i think had a great chance to volley / lob the keeper and hit a weak shot as i said earlier, i suspect he will only be here for his 3 trialist games to provide cover, but think he offers something a little different
  7. me too, but he had some nice touches when he came on. It may be he will only be a trialist for cover while Garry Fleming is out injured?
  8. apologies....it had been a long hard week...and a few beers obviously activated my humour bypass switch
  9. i think we need to keep faith with Ian Murray......the guys he's brought in have generally impressed so far, and he has definitelt managed to get a lot out of the players so far
  10. "DEFENDER Nicky Devlin will be at the Bet Butler Stadium a little bit longer following today's agreement to extend his stay.Nicky's original deal ended following yesterday's win at Cappielow, and with the SPL now in winter shutdown mode, gaffer Murray moved quickly to keep the young full-back for another 28 days." from OS
  11. good news...providing the boy is any good. IMHO the full back positions have been problematic all season for us....now all we need is Riordan and O'Connor in on loan lol
  12. have to say I haven't been totally convinced by Devlin at RB this season....been a number of times where he has wanted far too much time on the ball. Having said that, that may be a sympton of our lack of midfield up to now....if no-one is there looking for a pass......
  13. hows Tony Wallace getting on for you guys? had a great 2nd half to last season and was interested to see how he's getting on after seeing him get on score sheet couple of times
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