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  1. Probably was a penalty...I always tend to look at the player who potentially committed the foul...Quitongo's reaction tells me there was contact That said, Cosgrove had been chucking himself to the ground the whole game looking for fouls Really enjoyed the day out at Aberdeen, and a big well done to the stewards...what a great bunch...loads of banter, and exactly the right way to approach supporters...with a smile
  2. to be honest...apart from his debut, he has been a bit of a disappointment. I expected more from him I am aware at this stage, we need bodies, and he wasn't terrible, but overall didn't produce all that much
  3. Didn't think Stranraer did enough to win the game...but we probably didn't either McLuskie made a difference when he came on...brought a bit of energy at the right time McKee looked gubbed by about 80 mins Really poor situation to be in only having one available sub...I am assuming the club / Duffy will be doing something about that before the next game
  4. I'm hoping that as I can't make this game...we continue our away winning streak (when I'm not there), ie Forfar and Clyde
  5. That certainly looks over to me Either a great decision by the linesman, though it also looked like the ref gave it straight away, or just a fluke they got the right decision [emoji2957]
  6. Looked to me like it had crossed the line..i take it there is only one goal cam and it was up the other end? Might have cleared it up Delighted with the 3 points though
  7. Awful performance... Montrose were first to every ball OG probably summed up the performance
  8. Strange game...we started badly and seemed to take a while to adapt to the new formation. Unfortunately by the time we did, we were 2 down. After that though I thought we controlled the rest of the first half and must have been disappointed to hear the half time whistle Second half? We didn't turn up and East Fife deserved the 3 points Poor performances from Carswell and McCluskey Baffling substitutions from Duffy taking Sheils off and moving Carswell to RB...we looked so unbalanced
  9. Highlights I unfortunately missed yesterday's game but going by these it looked like we weren't in the game at all
  10. It was Mary and John...we bumped into them before the game and got our photo taken with it
  11. Really good debut topped off by his goal
  12. Layne was far too isolated in the first half and as a result he was getting nowhere near passes or clearances, so Peterhead were able to control the game Getting one back just before half time was critical as it allowed us to regroup but with hope for the second half Once we got scullion, McKee and crossan closer to Layne we were much improved and probably could have scored at least one more Great set up at Peterhead and made to feel welcome The win definitely made the journey worthwhile
  13. Not much interest in this one Making the long trip up north and hoping Peterhead are worse than us
  14. Bit of both I'd say... very much a confidence player, but don't expect him to get past his man if you play him out wide...he won't even try Play him through the middle though and give him chances...he will score Ended up our joint top scorer last season with 16 odd goals
  15. Personally I blame the plastic pitch... shouldn't be allowed in professional football [emoji2957][emoji2957]
  16. We didn't park the bus last week... we're just lightweight up front
  17. Saw Dom Thomas as I was in the queue at the turnstiles...just sayin
  18. He was fine without being outstanding...that said we definitely tightened up at the back when he came in
  19. Surely ear plugs are the answer.. everyone's happy
  20. Gallagher is a hard working player who will score if chances are made for him. If you play him as a winger you'll be disappointed...he can't beat his man As for ally Roy.....tbh..i can't really remember him that well...he is probably most remembered for a guy on here called rangeman who may or may not be related to him
  21. I know the final table never lies, but thought it would be interesting to see who took the most points off us this season compared to their final league position Vs Dumbarton FC 1 (3) Raith Rovers 10 points, +9GD 2 (2) Forfar 10 points, +6GD 3 (9) Stenhousemuir 7 points, +1GD 4 (10) Brechin 6 points, -2GD 5 (8) Stranraer 6 points, -2GD 6 (1) Arbroath 5 points, 0GD 7 (5) Airdrie 4 points, 0GD 8 (4) Montrose 4 points, -2GD 9 (7) East Fife 0 points, -10GD perhaps not surprising to see Raith and Forfar up near the top, but the fact that Stennie and Brechin fill the next two spaces is weird, while Arbroath only the 6th best team we played
  22. We're only worried about avoiding the relegation playoffs Think the players realised if we lost a late goal we would really be in the shit
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