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  1. Ewings has impressed me this season...yes....he has had the odd poor kick out, but always feel keepers get a hard time for these type of things....strikers miss easy chances......midfielders give the ball away cheaply.....defenders hoof the ball up to no-one...this is the Championship not La Liga always felt Grindlay was the slightly better shot stopper, but never commands his 6 yard box I also suspect there are not many other teams in this league who's keepers don't make the odd gaffe
  2. we've brought in Callum Thomson from St Mirren on loan to provide some defensive cover...he's apparently in their under 20 squad
  3. didn't realise Kirkpatrick was only on a short term deal....I had thought he was here till end of season....oh well....he is now lol
  4. pleased by both.....McNiff did really well in the lower leagues, however it was clear he is not in Ian Murray's plans, so he leaves with my best wishes. Hope he gets a club soon also pleased with Shug signing on....was worried when I heard he was training with Hamilton, but delighted he's staying. I think he's one of those players you don't particularly notice when he's playing.....but notice more when hes not
  5. i dont think you can go out on loan twice in the one season....so would guess Coleman and Ronald will probably be released if Murray sees no future for them. Out of the two, i would think he's more likely to keep Coleman Smith? Kevin Smith i take it you mean? Scott Smith is the only real defensive cover we have, so dont see any way he will leave
  6. I agree....we surely have to see how he is....I seem to recall the total apathy surrounding Jim Lister....didn't turn out too bad
  7. I kind of feel that we might struggle if neither centre half had any pace....as you say Andy Graham gets away with it because he reads the game so well, but if we had another slow centre half in there, we might get caught more often Scott Smith has played not too bad at cventre half, but surely wont do for the rest of the season
  8. I saw on another thread that Barry's apparently away in January.....disappointing, but having worked (and driven to) in Sheffield, its a bit of a trek, so I can understand that he's perhaps fed up with the travelling I feel he's been pretty decent, but not perhaps as good as I thought he would be....he's very quiet on the pitch. who knows who we'll bring in to replace him though....need someone with some pace
  9. interesting to see that both Jack Ross and Ian Murray played too
  10. I agree....especially if Hearts come down too
  11. how is Novo getting on for you guys? not seen a lot in the papers about how he's actually been playing. Has he still got it, or have the legs gone?
  12. so...how has Novo started for you guys? do you think he still has something, or is he starting to look like a last desperate throw of Moore's dice?
  13. I just wondered...I know the SPFL brought in a no loans rule for the Championship, so there surely must be some kind of criteria in place for "emergency" loans, or else they would just be normal loans?
  14. didn't know that....cheers...are there any rules in place for emergency loans? ie you can bring in a keeper if none fit
  15. I don't think loans are allowed in the Championship, so it would need to be a signing rather than a loan
  16. they don't need to.....but presumably one of the Brabco companies would transfer the flats (if they get built) to Denny Homes?
  17. but surely if we gain (rather than lose) what is the problem i also like our current ground, but if the club / board can produce a new one, with say a 4G pitch that can generate more funds for the club, then why not?
  18. as i understand it, these businessmen guys quite often set up a number of different companies and split their assets between them. this means if one part gets into trouble it doesn't drag the rest down, so Denny applying may be simply that?
  19. i didnt think Fleming had a particularly good game on saturday, so IMHO subbing him then was the right option
  20. i didnt think Fleming had a particularly good game on saturday, so IMHO subbing him then was the right option
  21. to be fair...Falkirk were a big team...one of the centre halfs (the one with the quiff?) must have been about 6 foot 6
  22. I didn't think Garry Fleming had a great game on Saturday. Im a big fan of his, but don't think we've found our best forward options yet. I think MacDougall is far better out wide, so maybe worth putting Megginson in and giving him a start?
  23. I think what he means is neither have blistering pace. both have great skill in getting past players, but you would be surprised if either sprinted past the opposition in a 1 v 1 situation
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