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  1. Smith is a strange one...at this time last season, we were hoping he would stay and sign a new contract, and Linton looked like he would be a squad player I would guess Murray told him he would be a squad player, but that he wanted him to stay.....Smith probably thought there was no way he would get any game time given we had played other guys like Turner in that position instead I would wish him all the best and hope he finds a new club soon
  2. to be fair....I thought Ewings started last season well, and had cut out some of the errors....he then got injured, and Grindlay got his place, and after that, both were in and out the team I suspect most keepers with most teams in this league have seen good and bad from their keepers. Most of the goals we lost were not down to howlers from either Ewings or Grindlay.....they were down to the style of football we play....we play a very open and expansive game....that leaves gaps, and as a result, we will lose goals I wouldn't be totally unhappy if we re-signed both and used the money for a quality striker or new RB
  3. does look like that a bit so far.....hard to find fault with much Murray has done so far, so we will need to wait and see who else he brings in, ie new faces
  4. didn't really play last season, but was pretty effective year before. Not a bad sub I suppose to be able to bring on
  5. Agnew and MacDougall both re-signed this morning
  6. Agnew and MacDougall both signed on this morning according to official twitter
  7. it was more a case of perhaps a percieved lower price might attract more pay at the door punters hasnt happened, so probably doesnt matter, but just seemed if we are raising the prices for the high prestige games - presumably based on additional security costs and the fact that there would be a full house - then perhaps we could try to attract more people to a game of less interest
  8. slightly disappointed about the scale of the ST increases....as i buy the father in law one too, it will mean an increase for me of approx £100 i will pay it, but in hindsight, perhaps would have been better to have had modest increases in the past couple of seasons, so the hike wasnt so big perhaps some consideration could also have been given to creating a Cat C game for Alloa / Cowdenbeath? maybe £14 for these games would attract more walk up fans?
  9. did hear a rumour Craig Gordon was looking for a 6 month contract with a release clause that would allow him to go to a higher league club if they came in for him Gordon was a great keeper (and seems a pretty good guy too), but my concern would be in getting a new keeper in for the last few months of the season, and having to build up a new understanding with defence again i would take a striker under those conditions, but a keeper is a more risky prospect....then again, how amazing that we are even talking about the likes of Craig Grdon coming here
  10. not a thing about new strips....no mention at all about contracts, though a slightly drunk Alan Jardine did lobby Paul McGinn to sign a new deal. Also heard 3rd hand that one of the players said Ian Murray will sign a new contract tomorrow
  11. heard rumour last night that Murray is to sign a new contract on Monday....really hope so what an amazing season.....its been a blast, so thanks guys
  12. totally agree MR....very rare for us to get a dull game....as you say, this tactic means we can occasionally get a bit of a doing, but rest of the time its been pretty entertaining.....long may it continue
  13. cant disagree that we need to try and conceded less goals, however, this IMHO is down to the style of football we play. We are set up as an attacking team.....other than Turner, we have no real holding midfielders.....Megginson and Kirkpatrick are both pretty attacking types of players it looks to me as though we're set up to try and score more than the opposition, and to be fair, its been pretty successful
  14. maybe time for a "singing" section at home games?....theres surely enough spare seats that everyone who wants to go and make some noise and atmosphere can get together
  15. Morton fans may not like that, but its actually hard to argue against much of what he says
  16. the other option of course would be to have a terracing area - there seems to be some talk that this may be allowed going forward this debate is a little pointless - yes of course we have no need for a 4000 seat stadium, but again as before....if someone was to offer us one.....surely a different proposition oh....and any chance of updating the half time music a little? the majority is 40/50 years old....its not horrific, but if we are wanting younger fans in.....
  17. i dont disagree with your post, however, we have already moved stadium, and was it such a major upheaval? My point is, if someone can offer us a new stadium that has capacity to expand if needed, and there is no affect on the day to day business of the club....from a players and fans point of view, then why not? for example, if any new ground had a 4G playing surface, then the club could generate additional income. and yes i know, that could still happen at the Rock....IMHO, i have moved house several times....not really that traumatic a thing to go through
  18. the problem with that statement, is that it doesnt reflect reality. If someone (aperson or company) owns something, they can sell it at any time there was some discussion over past few weeks that our stadium wont be able to maximise potential income next season as we would not be able to put up temporary stands the current ground has had quite a few games called off because of the "frozen strip" in front of the stand - although i understand we may now own covers the ground can be extremely windy which can affect games and spoil the spectacle personally, if the owners (whoever they are) can do some deal whereby we get a new stadium that has capacity to expand....even if only on a temporary basis.....at no cost to the club's day to day business, and as long as its easily accessible, then i dont have a problem with that. we can maybe even squeeze in toilets to allow away supporters to sepnd their money in the club
  19. I would argue the reason why most teams can beat each other, is because there is not much between them ability wise....ie a close and competitive league
  20. why does Dumbarton doing well prove this is a poor league? Arguably Dumbarton have better players than some of the full time teams, but these players choose to make their main living outside of football. For example, Chris Turner tuned down FT football with Morton (must be a relief for him now) to stay part time with us, because he could make better money with his other job as a fitness trainer If you look at the PT teams, there are 2 or 3 there that would comfortably fit into most teams in the league personally i judge how good the league is by how close the league is pointswise. For example....is the Premiership a good league? I woulpd argue no, because Celtic had won it before a ball was even kicked
  21. it would have been from Morton's point of view....but certainly not from Ian Murray's. Why on earth would he leave Dumbarton at this time for a struggling, albeit better supported team. When (and hopefully not for at least another season) he does leave, I would expect him to go to a Scottish Premiership team
  22. definitely agree he has built up a great understanding with Nish very quickly. You can see him anticipating Nish's knock ons and headers, and he has a lot of pace. not sure if the facts support this, but he has seemed to score quite a few late on in games.....perhaps as defences tire?
  23. heard an interesting interview with Tommy Wright last night, basically saying that if he doesnt lose Stevie May and is able to bring in another striker, then he is keen to have Chris Kane extend his contract with us "Should Saints complete their two proposed signings, forward Chris Kane's loan at Dumbarton is likely to be extended. "If he comes off my bench five, six times between now and the end of the season and gets 50 minutes then I might have a question mark over whether he can start for me next season," explained Wright. "But, if he goes to Dumbarton, plays between now and the end of the season, bangs in goals and gets experience then I know I'll have a player that'll be ready to play for me at the start of next season." sounds good to me
  24. Murray definitely has to get Kane signed up for the rest of the season.....always did feel we would come along leaps and bounds if we had a natural finisher
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