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  1. Brad...you sound far too balanced to be a Rangers fan.....come and join us....we are not going to win the league....but we're here to enjoy ourselves
  2. I'm confused....I thought Rangers were a "British" club.....not an Israeli one
  3. didn't overly impress me...was expecting more
  4. great highlights unfortunately didnt make the game on sat as the wife was ill, and apparently its not ok to leave the kids to fend for themselves having seen the highlights, the game looked fairly even...were QoS just better at finishing than us?
  5. yes - he's currently injured, but is 2nd / 3rd choice at the moment
  6. what has this got to do with the SNP? sorry....but that's utter b*llocks. Those laws were brought in to try and curb sectarianism, bcause quite frankly the team we are playing next week have shown absolutely no interest in doing so how many Sons fans have been arrested under these laws? I would be very surprised if the figure is more than 0
  7. im equally concerned that you read the Daily Mail
  8. Is that not why most teams will never make a substitution just before a corner? Presumably all Rangers had to do was to ensure one of their players strayed into the centre circle or the Hearts half, and the ref would have had to wait??? clueless
  9. I just wonder if Murray is experimenting with a less attacking style of play for the games against the "big boys" hope not, cos we played pretty well in games last season against Dundee Utd and Aberdeen playing our own way
  10. agree.....not seen him yet, but he certainly seems to come highly regarded I would like to see a young quality fast striker coming in to complete the squad
  11. why is it brilliant news? I would much rather they played at the BBS
  12. I see Craig Sutherland has signed for cowdenbeath
  13. I liked the one the Swiss boys sang at the end of last season
  14. I liked the look of the number 10 who came on late in game. Very tricky and direct. Anyone know who he is?
  15. Good news. Hopefully that's enough for those who couldn't get
  16. I'm not overly concerned about having Ewings and Grindlay back....i personally think both are pretty good Championship level keepers, and will provide competition for each other. I am struggling to recall many games last season where their mistakes cost us games.....i do recall however plenty of games where their saves ensured we won or drew games. Our style of play means we will lose goals.....lets not blame the keepers for this anyway....who out there (and available) is any better?
  17. seen the pics from pre season......looked like Colin Nish in one of the photos dont think he's signed yet though?
  18. what are the rules on player compensation? are we due any given we presumably offered him a contract?
  19. not too surprised TBH...it was fairly clear to anyone at the POTY night that he was away. not that surprised he's signed for Dundee either....he caused Hartley problems at both Dundee and Alloa, and he would also presumably be guaranteed a game there.....that was the reason he signed for us from St Mirren in the 1st place he's given us good times, so he goes with my best wishes....and if it doesn't work out, then he knows where we are
  20. disappointing indeed. I would be slightly surprised if Morton were offering him more financially than we were, so perhaps the full time football was the main issue. I also think he would definitely have been 1st choice CB this season too along side Andy Graham
  21. funnily enough, it was Gilbert Lawrie who sold me mine, and i have heard of someone else who was told they couldnt buy theirs until 20 June - i am assuming that was due to wanting a seat in a specific area - new ST holder
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