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  1. time to start this thread well....can we do better than last time?
  2. we lost to the better team....no shame in that seeing a few people blaming Linton and Van Zanten.....I wouldn't apportion all the blame...they were left exposed at times, however, Hearts were clinical with their finishing all afternoon some of the ref's decisions seemed odd....not quite sure what Nish got booked for....ref didn't do the usual pointing around the park, so that would indicate it wasn't for persistent fouling. Fleming's booking totally justified. Both really stupid in their reactions....don't like seeing players doing that...encourages ref to consider stronger sanctions next time. I did think Gomis should have been booked too....at least 3 cynical fouls preventing us breaking away. Was actually disappointed in him today....he was much better in previous game at the Rock thought ref got the Linton penalty right...no intent to bring the boy down....just think he didn't see him. Also think he got the "red card" shout too. The Hearts boy rolling around on the ground...didn't get the decision...2 seconds later running around - nothing wrong with him at all Strange game....usually after losing 5 goals, I would leave game really down, but I actually thought we played well at times, especially in the 2nd half, and good goal from Fleming. Ultimately we were beaten by a team better than us....not sure we could have done things much different 1st visit to Tynecastle......nice stadium...also 1st trip on trams.....they were good too roll on the Rangers
  3. Campbell clearly got goalside of the defender and was pushed / nudged....not a stonewaller, but should have been given
  4. Cowdenbeath certainly much better than previous visits to the Rock, but wasn't overly impressed with them TBH Oyenuga looked good until his final ball, which was awful....Gallacher...anonymous pretty poor performance from us though, bug improvement when Nish came on....actually played some football then....great save from Cowdenbeath keeper to keep out Megginson (?) after a great move Thought a point each was a fair result Ref tried to keep game flowing, but how he missed that penalty I will never know. Definite yellow for Fleming
  5. quite a few pubs on the High Street.....Clipper pretty smart....Counting House ok....new-ish Wetherspoons, or a few more dodgy places that are not really worth going anywhere near......or there's always the Bowling Club
  6. think youre being a bit harsh on your keeper based on that performance...I would have said it was your defending that left him exposed also didn't think you were biggest team at the back that ive seen this season.....we just don't score goals from corners....and certainly not from free headers
  7. or...could it just be that unlike your fans, supporters of other teams are interested in the opposition? nah...we just find it funny
  8. Personally I don't care if brabco or whoever can make some money from a hotel or a gym or whatever. If that is the price we pay for continued investment by them into Dumbarton FC......so be it As regards a new stadium, our current ground does have a few issues..... Its not big enough when we play big teams......its very windy in the winter which ruins games...... There is no bar area for away supporters meaning we're losing income, so if a new ground can be achieved resolving some of these issues and the owners whoever they are make some money then fine by me
  9. Brabco would run them or rent them out and that is what would pay for new stadium
  10. Moonster. Don't think plans are for the club to run gym, hotel etc
  11. great performances from Andy Graham, Mark Gilhaney, Archie Campbell, Scott Linton and Danny Rogers goals came at the right time, and we totally controlled the 2nd half have to disagree about the ref....didn't get everything right, but always tried to keep the game flowing
  12. I was talking to one of the policemen who was working at the Hearts game....he said he was surprised at the overkill that was in place. He told me there was going to be a review and that it was quite possible more sensible arrangements would be in place for the next game...and I would guess the visit of Hibs too
  13. strange game....Falkirk should have been out of sight in 1st half....cut us open twice, but Rogers didn't have much to save 2nd half subs pushed us further off the park, and I have to say although a goal was coming. That said I did think we might run out of time. Was surprised Houston didn't just go for another rather than allowing your players to drop deeper and deeper. That ballboy / keeper combi was embarrassing Great run by MacDougall and nice goal Ref was shocking. I thought both Falkirk yellows were well worthy, although Linton definitely should have seen yellow for his clumsy challenge. No idea at all why Kane was booked....seemed really soft...was hardly a foul Far side linesman also very poor....got at least 2 decisions (one for each team) wrong pretty happy with a point though
  14. no inside info but I know either ALDI or LIDL are wanting to open a store in Dumbarton......
  15. Be interesting to know if it's brabco rather than dumbarton fc who will own new hotel, gym etc If so I won't be too concerned
  16. am looking forward to going to this one....TFS one of the few grounds I've never been to
  17. definitely agree...1 don't think the linesman got a single decision right in the 2nd half as was said before...Danny Wilson had his arms wrapped around Kane....ref gives foul to Hearts....great cross into the box...Hearts No. 5 kind of stumbles over the ball.....Hearts get a goal kick that said, pretty pleased with a point today, though didn't think there was much between the teams. Plesaed we went back to a 4 4 2 some great performances from Andy Graham again, and I thought the boy MacDonald did well when he came on. Kane again worked tirelessly, and I thought Van Zanten probably had his best game for us. Agree though, he could have had a 2nd yellow....perhaps ref didn't give it, as Hearts boy went down as if he'd been shot pretty impressed with Gomis too for Hearts
  18. what???? the earth is round....no way....its been flat since 1690....see these scientists.....did they not film it on their phones???
  19. you were clearly the better team in the 1st half, but have to say I didn't think our goal was really threatened apart from one move where you cut us open and really should have scored. I have to say, despite all your possession, we actually made the clearer goal attempts 2nd half, the game was much more open, and to be fair, either team could have won that game.2nd half was pretty entertaining. Kane clearly made the difference for us, and we would have scored more apart from some excellent goalkeeping nice also to see a clearly emotional Prunty saying his goodbyes before kickoff
  20. was Ogleby your number 11? he the boy that was at Hearts? he was awful....couldn't control a ball to save himself, and actually tripped over the ball a few times
  21. definitely a game of 2 halves. We were pretty poor in the 1st half half, though, we actually made the best chances. Not sure of the wind affected that though 2nd half....was surprised Murray took Nish off, but Kane made a huge difference.....was able to hold the ball up and took his goal really well Thought Livi's keeper had a great game and actually denied us a few more pleased to be off the mark
  22. I would guess Murray's preferred strikeforce (based on last season) will be Nish and Kane, backed up by Fleming and Campbell
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