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  1. according to OS.....Kieran MacDonald returned to Hamilton
  2. interesting to see a change in tactics with the goal kicks. All season, they have been to Nish, but yesterday they were mainly to Fleming and occasionally Kane. This allowed Nish to play wider than normal.....may account for a more effective performance?
  3. the forum is fine for honest opinions.....but surely when our team are out on the park we need to support them. Fleming hasn't had a great season apart from the game against Rangers,yet he can do no bad I some fsns eyes
  4. Im amazed at people slagging off Nish? arguably he was one of our better players tonight. I thought him and Megginson both had good ganes, yet every time they misplace a pass....cue the howls from an element of our support...yet Fleming and Agnew do the same....and not a peep we are supposed to be Dumbarton fans.....lets get behind the team and support them....not try and put off some of our own players....how well would you lot play with people shouting and booing you every time you get the ball?
  5. pretty close match and entertaining too. End to end stuff, with very little between the teams. Raith probably shaded the 1st half but Agnew' screamer put in front. I thought we started better in the 2nd half, and should have been 2 up when Kane was 1 on 1 with the keeper. Raith clawed their way back into the game ad got a deserved equaliser through the impressive Stewart. At this point the game was wide open, until the late penalty very valuable 3 points - need to get as many as possible now as I feel we may struggle in the New Year if/when Kane returns to St Johnstone as for Rovers....I would be very surprised if you were anywhere near relegation at the end of the season
  6. ive only picked up bits and pieces of what he said on news bulletins, but there does seem to be a number of valid points in there we do need to constantly stop comparing ourselves to the EPL....they are light years ahead of us financially, and can attract most of the top players in the world (does screw up their national team however) League reconstruction surely has to be put back in as an option. Personally i would like to see us with 2 leagues....top division with maybe 1 teams and a 2nd tier with the rest. This would ensure we only play each other once at home and once away.....this then ensures the big games genuinely are big and we dont have the situation of a team possible playing another team 4 times in the league, once in the Petrofac cup, and also possibly again in the Scottish or League Cups do we look again at the possibility of summer football....i know a number of people who dont watch games because they can watch an EPL game on the TV for a few pounds every month. Wall to wall coverage of this league surely must have had a major impact on our attendances. perhaps summer football would take away some of these distractions and maybe lead to a better deal from Sky who may be keen to keep showing football in the English close season as for a league sponsor - that is shambolic....when it became apparent that no-one was going to pay the asking price, we surely needed to accept less....its still more than we currently have (£0.00) as for alcohol, at Dumbarton we have a supporters bar in the ground, where we can get a pint right up to kick off, and after the full time whistle. Seems a pretty sensible set up, but i dont think id like us to be able to buy pints during the game. The constant people getting up to buy a drink, and trips to the loo would do my head in
  7. Is the points deduction 5 or 10? Read yesterday it was 5 but radio news this morning said 10
  8. I dont believe for a minute that anyone other than Murray is picking the team, so i think it is purely coincidence that the strange formations are happening since Beuzelin has arrived has to be 4-4-2 with these players
  9. another point just to lob into the debate...what happens if the proposed move falls through? Do Brabco say f*ck you DFC and offload us...sometimes its better the devil you know given some recent troubles at other clubs - Rankine....Charles Green etc
  10. i think we have to agree to disagree...i dont think theres much he could have done to avoid the ball striking his hand, and the rules do state a penalty for a deliberate handball. Interestingly, he wasnt booked for the handball.......
  11. Been out injured. Only here on loan till January so may not appear for us again That said he is apparently nearing fitness..most likely on bench on Saturday at best
  12. re Baird miss....linesman actually flagged for offside anyway
  13. there is no scope whatsoever to expand the current set up...the council will not allow any additional seating capacity due to the single road leading to the site - this was the main reason why we were not allowed to erect temporary stands for this seasons esteemed visitors
  14. disappointing performance from us....we certainly haven't hit the heights of last season strange selection from Murray today...too many centre halves....not enough strikers Queens had most of ball in 1st half without really threatening....didn't agree with ref over penalty decision....I was always told it had to be a deliberate handball for it to be a penalty. Definite handball.....totally accidental though. Can refs not give indirect freekicks in box anymore? as for the booing of the injured player....no-one was booing him...it was the ref...totally accidental clash of heads...if anything maybe 60:40 for the Queens player going in 1st Fleming's challenge was poor, but yellow card was correct I actually thought we were clawing our way back into the game at start of 2nd half, but poor defending for 2nd, and great 3rd goal killed the game for us I too thought Kerr was pretty good as was Baird, but QoS definitely worth their 3 points today
  15. I think Govts should bring in a rule that bans people who dont vote from criticising politics. If you dont care enough to vote....dont complain alternatively, away and set up your own party and encourage like minded individuals to support you
  16. utter nonsense...no-one knows if the "one off" voters supported YES or NO anyway, the Govt has now closed off the possibility of chasing 20 year old debts by Councils
  17. I think theyre only against certain types of immigration, ie Farage's wife is German, which is OK, but apparently having Romanians moving in next door is not. I also saw something the other day saying approx 2M UK ex pats live abroad...presumably if UKIP gets its way, these other countries will do the same, and we will instead be swamped with UK ex pats?
  18. I dont think they'll do particularly well in Scotland at next election....last opinion poll i saw had them at 3 or 4% no idea down south...FPTP system means its hard for parties to make major breakthroughs, so maybe 10 to 20 seats? I despise their immigration policies....speaking from a Scottish point of view, we've hardly been "swamped"(disgusting word in this context) with immigrants now have we?
  19. no major surprise surely? Given St Johnstone's well publicised striking problems, I didn't think for a minute he would still be with us after end of his loan period that said, it does leave us short in striking dept....and we're not exactly banging them in just now
  20. Pete - i think as we have a natural break between the home and away fans (posh seats), we perhaps dont need to keep the empty lines of seats we have seen at other grounds.....then again the only time i am in that section is when im in the hospitality, so its fair to say my judgement may have been slightly impaired
  21. no idea what youre talking about...but if they did...they did it very quietly can you also explain why Rangers fans seem to be permanently angry.....group of them ranting at police and stewards after the game cos we had to walk up the road together after the game...that's what civilised people do
  22. no doubt Rangers deserved to win today, but was not impressed at all with them take Wallace and Miller out that team and they are even more average than they were today we definitely missed Kane up front referee was shocking....seemed determined to give Rangers every decision...very soft penalty (great save by Rogers) and 2 bookings for us that were even worse. Fleming booked for winning the ball....2nd booking for being on the end of a 2 footed challenge by Rangers no 2 Boyd just looks disinterested and fat Rangers fans probably quietist away support weve had all season
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