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  1. On 10/09/2021 at 12:46, Bring Back Paddy Flannery said:

    Pretty sure we offer that option when paying for something in the reception area so god knows why that can’t be arranged for the bar or the turnstiles. Most other businesses are encouraging people not to use cash at the minute.

    The bar has a card machine

  2. We'll that was unexpected...so many twists and turns in one game

    Thought we started well and a well taken goal by Wilson, and we looked hungrier than I've seen at any time this season. Gradually though Peterhead worked their way back into the game and the equaliser was coming

    As for their second...was it Frizzel who was fannying about instead of clearing it? And it had to be Derek Lyle who scored

    At this point I was thinking...at least we don't have to go through the pain of hoping East Fife didn't do us a favour... couldn't see us scoring two never mind three goals in one game

    Then up steps big Morgyn Neill...not quite sure why we haven't scored many goals from corners this season, but a great header

    Then...in added on time..a great looping header from Wilson again

    We may still go into the playoffs...but at least we will make Clyde work for it

    Cmon East Fife

  3. 5 hours ago, R&Y99 said:

    I said it in my post earlier but you said you weren’t reading them all but good job on the commentary mate. Both of you lads tonight were the best commentators I’ve heard in the league so far. I’d say you and Peterhead have had the best commentary this season, both informed, fair and as impartial as possible. Good job :thumsup2

    My thoughts on the commentary last night... quality as always, but the volume levels were off... Jan seemed to be sitting right next to the mike, while Chris seemed to be about 5 metres sway

  4. I suspect we literally have no money...and our signings reflect this... perhaps Duffy has called in favours from Morton at little to no cost

    Not in the know....just a thought

    We don't look like scoring...so if we lose a goal....we lose the game

  5. 14 hours ago, airdrieman said:


    If you have an HDMI cable you can also plug it into your device and tele and it will work through that. We use Pixellot as well and that's what I've been doing. Has worked with no issues every time. 

    Tried using an HDMI cable... nothing..my tablets a few years old now, so perhaps down to that

  6. Just giving feedback on this.  I'm using the Internet browser on my smart tv and the streams have been absolutely sound for me so far.
    That's how I tried... got on the site no problem...when I clicked on the big yellow start button... just got the rotating circle thing
  7. I'm the same. No issues at all other than the audio being a second or so ahead but not a big problem and easily put up with.

    I had assumed that anyone having issues tonight had not followed the clubs instructions on how to setup the account and then emailing Antonia to link the season ticket.
    I had followed instructions and my account was set up a couple of weeks ago...it was however the first game I'd watched... John Sartain sorted it out and reset it quickly...so hopefully no problems going forward

  8. I doubt we would be able to stream an away game in the bar. Every other club will be trying to sell as many pay per views as possible so they are hardly going to agree to sell one to DFC so that we can get a whole load of fans in to watch it
    Presumably though...if our club sold tickets...say 80...and agreed to pay the home team the streaming costs for 80... plus a small mark up...it might work?
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