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  1. I'm the same. No issues at all other than the audio being a second or so ahead but not a big problem and easily put up with.

    I had assumed that anyone having issues tonight had not followed the clubs instructions on how to setup the account and then emailing Antonia to link the season ticket.
    I had followed instructions and my account was set up a couple of weeks ago...it was however the first game I'd watched... John Sartain sorted it out and reset it quickly...so hopefully no problems going forward

  2. I doubt we would be able to stream an away game in the bar. Every other club will be trying to sell as many pay per views as possible so they are hardly going to agree to sell one to DFC so that we can get a whole load of fans in to watch it
    Presumably though...if our club sold tickets...say 80...and agreed to pay the home team the streaming costs for 80... plus a small mark up...it might work?

  3. 2 hours ago, lorenzo71 said:

    A left-sided midfielder and /or  a  more creative player in the middle.Another  striker is vital otherwise we could end up like last season where weakness upfront arguably cost us any chance of top 4.A covering defender/utility man would also be good.Add 2 goalies then that would be  6 to come in.If the budget stretches to that , that would be a decent number of bodies for 27 league games.

    we've also signed Robert Jones up front....

  4. At least with testing being scrapped AFAIK  that will save the club further expense.I think the lack of signings is down to no training.I guess we will add 6 more therefore they have to be the right ones.Also some players may be loanees and they may only be released once those clubs know who they will need and who they can loan out.
    I had thought the club's needed testing once the league started...but not to commence training?

  5. Thanks. No, the numbers didn't start at 1. I paid up a couple of minutes after posting the story on the website. But it has been initial great response. Around 120 last time I heard. We'll update... 
    I picked up this was happening from pie and Bovril, but I didn't get an email... does anyone know if season ticket holders were mailed?

  6. For the schools to open without restrictions, infections need to be at pretty much zero. Devi Sridhar (SG advisor) says at that point we can return to "normal" life like New Zealand have, as long as we keep a tight grip on infections coming in from overseas and track and trace does it's job. You'd like to think if we're going ahead in October after hopefully two months of the infections being at ~zero then I'd be hopeful of returning to the football without any overbearing social distancing. New Zealand had full crowds at the rugby within a week of them lifting lockdown. I know they've had a wee burst of infections since then but they're showing the way to deal with this.
    I agree completely that worst case scenario we should be looking at playing games with no away fans and restricted home fans. Barring any monumental f**k up from government in hammering the virus down, of course. 
    Do our finances work with only home fans? Don't we need PATG and away fans?

  7. I'm confused by this.
    The question is Best/Worst Stadium and folk are talking about boozers and great away days, surely these are irrelevant.
    Best - from an away fan's perspective I think Starks Park
    Worst - Stranraer as I've never been to New Bayview.  
    Starks Park is the worst for me...we always seem to be shoved into the weird corner section on those weird bench things...and you can hardly see the game from there...why on earth don't they open the railway stand...much better view

  8. They still say they do.
    Apparently it was a secret enquiry that the clubs weren’t aware of - and where the firm conducting it didn’t actually interview SPFL board members or individual clubs. Strange.
    What it did confirm is that a no vote was allowed to be changed. Not surprising given essentially it appears to have been an email trail check that’s been done.
    Meanwhile Holland null and void the league, something we were told was absolutely impossible (as impossible as being able to grant loans to the member SPFL clubs it would seem).
    I think the reason the Netherlands voided their top league was that the top 2... Ajax and Feyernoord were on the same points.... totally different to our top league... perhaps more similar to our league 1

  9. I spent 1 minute looking for somewhere that does custom kits and another 5 minutes making this. They produce the kits with everything included for less then £30 inc VAT.
    Why can't we do something similar to this?
    That's really smart...way better than the 4 options we've been given

  10. Delighted with the three points

    I thought Clyde's number 2 looked really nervous throughout the first half and wasn't surprised to see him hooked at half time

    Funnily enough though, we got more space up front in the second half as a result of the substitution, and I thought we just edged the result

    Clyde were pretty poor with the final ball generally woeful...I'm not sure Brennan had a save to make

  11. I don't know why but it must have been decided early(ish) on in the game that Jai was the only sub getting game time yesterday.
    PJ's face was absolutely tripping him as he "warmed up" with about 20 minutes left.
    I would love to know why because that's the strongest our bench has looked all season and we actually had options for a nice change.
    I would guess Duffy knows the players better than us. Who's carrying wee knocks... who's loaded with the flu

    Crossan's face is always like this to be fair... even when he scores
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