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  1. I had followed instructions and my account was set up a couple of weeks ago...it was however the first game I'd watched... John Sartain sorted it out and reset it quickly...so hopefully no problems going forward
  2. Got it thanks... John Sartain managed to sort it out for me.. just in time for the goal
  3. First time watcher tonight and season ticket holder...but the sites telling me I need to purchase an access.. any ideas?
  4. You've changed your name from Clyde to Leven???
  5. Thanks moonster...I've messaged the club
  6. Does anyone know how the season tickets work for watching home games? Will we get a single code for the whole season or a unique one for each game?
  7. Presumably though...if our club sold tickets...say 80...and agreed to pay the home team the streaming costs for 80... plus a small mark up...it might work?
  8. we've also signed Robert Jones up front....
  9. I had thought the club's needed testing once the league started...but not to commence training?
  10. I'd be delighted if Sam signed up again
  11. Heard Jim Duffy on the radio the other night...sounded really well and looking forward to the season ahead
  12. I picked up this was happening from pie and Bovril, but I didn't get an email... does anyone know if season ticket holders were mailed?
  13. Do our finances work with only home fans? Don't we need PATG and away fans?
  14. Starks Park is the worst for me...we always seem to be shoved into the weird corner section on those weird bench things...and you can hardly see the game from there...why on earth don't they open the railway stand...much better view
  15. I think the reason the Netherlands voided their top league was that the top 2... Ajax and Feyernoord were on the same points.... totally different to our top league... perhaps more similar to our league 1
  16. That's really smart...way better than the 4 options we've been given
  17. Players and management at League One rivals Dumbarton are taking a 50% deferral on wages until further notice. The agreement at the part-time Sons will be honoured for all, including those with contracts due to expire. Comments according to BBC Scotland
  18. Well deserved 3 points...Raith definitely started the game better, but not much in it in the first half Second half Raith struggled more than we did it pretty atrocious conditions, and bringing on Layne and Forbes improved us Difficult to pick a motm for us..but Quitongo, Wardrope and both centre halves were excellent
  19. Delighted with the three points I thought Clyde's number 2 looked really nervous throughout the first half and wasn't surprised to see him hooked at half time Funnily enough though, we got more space up front in the second half as a result of the substitution, and I thought we just edged the result Clyde were pretty poor with the final ball generally woeful...I'm not sure Brennan had a save to make
  20. It actually sounds worse inside than it is outside Sun's out just now, but so much surface water, I'd be surprised if game goes ahead
  21. This is a must win for me if we are to avoid getting dragged into a relegation or play off place We're also due a win...it's been a while
  22. I would guess Duffy knows the players better than us. Who's carrying wee knocks... who's loaded with the flu Crossan's face is always like this to be fair... even when he scores
  23. I know everyone is getting worked up over Barry Smith...but he is our assistant manager...and tbh...Hagi was just about the most invisible assistant we've ever had
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