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  1. Nice drop for £17. https://www.lidl.co.uk/p/spirits/ben-bracken-highland-single-malt-scotch-whisky/p15801
  2. They also said that it would cost £200M to become independent.
  3. He also chose to live in a council house despite his £200k+salary.
  4. The sooner we have driverless trains the better. These overpaid bus drivers don't deserve the salary they get at the moment.
  5. Now that Scotrail is now run my the SNP i'll be surprised if you can ever drink alcohol legally on a train again.
  6. Remember it's an N95 you need for public transport over there.
  7. Just back from Sainsbury's at Braehead. I reckon 75-80% of people are wearing masks.
  8. She knows the Council Elections are on 5th May so she's bought some more free SNP advertising until then.
  9. Which suggests that they've not decided yet. The SNP normally has more leaks than the Glen Sannox.
  10. Just stating a point of fact regarding an oddball couple. Nothing strange about that.
  11. Sturgeon looks more masculine than her "husband'
  12. Sturgeon's been in the job for too long. She's run out of tricks and knows Independence can't be delivered. All she's doing is working from Holyrood to Westminster to Council elections kicking the can down the road to keep her cronies in power.
  13. Sturgeon's mask policy is clearly working.
  14. Poor comparison given the circumstances of the application.
  15. More on more people aren't bothering with masks now. Every day I see more faces so clearly more people are taking personal responsibility.
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