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  1. People default far too easily to the 'lack of passion' / 'not trying' type arguments. They're daft because it's hardly ever the case, and it wasn't last night. However, we did get a really meek and timid display. I think it's fair to blame the selection and set up to a degree. It's not all on Clarke though. For whatever reason, far too many individuals had lousy games. Touch, movement and passing were all badly lacking, particularly in a midfield that was overrun as much for these reasons, as for there probably being too few of them in there for the first half. I think we also got reminders of the real limitations of players like Dykes and Hanley, who'd maybe allowed some of us to forget. We also got shown that Gilmour is still a long way from being the world beater we'd like him to be. Maybe that tremendous run towards the end of the qualifiers needs a reappraisal. We were great against Denmark and played well in squeezing out a win in Vienna. Lots of the rest was poor though and we rode our luck in certain games. Ukraine are no great shakes, but we allowed them to look terrific last night. These upcoming Nations League games are actually hugely important, but I can hardly be arsed with them right now.
  2. Yip, I was thinking about this last night, asking myself whether I'd have preferred a strong performance from us, resulting in an unlucky defeat, or a shambles like we got. Obviously, a very good performance would have offered more long term encouragement, but at least there was no 'emotional roller coaster' element to last night, leaving us drained and devastated. Instead, we were awful enough to just feel resigned. Neither way of losing is fun, but the fact there's no sense of injustice might make it less haunting in months and years to come.
  3. I can't say I really spotted the "started playing" part. We had a brief spell of 'up and at em' pressure, but even during that, there were chances for a Ukrainian third. We had virtually no football in us at all last night.
  4. So despite our successful pressing game, their centre backs had loads of time with the ball at their feet? Ok.
  5. Not convinced by this. To be honest, we really didn't press them very successfully. Their first goal did come from a ball over the top, but it was allowed because pressing was absent. The other goals (and numerous other chances) came from us being cut open by decent passing. We were the side launching aimless balls towards players without a touch.
  6. Euros are alright, but you really want to be at a World Cup. I turned 24 during the first one in my lifetime that we missed. We've only made one since. I've never watched us in any with my son and he'll be 20 by the next time that's possible. It's grim.
  7. In Scotland, about 95% of clubs are losers. Around 40% of fans are.
  8. My wife complained that she'd missed the Sewing Bee to watch the game. I could only join in.
  9. You're the same walloper who claimed we had 6 or 7 world class players a few months ago.
  10. I no longer thought this side was capable of performances that awful. Genuinely pathetic.
  11. It's worse. We had some chances that day
  12. Hearts were more impressive than this in the Scottish Cup final.
  13. Really poor. Midfield not getting a grip. Front two lacking in class.
  14. Yes, I'd pretty much agree. I really can't see the Falkirk farce continuing indefinitely. Dunfermline are also big to be down here and anyone finishing above both of them will be doing very well. That's before we consider what Kelty might be able to do. Other clubs like yourselves, us and Montrose will have a degree of hope. Psychologically, as a club, we can't necessarily settle for being here for ages. Neither can we really assume an early upward exit though.
  15. To be honest, given some of our company in the division next season, I'm not entirely sure that "really going for it" is all that realistic. Obviously, we have to be looking to get promoted, and the club's rhetoric points that way. However, I think we'd probably have to spend pretty recklessly to make us a genuine favourite to win the league. None of us want that, so a side that should be competitive enough, with a decent chance of making the top four, sounds reasonable. That's hopefully the sort of team that's being assembled.
  16. I was just coming on to post about Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, funnily enough. I really enjoyed it. The book was published in 2014, but the whole pandemic thing obviously lends it a certain resonance now. It's cleverly plotted and doesn't hide too much behind post-apocalypse staples, instead dealing with the world and some of its characters, on either side of the catastrophe. I'll read some more of her stuff.
  17. God, I love the man. Interesting to read of his commitment to a coaching career. I really hope he's successful in it and that we one day benefit. I agree on the send-off idea. The club needs to make a point of inviting him back pretty soon as a guest of honour. It's the least he deserves. We probably deserve it too.
  18. He was an excellent poster on here, and not just because he could bring a bit of an insider's perspective. He wrote well and was knowledgeable generally. In the earlier days of the forum, he used to always feature highly in polls for the best poster. It's a sign of this place's descent that he's no longer as highly regarded. I used to argue with him lots, but I always found it interesting. I hope he does start posting more regularly again at some point. The Queens thread would certainly benefit.
  19. I think we can safely conclude that this says it all.
  20. That's pretty heartbreaking. I think several clubs have suffered lots on account of grounds being modified or replaced. Falkirk have lost more than most though. Airdrie too, I suppose.
  21. Why, thank you. I think it's important to keep the lower orders mentally stimulated.
  22. Pleased about Reilly. I don't think he's been the player he was with us for a while. I loved him here though and would really like to see him rekindle things, with and for us.
  23. Yes. Yes I do. Now explain what might meaningfully distinguish the ethos in a Catholic school from one you'd be likely to encounter in a non-denominational one please. I suspect very similar values would be promoted in each case. Raith Rovers beating them in a Challenge Cup final.
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