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  1. It's certainly not been conclusively proven, but at the same time, I wouldn't say there's absolutely no evidence for it. KB's daft comments about "good, honest working class lads" are merely circumstantial. There was however that fan of someone else who came on here a few weeks back. His story was that his parents were friendly with DW's and that he'd heard that KB tore into him relentlessly, citing such factors as background on a pretty constant basis. Now as I'll readily concede, such third hand hearsay constitutes proof of nothing, but it is evidence of sorts, although its reliability is debatable. Personally, I think it sounds fairly plausible - others will see it differently.
  2. I'm telling you, we should re-write the lot. Last season should be completely erased. Coming as it did, straight after our glorious Champion's League Campaign, it was a huge letdown.
  3. In fact, they never did. We've had the wall of silence. It's now time we went in for some serious Stalinist re-writing of history.
  4. It's been a drawn out affair regarding Weatherston. I feel a bit sorry for him in that he seemed poised to get offered something, before the manager came in and thought otherwise. He's obviously still been involved since then, but this outcome has now looked likely for a long time. It's a decision I can understand, but I wouldn't have been sorry were it reversed either. See people who can't spell his name and mix him up with Weatherson though; these are the people I can't forgive. IT'S NOT DIFFICULT!
  5. I've now watched most of it - I'll catch the rest later. Thanks for posting it up. It is reasonably upbeat and he makes the right noises, but I suppose that's the easy bit. After listening to KB's radio interviews though, it's inevitable that anything else would sound like the Gettysburg Address in comparison.
  6. I'm really looking forward to the season too. I've seen no pre-season games and will miss the upcoming cup ties and the opening league game at Livingston, so I'll have to wait a bit yet. For me, the biggest factor in any optimism is just the idea of a new start after last season. Last season was absolutely horrible. I still went to games, but I kind of fell out with Queens a bit. So many factors - KB's boorish idiocy, the necessity of bucket rattling, the Cup final performance, the postponements, the floodlights, the sense the team had chucked it - conspired to have me wishing the season would hurry up and end. I really don't know what to expect this season. It's quite likely we'll finish lower down the table this time round, but I don't think I'll feel anything like as disillusioned with everything Queens, as I have done.
  7. Like Tee Man, this is pretty much how I see things too. I don't know that I'd have kept absolutely everyone, but the fact is that we were always going to be unable to replace those we were certain to lose, with players as good. I won't pretend to be unduly excited by our signings, but the wage bill clearly needed to be cut very drastically. SD claimed earlier that it's been halved and if this is the case, I'll be happy if we're competitive next season. The players brought in should be good enough for that.
  8. All this McCusker talk, just to keep my spirits up. Honestly, you guys!
  9. It's all working. At this rate there'll be no further need to visit the Depression thread on General Nonsense.
  10. Simply not good enough Skyline. If you don't know anything, make stuff up. At this time of year, my thirst for Queens info is such that its veracity scarcely matters. My pre-season optimism dangles precariously by a single, swiftly fraying thread.
  11. The original plan was of course to call her Cuellar Seven, but then she turned eight.
  12. My feeling is that for the first five minutes after Thomson's header we continued going at them, but probably then ran out of steam. The one that sticks in my mind is when Burns cut it back to Dobbie who got it a bit tangled in his feet, enabling Cuellar to tackle. When re-enacted in the garden, Dobbie (me) nearly always manges to step to the side of Cuellar (my 8 year old daughter) before side footing it past a flat footed Alexander (4 year old son). I still half expect it to pan out that way when I watch replays.
  13. Fair enough, but I didn't. Off at a tangent again, but I often wonder about that messy 2nd Rangers goal in the Cup Final. Had it not happened and we'd gone in only one down at half time, would we have come back out in the same aggressive way that we did? Would we have got ourselves in front or would we have continued in the same cagey style as in the first half, hoping to nick something? Unimportant and unknowable of course, but it's strange what can keep you awake at 3am some nights.
  14. Yes, it looks like that first spell was probably the purplest patch of his career. Even then, he was more of a ruthless defender than a particularly good one and I preferred Paton. He's got a place in our folklore because of the goal against Dundee on the cup-run, but then even John Stewart's got a place in there for similar reasons. It certainly seems that things haven't been great for him since leaving for Morecambe and the prospect of yet another return, whilst not horrifying, doesn't excite.
  15. I'd better correct myself here. Apparently the Theatre School thing is from 10am to 4pm on four days and 10am to 2pm on one day, so that's better than I'd indicated. It costs a whopping £90 with no freebies chucked in though, so the point remains. I really need to keep a closer eye on family ougoings.
  16. Indeed. After an unexpectedly good year for our local nursery a few years back, I'd fully anticipated that twice as many parents as had done so for decades, would now enrol their children. It didn't happen, so I've had to badger the existing customers to part with even more of their cash, which I've chosen to accept only grudgingly.
  17. It sounds like really good value. Our youngest turned 5 and left nursery just last week. Normally, we've kept nursery on to reserve the place, but with him destined for school, there's now no need. His sister does some theatre summer school thing each year and it's about £50 for the week of only 3-4 hours a day, with no equivalent of a kit thrown in. Next year, the wee fella will definitely do the Queens camp and allow me to slope off to the golf course. I'll probably be buying him a strip most years anyway once he's big enough, so the football camp really will represent decent value.
  18. Yes, I remember seeing that at the time of the result of the poll. I'm pretty sure SD has suggested somewhere - possibly the kits thread I suppose - that the strip may in fact feature black shorts rather than red though. Black would certainly be my preference. More aesthetically pleasing and more reminiscent of Georgetown Cubs' strip circa 1979, which is of course, the main thing.
  19. I'd imagine we will indeed go out and sign another 'keeper, not because it makes sense - it doesn't - but because it's what teams do. The new strip does not look up to much. It almost seems to be a pre-requisite for entry to the shirt sponsorship draw that companies must not, under any circumstances, have decent logos. I'll wait and see how the away one looks - and whether the shorts are red or black - before considering a purchase for my son.
  20. We could indeed rule it out by attributing sense and consistency to KB. That of course would be a ridiculous thing to do.
  21. I'm almost certain that Grant Adam's brother has joined Liverpool. They must have just pipped us when it came to his wages.
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