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  1. It maybe is. Hearts deserved the disrespect it entailed though.
  2. They didn't come remotely close today. You can point to taking it to extra time if you like, but there was no way they were winning that today.
  3. As if he'd come to us as reserve team coach. I hate to think we'd ever insult him with such an offer.
  4. An absolutely pathetic display from Hearts. Their players should be embarrassed by that.
  5. Hilarious claim from the halfwit commentator that this is the first time in years the OF have swept all the trophies. Apart from the 4 consecutive seasons until just two years ago when it kept happening, he's dead right.
  6. In the circumstances, a remarkably spineless display from Hearts.
  7. Hearts are annoying me. They've seemingly been playing for penalties since about 3.15. They've got what they deserve there.
  8. Hearts have been really pretty poor in truth. They've offered nothing since the earliest stages of the match. They'll not survive extra time unless they get more of the ball and get up the park a bit.
  9. Even before Archie McPherson became an irrelevant old goat, he was terrible at his job.
  10. There really is a conspiracy of silence surrounding sectarian singing. As seen, if it's brought up, it just sparks awkwardness. It's embarrassing how the issue gets treated here.
  11. It's a measure of where we're at that Rangers fans are being lauded for their excellent behaviour because it only consisted of sectarian singing on a huge scale. A great many of their fans really are horrible b*****ds.
  12. I can't see it happening and I'm not sure I'd want it to. The truth is he was getting past it with us at least two years ago. I know we've dropped a level since then, but Fylde haven't let him go because he was sensational down there either. It is a great shame that he finished with us in an empty ground, but limping back as a tribute act wouldn't be a solution to that. Who knows, maybe he will one day return as a manager, although I'm not convinced he's a natural for that either, to be honest. I think it's better that we just remember him as the best we've seen.
  13. Yes, my guess would be the 1976 game where Dalglish put it through Clemence's legs. It could be even later though.
  14. I've seen this claim on here before. It's absolute nonsense. Souness was unveiled as manager of Rangers in April 1986. Why would Ferguson drop him for only the 3rd match of 3 in June, if that was the reason?
  15. You're obviously right here. Substitute 'Roman Catholics' with any other minority and such scenes would rightly be regarded as absolutely outrageous. Weirdly, though, there seems to be a tolerance in Scotland for intolerance of this nature. Hoose Rice's attempts to draw an equivalence that doesn't exist are ludicrous and shoddy. Personally, however, I don't think segregated schools help. They're an unnecessary anachronism these days, that accentuate scarcely relevant difference.
  16. One of the great myths. Cannigia signing for Dundee was indeed remarkable. However, he's not won a World Cup. He was suspended for a final which Argentina lost anyway.
  17. Indeed. I'm going to walk to work this morning. I'll be like Jerry St Clair after he got the all-clear in Phoenix Nights.
  18. And yet they would have done - believe me. Their fans in such places would have felt it vindicated their spineless choice.
  19. I've decided I want them to win now. Hope I'm not too late. When exactly is the final?
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