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  1. It's Celtic's own fault if you ask me. Obviously, the chief culprit is all the other Scottish teams, for failing to compete with a team whose wealth is many many times greater than theirs. Rangers however, have cunningly got round this huge handicap by endeavouring to be shite anyway, thus ensuring that they struggle at home, dropping points all over the place. The stiff domestic competition they've recently faced has readied them for the continent. Poor Celtic. Victims of their own vast football knowledge and winning mentality.
  2. Excellent! At last a good night for Scottish football.
  3. Our league form was fairly similar up to Christmas in both seasons, was it not? Reaching the promotion play-offs this time, didn't seem so unfeasible after our Christmas time win at Ayr. We certainly did better in the Cups last season. As noted, the nosedive also started a bit earlier last time. To highlight the clear resemblance between the seasons is hardly fanciful though. They're present and striking. Even in terms of "heights", the hammering of Dundee United in October was reminiscent of what we did to Ayr the year before. Things needn't be identical to resemble each other.
  4. That's the really depressing bit. The similarities with last season are uncanny for Queens fans. There is a big difference though. We've started being utterly hopeless early enough this time to fall right through the floor. Last time out, only our good January prevented that from happening, and even then, only by a whisker.
  5. Yes, that's depressingly true. Until we start looking capable of winning the odd match ourselves, it doesn't much matter what the others do. I'd just been thinking that if last night had gone differently, Morton would have been within range on Satruday if we could beat them. Pretty fanciful though I suppose.
  6. We could probably have done without Morton winning tonight. It's all looking pretty grim.
  7. Yes, that makes sense. Our chances of finishing bottom will have increased significantly.
  8. I'd probably have given him shorter odds than Oliver, right enough.
  9. Yes, very poor early 90s too, struggling away in the bottom tier. The side that survived because of Hamilton's points penalty was also dreadful. That's the logic part. Those teams didn't look or feel any worse than the current vintage though.
  10. Logic tells me I must have watched worse Queens sides than this one in the last forty odd years. I'm struggling to come up with specifics though.
  11. A reasonable latest programme. People moan about the closing music, but even when it's rubbish, it's preferable to what that tit offers. I liked the t-shirt featuring the drunk Ayr pitch invader. Less impressed by the attempts to locate Annan somewhere near Newton Stewart.
  12. Nah, I'm fairly relaxed regarding continuation. Title stripping... less so.
  13. It's quite simply wrong. These 'qualifiers' are self evidently "European knock-out ties". I'd say egregious just about covers it.
  14. I think his shortage of goals this season owes a great deal to a "lack of opportunities".
  15. "Rangers play their first European knock-out tie in 9 years" according to Sally Magnusson on Reporting Scotland just now. She's ignoring previous Progres.
  16. Dumfries didn't vote that way either. However, it's in a constituency that covers a very large geographical area. Besides, I don't think we'll make the play-offs this time.
  17. No, it's not a shock that we're in the lower reaches of the table, given the club's stature. Similarly, it's not remotely true to say we can only stay put this season, by punching above our weight.
  18. Even in general terms, I've never got the argument that says it's ok to treat the public to nonsensical gibberish, because the players might be receiving a different message. People used it to defend Strachan at Scotland too. It's not unreasonable to require a manager to make sense when communicating with the rest of us.
  19. So for Queens to continue to occupy the division they've been in for seventeen of the last eighteen seasons would constitute punching above their weight? Aye, ok.
  20. Needing to not finish behind sides like Alloa and Arbroath, requires no punching above our weight.
  21. A decent excuse with the Tay Bridge I suppose. It does seem though that Dundee has suffered more than most from this type of vandalism.
  22. A fair body of evidence amassed over the last two seasons, would suggest that any optimism is wildly misplaced. Anyway, why should the benefit be given to someone prepared to speak such insulting rubbish publicly?
  23. Did he actually say that, just this week? That is genuinely staggering, and really worrying. Somebody, show this clown a league table.
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