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  1. If I was an actual weasel, I think I'd genuinely be pissed off about the constant comparisons.
  2. Absolutely. I think that knowledge of how flimsy any mandate is, drove them to the ill considered, immediate blitz they launched.
  3. To be honest, I simply think that these extremist nut cases can't believe they've somehow found themselves in Downing Street. Now they've got there, they simply want to do it all, all at once. They are true believers in this stuff, and they are of course, willingly and wilfully beholden to the think tanks. They don't want to "waste" this chance that they know might not last long. I don't think there's anything strategic or even tactical happening. They'll do every viciously right wing economic thing they think they can get away with, until they're no longer in place.
  4. Even when humiliated, he's an arrogant git. Dismissing this vile injustice as a mere "distraction" tells us he doesn't "get it" at all. The people he's "listened" to are the likes of Gove saying he can't vote for it. It's still entirely the type of thing Kwarteng wants to do. Utterly despicable, immoral people.
  5. Is it ironic that this discussion is wrecking the very thread, for which it's a perfect fit?
  6. I was meaning that the economic bonkerdom, in this extreme form, is running out of road, as evidenced by the response to it, not least in polling. The racism that played a part in Brexit might yet have mileage, but it's unlikely to be steered by the same people who are currently in charge.
  7. It's identical. The idea that we should be pleased when our already wealthiest clubs get handed CL fortunes, because tiny crumbs get trickled down, is as ludicrous as what Truss is trying to pull. It makes me laugh when 'Socialist' Celtic fans defend such ultra right wing economics in football, because it suits them.
  8. Anti immigration sentiment played a huge part in Brexit. The campaign explicitly harnessed it. The 2019 large Tory majority was secured via the notion of getting this Brexit done. The diverse racial composition of Truss' current cabinet alters none of this.
  9. It's propaganda and psychology that enables this to happen. It's easier to understand and more immediate to grudge 'benefit scroungers' than those earning fortunes in the City doing things we don't understand. People would rather see themselves as aspirant high earners than as members of the precariat. Again, decades of dishonest media coverage massages this human flaw. Chuck in manufactured Culture War stuff and a recipe to get people to vote against themselves, takes shape. In the past, hammering discredited unions, letting people buy council houses and giving share dividends to small investors in newly privatised utilities, did have genuine appeal for those who fancied themselves as socially mobile. Such appeal no longer exists, and this naked brand of bonkerdom is running out of road.
  10. That's all true, but again even that hasn't been actively backed by all Tories. Our undemocratic voting system and whipping system has allowed such crap to hold away though. I wasn't citing Gove in order to defend him. Christ no - the man's a shit. I was, however, highlighting that the stuff we're seeing now is beyond the pale, even for people as reprehensible as him. Plenty Tories aren't as bad as he is.
  11. Yes, he's coming in very handy in that respect. Putting the tax break for big earners all down to him this morning, is obviously mental, dishonest and a poor reflection on her management, but it is part of the process you mention. They're very much in it together, but he's proving useful in allowing the blame to be divided.
  12. You see, I despise Tories and what they represent. They, and their electoral success, are the sole reason why I favour Scottish independence. However, I think the above line is too simple and is essentially inaccurate. Tories tend to believe in the power of markets, but they don't all have identical outlooks regarding the extent of state intervention and regulation that's appropriate. Plenty are genuinely appalled by how the extremist faction, with a current hold of the wheel, are behaving. Even Gove sounds unable to vote this stuff through. Pretending all Tories must be like this doesn't help the debate.
  13. It was one of those that it's possible to take encouragement from, because we were the better side by miles. However, had you been there, I think even your glass wouldn't have felt half full as you left the ground. To hammer the opposition 1-1 just seems to expose flaws that we'll really need to start eliminating soon.
  14. Maybe, but they'd have to be occupying a fairly narrow window. The expressions do seem contradictory, but maybe one causes the other.
  15. To contrive to not win that is some achievement. We absolutely got on top as our pressing gave our midfield total control. As dominant a display against Alloa as I've seen from us. Alloa offered nothing at all, and yet even had a sniff of winning it at the very end. Paton's lousy finishing is a real issue. It's as significant a problem as having a 'keeper who chucks them in. It was indeed criminal that we didn't win that, but we committed the crimes ourselves.
  16. Yes, they're puppets of the think tanks. However, they could not be more willing to be. They are true believers and were coming out with this dangerous shite over a decade ago. At that time, there was little sign that such a path would lead the pair of them to Downing Street. I think it's a mistake to see them simply as empty vessels, available for hire. They mean it.
  17. He literally should. The decisions made here are reckless in the extreme and are truly endangering countless people. The rejection of advice is negligent.
  18. That's the thing with her. Even if we leave aside her utterly demented beliefs and policies, she's incredibly shit. The Boris Johnson schtick cut no ice with most of us, but it was possible to recognise a certain charisma and appeal, even if it was entirely cultivated and superficial. With her though, there is simply nothing to redeem her in any eyes. It's remarkable that you can become even an MP, never mind PM, by communicating in such an unskilled way.
  19. If so, there was nothing altruistic about it. Any distraction would be designed to mask his own failings. To be honest though, I don't think there was any strategy in play at all. I think he was just talking characteristic shite.
  20. I think you're giving him ludicrous volumes of credit here. Strahan wasn't skilfully protecting anyone when he came out with that shit. He was simply an opinionated fool with a wildly inflated sense of his own intelligence and insight. Was he also offering a clever diversion when suggesting that our game should be "engineered" to artificially elevate Rangers during the banter years?
  21. Strachan was a noisy see dick throughout his unsuccessful spell. It doesn't require the benefit of hindsight to say he should have been removed earlier.
  22. We did. I attended both. Not disastrous results in themselves, but we lost the corresponding away fixtures heavily and never really threatened to qualify. Portugal who, as previously mentioned, beat us 5-0 in the campaign, didn't qualify either. Italy and Switzerland did. I turned 24 during the World cup finals and it was the first we'd missed in my lifetime.
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