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  1. Yes, I'm coming round to this view. For a while, my instinct was to defend the impact of having a plastic pitch, because I thought people overstated it and that decent football was possible. As this one is playing just now though, there really is no defending it. Again, I'm not making excuses for some of the very basic errors we're seeing, but I think there's no doubt that the bounce is too hard and high and it's exaggerating flaws in our team that need no such assistance to be apparent. It's certainly not entirely down to the pitch that we're so bloody difficult to watch, but it is playing a part in that.
  2. That looked like a good shout for a penalty.
  3. A pretty poor spectacle even though both sides have come close. I've not been in the habit of moaning too much about our pitch, but the more I see of it, the more it seems to dictate the shitness of the match. I don't know if it just exposes our current ineptitude more starkly, but, these days, it really does seem to get in the way of any football breaking out.
  4. The beauty of it is that it saves them from getting a pesky vaccination, if they don't fancy it.
  5. From our OS: "With the Championship clubs all reaching an agreement to maintain red zones there will still be no changes to arrangements within the stadium for either spectators or players. Both clubs will continue to operate 2m social distancing within the playing squads due to the requirements for isolations should a player test positive, especially in the light of the fact that not all players are fully vaccinated. Therefore, HOME supporters will still be located within the BDS stand and Oakbank terrace... ...Please note that the BDS Stand ticket office is CASH ONLY. Spectators are requested to bring the correct ticket money with them. This will ease pressure on the ticket office. Should you wish to pay by card you should purchase your ticket from the ticket office within the Arena" Despite the fact that Red Zones are no longer a legal requirement then, clubs have agreed to maintain them. I can see that it's very important to clubs that they avoid positive cases, given the disruption they cause. This seems to imply, however, that it's necessary, in part, because some footballers are too gormless to get the freely available vaccination. That's a less palatable aspect. As for not accepting card payments at the part of the ground everyone is required to enter by, that surely now deserves an entry on the 'tin-pot' thread. It then requires a particular nerve to request that fans bring the "correct ticket money" in order to speed things along. The landscape is obviously still difficult, but these features are not doing much to entice people along.
  6. That's fair comment actually. Sorry. Won't happen again.
  7. Questioning the coverage it's receiving in relation to other 'stories' is legitimate and rational enough, but questioning why it's received more than other deaths on movie sets is bonkers. As others have said, the fact that a famous actor fired the shot(s) on this occasion is pretty significant in terms of the profile granted to the event.
  8. I wouldn't see McShane as a "quarterback". His main attribute was that he made himself available, looked to receive the ball and was keen to drive us forward. He didn't often unlock things for us though, outside of a briefish purple patch which preceded another ordinary spell before he left.
  9. It was all too fleeting and again involved a grubby departure, but Harkins offered some of that for a while, although pretending he'd always been crap and lazy became quite fashionable thereafter.
  10. Open the Main Stand and you're on. Most visiting sides leave with 3 points anyway.
  11. Ok thanks. That's bloody annoying though. It's apparently been on the verge of changing for a while.
  12. Yes, Kerr was excellent for us, which is why his manufactured departure for a rival stung. He's the sort of player we've been without too much down the years.
  13. Is it confirmed yet whether the Main Stand will be open to the public for this? I've some sweetie papers that won't rustle themselves.
  14. Are you saying our young side is already The Beaten Generation?
  15. ...yet six sides out of nine have managed it. I do get what you're saying about narrow margins, but traditionally, sides that are "hard to beat" seldom lose.
  16. That's not really what's happened though. Instead, a bit of hyperbole has been deployed to illustrate how unequal the contributions were to Queens' goalscoring tally.
  17. No he did play well that day and make a difference. It wasn't unknown, just not nearly frequent enough to put him near any sensible list of top 3 players.
  18. Yes, because age couldn't possibly be a factor. Seasons were also cut short. I though Thistle fans realised this. I'm sure one or two mentioned it.
  19. Really? Dykes is the single biggest factor behind Dobbie's success? Good God Man. You've lost it. Plenty of rest I'd say.
  20. My contribution to Bezos' wealth has been present, but pretty minimal in the scheme of things. This analogy just gets more fitting, doesn't it? It breaks down when we recognise that my contribution tends not to get wildly overstated.
  21. Yes, that Jeff Bezos and I are worth billions between us. If you want to place a striker who scored once in every nine games over his time with us, in your top 3 going back to the 1980s, I can't stop you. It's ridiculous though.
  22. Dobbie is indeed an obvious and appropriate choice. Jim Thomson was a committed, stalwart figure, but there have been classier footballers. Dykes is the poor man's Sean O'Connor, so the latter is not a bad shout. If the rules enable people to just pick players who were once good and once played for their team without the two necessarily coinciding, however, then it all becomes a bit redundant and we'll just end up picking people like Harry Hood, Pat McCluskey, Neil Orr, James McFadden, Andy Goram etc. There will be plenty others who would eclipse even Dobbie if it doesn't need to be dependent on how they performed for us, as has been suggested. Maybe this is a bit of fun, but it needs rules we can agree on, damnit.
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