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  1. Yip, and of the two, only one was capable of playing as McQueen travelled with a bad injury.
  2. On balance, that was probably my starting position this season. I'm really enjoying the way it's unfolding though. The fact that it's not going to be remotely exciting is most pleasing.
  3. I must admit that it just feels like going through the motions now. It's always important to laugh at Celtic though. What a shambolic excuse for a football club.
  4. I just came along to post the same thing. I'm convinced they employ people who don't really follow football to write this stuff.
  5. Yes I chuckled at that, but not quite as much as I did when the reporter at Dens Park, remarking on the late postponement, referred to the state of the pitch on the edge of the "sixteen yard box".
  6. I was thinking of one against Falkirk, when he'd outmuscled John Hughes who later got sent off with veins bulging in his red face.
  7. They should have staged a similar photo opp for the first team, ahead of leaving for Dubai.
  8. That's the most telling bit. Again, we get the victimhood. We also have the hindsight crap which ignores the fact that foresight told everyone else the same thing. It's significant that this feeble version of an apology emerges on an in-house platform. Ghastly people.
  9. Yes, that's about the size of it. It starts off reasonably well, but degenerates by the end into basically saying big full time clubs shouldn't be treated in the same way as the smaller clubs round them, even though they're among them on merit
  10. The fact that he was around that age when they had their second Cup double season, makes it even worse. That's the age at which you soak all that crap up. Anyway, as I said earlier, I don't particularly blame him because he was merely repeating what someone else had just told him. It irritates me when errors are allowed to stand though.
  11. One thing less acceptable than praising Sportsound is praising Craig Levein. I agree though. He's quite entertaining.
  12. Christ, it gets better. That is impressive given that a minor skirmish intervened between the wins.
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