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  1. Oh, I don't know. I'm finding it a really tough place to go these days.
  2. It's too early to make noises like that. I agree that we're more likely to be engaged with the sides in the lower half of the table than the top as regards jockeying for position, but a few weeks ago, we wouldn't have necessarily expected Hamilton or Dunfermline to be struggling, while Arbroath ride high. We're needing points and sure as Hell can't afford to be writing off certain fixtures, or regarding them as free hits. No sides are wildly stronger than the others, so we shouldn't be letting ourselves off the hook like that.
  3. Yes, that's another emerging feature of this season. We've lost a good few late goals already.
  4. I wouldn't imagine that the record in Cups will provide much of a boost. The win percentage might be aided slightly by fixtures against the likes of Broomhill, but our Cup record has generally been pretty shit over the period.
  5. It's pretty lousy. I think he's been genuinely helped by the fact that better results have tended to be clumped together in bursts. I suppose that a defence would point to our budget being relatively low in our surroundings. If his remit Is to keep us in this division, then I suppose he's just meeting it thus far. It's bloody grim though and we know that our luck will run out.
  6. I'd do the sums myself were I not so lazy, but what's his overall record then, if we include the decent enough spell of late 2019 and the very good one of early 2021? It still can't be great, but it'll duck the charge of only cherry picking the plentiful, prolonged, rubbish parts.
  7. It'll look yet worse when we chuck in the periods last season and in the previous one, which preceded the good run that earned him the extension to the contract. That strong little spell really was a remote island.
  8. Ah well. For a minute there, I thought we were going to come back from trailing and get something in a game. I knew it didn't feel right.
  9. Yes, I know. I was just pointing out that we can all think of examples that conform to this trend, while forgetting all the more common results that don't.
  10. People say the same thing about Scotland and you hear it from fans of other clubs too. We can all think of examples such as how we did last season against Hearts and Alloa respectively. I don't think the stats would support it as a genuine trend or habit peculiar to us though. When expected to lose, we usually do. Today is shaping up as the latest example.
  11. I love how half hearted it all sounds. We'll stick in a bid so long as we don't really have to do anything.
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