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  1. Dundee v Queens

    The tip over might actually have already been too high - I'll give you that, but there's no way it was going wide. The one on one was obviously a great chance. I'd agree that it was more of a miss than an incredible save, but again, had it slipped past or under the goalkeeper, he wouldn't have been criticised at all. I think there's also a failure at play, to recognise quite how good the chances repeatedly were when Todd reached the by line near the post. We should definitely have converted at least one of those. Dundee were let off the hook.
  2. Dundee v Queens

    That's daft. The save from the Dobbie header in the first half was a good one, as was the tip over in the second half. Had Todd's shot when one on one with the goalkeeper in the second half slipped past him, nobody would remotely have criticised the 'keeper, let alone cited a "howler". Some Dundee fans really do seem to have missed chunks of the game.
  3. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    Nobody would argue with that regarding a much postponed game. It's even happened for league games - Forfar ring a bell? That's a very different type of scenario though.
  4. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    Fair enough - I see what you mean now. I still think though that if the facilities are such that only a tiny crowd can be accommodated, then so be it.
  5. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Never, ever accept you've got it wrong.
  6. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Yes, I'm all about progress when it comes to Cups too. Any novelty attached to playing 'big teams' has long gone, given that half of them were recently in our division. I'd feel better about it at Palmerston, given that it would obviously involve less hassle to watch for those of us resident in Dumfries. It would also enhance our chances of that progress thing. Away to a very strong side far away though, is the worst combo.
  7. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Yes. I hadn't clocked that particular towering insecurity before. It's an interesting one.
  8. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Ok, if it'll make you sensitive types happy, I'll say that while St Johnstone away would be an equally demanding tie (despite the fact that they've finished beneath Aberdeen in the table for the last several years, and sit beneath them currently too) it would be a significantly shorter trip, making Aberdeen away a worse draw. Thanks for calling me neither a c**t or a p***k though. It's nice touches like that, that make all the difference.
  9. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Yes, after extra time, you squeaked past us. A slightly unnecessary tone, in response to my typically measured post that suggested Aberdeen might be stronger than St Johnstone, who would of course, also be strong favourites to beat us. You bounder, you.
  10. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    I'd imagine that's exactly what it was about? Hedgecutter seemed (to me at least) to be suggesting the case was some sort of exception to that pattern though.
  11. The Blue Brazil v (The) Appeal F.C

    Up to a suitable standard for what? To use Bollan's comparison, had Keith drawn Berwick Rangers instead, where would the game have taken place?
  12. The Queen of the South Thread

    Not in the least harsh. Beating Aberdeen would be a remarkable result. It's highly unlikely. Cue someone posting the 2008 semi no doubt, but the reality is that they'd be very strong favourites; rightly so.
  13. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Any of those would have offered a better chance of progress and been handier. If it's Dundee and Stenhousemuir that go out, then that is literally the worst draw we could have got.
  14. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Yes, that's about the size of it. At least your gubbing would follow a shortish journey.
  15. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Yip, I'd say that's probably the worst conceivable draw for us, should we get through.