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  1. Always sad when someone dies relatively young like this. He was a remarkable goalkeeper at his peak, capable of incredible saves and performances at key times.
  2. Was it not a guy called Shields who equalised for Hearts? I remember our goal coming from Robertson latching onto a short pass back. I think the replay finished 1-0, but could be wrong.
  3. Now that really does deserve its own thread. I was optimistic today when I noticed that the parking spaces in the Arena car park had had their lines repainted, but no, our crippled sign still lies forlorn in a corner. Meanwhile, the 'upcoming match' sign is still advertising the fateful draw we had with Ayr in April. You're sorry you mentioned it, aren't you?
  4. I'm not seeing the equivalence here that you're suggesting. I don't know the context the remark arose in, but on the face of it, "tartan gonks" strikes me as an effective use of imagery.
  5. I kind of like the idea in a sort of 'well mannered thing for the hosts to do' type of way. It was still that way when I started attending. I'm actually surprised in this age of marketing, that clubs don't revert to this way of displaying various kits to their home crowds.
  6. Yip, Edinburgh clearly pushed Kelty all the way. If only they could have turned 8 of those defeats into victories. Fine margins.
  7. Is that not a bit early? Anyway, news like this is always regrettable. Savage cuts in funding serve to make things a bit more shit. This is one more example.
  8. Even more clueless than normal, but here goes anyway: Falkirk Dunfermline Kelty Airdrie Queens Alloa Montrose Peterhead Clyde Edinburgh Falkirk simply can't remain this pish indefinitely. I think we'll muddle around inoffensively but I hope we can do a bit more damage. Dunfermline really should be up there.
  9. Yes, in fact teams tended to wear change colours at home when necessary, up until about the early 80s.
  10. I don't get your fixation with the striker we sign, needing to be "big".
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