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  1. 2-0. We were already as good as out though. It genuinely wasn't memorable at all.
  2. I get where you're coming from here. I'm fed up of poor starts meaning we're trying to make up ground from the outset. As such, it's great not to be in that position this time, and instead to have found the driving seat. All I meant really though, was that last night's win came too early to be decisive in the group, so it's accompanied by less euphoria than it might be if it had a prize.
  3. Yes, but are we not ranking particular results in relation to the stature of the opponents? If it's just the importance of results, then the shoot-out win in Belgrade would have to trump everything for decades.
  4. Was going to post about that Fila one. Horrendous and entirely in-keeping with the sides that wore it. You've almost redeemed yourself from that appalling '96 remark.
  5. Who can forget it? 4-1 to us with Pettigrew, Dalglish and Lineker on the scoresheet.
  6. Beating Spain surely outstrips squeaking past Israel?
  7. I was at that Belgium game in 1987, and I wouldn't put it alongside the others to be honest. I know they'd been WC semi finalists a year earlier, but they weren't a huge power. We were already virtually out by then too, so the crowd was small and it didn't feel significant. Tonight's was big, but is perhaps slightly diminished by coming so early in the campaign.
  8. Nonsense! That's a reprehensible opinion to carry around. I'm not a fan of Cancel Culture, but I'm prepared to make an exception for such a distasteful viewpoint.
  9. I'm kind of with Tam on this one. Football matches with high stakes have a certain appeal, even if they carry danger.
  10. So what? Glasgow has staged international football literally since the very dawn of the concept.
  11. That's probably fair, but it certainly came to be used in that way and was very damaging.
  12. They were designed to be out of reach. The regulations were introduced as an act of drawbridge hoisting.
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