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  1. There's always a danger England will win one of these things. It's remarkable they went so long without coming at all close until recently. A kind path would obviously help them, but they're capable of beating a couple of strong sides too. It'll be impossible to relax until they're out.
  2. USA the better side, but I still expect England to win this.
  3. Ok, so how many of these weirdo teachers at your work, wherever that is "repeat the mantra they aren't paid for the school holiday periods." ? I've never met one such individual, ever.
  4. Chronic staff shortages in certain subject areas already.
  5. Is that actually happening though? I can categorically state that it's not the "general feeling of most teachers". In fact I've not once heard it mentioned outside this thread.
  6. I agree that the argument about conditions is valid and separate. Some might even say it's more urgent. However, the characterisation of this action as an "opportunistic cash grab" is er... entirely opportunistic. The wish to have wages keep up better (not fully of course) with inflation, cannot reasonably be seen in the terms you use. I can only guess at your spluttering anger back in 2008, given that teachers' pay is now worth 25% less than it was then.
  7. That's interesting. I didn't know that the holidays contained a distinction within them. As you say though, it's entirely misleading, deliberately so, to calculate on this basis, that salaries are actually far greater than is the case.
  8. What was your source here? I'm a bit intrigued now.
  9. That's referring to England and is relevant only to temporary positions. I'm pretty certain you've got this wrong. It's really no different from most jobs. An annual salary is divided into 12 monthly parts. There is a holiday entitlement. Differences here are that the holiday entitlement is more generous than in many jobs. These holidays, however, must be taken at given points in the year.
  10. In what sense are they unpaid? Where, and what is the nature of, this distinction between summer holidays and those that fall elsewhere in the year?
  11. I'd agree that conditions, in many respects, are a greater concern than pay. That doesn't, however, invalidate the pay claim.
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