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  1. I answered this a couple of pages back. I have no list. Top 6 in all of human history just feels about right.
  2. It was a pretty easy one. The category was answers with the word 'south' in them. The clue was along the lines of 'Scottish football club who play at a stadium called Palmerston Park'. The lads playing went for it and it scored 32.
  3. Aye, fair enough. I'm aware I'm being a bit of a dick here. People are asking legitimate enough questions, while those with the relevant knowledge are answering them. It's just so tedious to see there's been a load of posts on the Queens thread, to then discover most are in a language I don't speak. Probably my fault more than theirs.
  4. Indeed. Pretty surprised it was so high tbh. Yes reassuring to learn that knowledge of our existence isn't all that niche.
  5. Hey, we're on Pointless. 32 points. I worry that we can only dream of that this season.
  6. Didn't they used to say that John Major was the only person ever to run away from the circus to become an accountant? ETA: Christ, I was beaten to it.
  7. In my experience, schools absolutely and explicitly say "that it's okay to not know what you want to do in life when your that age." I also "don't think teenagers should be made to feel that way" if not prolonging their education, but I think you'd be far better attacking societal, particularly parental expectations, as opposed to anything projected by schools.
  8. Well when you said this: "in school your never told to go get work and life experience then go to uni when you're ready. They push the 'know what you want to do for the rest of your life at 17' rhetoric." ...it sure as Hell sounded like you were implying it's a universal truth. I think what you said was wrong and I doubt if it's even particularly representative of your own individual experience to be honest, although obviously, I can't know that. How long it is since you left school, might play a part here. It sounds a lot though like it's that lazy thing of blaming something external for decisions and directions taken. A bigger issue is that too many kids now stay on through to S6 and too many then head into higher education. I would think you'd struggle to find a school that wasn't aware of this. Schools would generally be happier directing youngsters into employment when it's more suitable. When kids do apply to UCAS at age 17, obviously they need to decide what courses they're going to aim for. These decisions will indeed potentially impact on what people do for "the rest of their lives", but it's not school that pushes that. Schools will however facilitate applications. It just bugs me that everyone seems to think they know how schools operate, because once upon a time, they went to one.
  9. Yes, it was more of an observation about how shite Queens have been, but never mind.
  10. That's actually a really good show tbh. I enjoyed watching that Queen of the South more than the actual football team last year, that's for sure. In fairness though, watching Mrs Brown's Boys would have been more fun than watching Queens over the last 18 months or so.
  11. I thought the food critic thing came off the back of OTB, but I might be wrong. Either way, I'd say it's probably fair to describe someone who's been on the radio for quarter of a century as a broadcaster.
  12. It's possible to recognise that Tam Cowan has really deteriorated as a broadcaster and become something of a sycophantic arse these days, yet still think the BBC licence fee represents terrific value for money.
  13. Not half as mental as implying that having them is morally wrong.
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