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  1. Yes but yours actually was an achievement. It prolonged that huge unbroken run in the top flight, and of course involved a hilarious humiliating hammering of Rangers while prolonging their top flight absence. A grateful nation rejoiced. Ours was cause for relief, but no celebration. In fairness though, the players were thoroughly sheepish about it. There was none of that jumpy up and down thing. That walloper Peter Houston was criticising it on the Radio as if it was Queens' idea. It was obviously just one of those dopey contractual obligations with a sponsor.
  2. Why not just pick an OF side then? They've got really big followings and are very big clubs.
  3. Early Season predictions

    There's also a neat wee irony in there. In the one season that saw all three of Rangers, Hearts and Hibs in the division, Falkirk even managed to finish behind us, thus missing out on the play-offs. That last bit's a little like this season in fact.
  4. Early Season predictions

    Does that mean you're still running with 'jealousy' then? Remarkable.
  5. Early Season predictions

    Indeed. Some of them don't appreciate what you do for them of course, but one day they might.
  6. Early Season predictions

    Your hindsight driven point and laugh at football fans committing the heinous crime of being optmistic and engaging in fan forum bravado appears to be gaining little traction. I didn't realise that was the idea. I thought we just voiced our opinions. I hadn't realised we were each meant to be on a mad quest to gather support. As it is, there has actually been some agreement with what I'm saying.
  7. Early Season predictions

    Ah, the charge of 'jealousy'. It takes me back to the golden years of the Rangers threads.
  8. Early Season predictions

    Some do, some even went nuts in January, but they need kept in check.
  9. 12 team Championship

    I know.
  10. 12 team Championship

    Most players in Scotland have the SPFL on their CV currently. Yip, even the Berwick ones can make that claim.
  11. Early Season predictions

    Quite sure. I don't think any of it particularly points to someone who might require such support. I just don't think you like it much when someone has a laugh at the expense of your football club, so you respond by denigrating vulnerable sections of society.
  12. Early Season predictions

    Doesn't really work, does it? I have no need of home help. Not sure about slagging off those who do, mind.
  13. Early Season predictions

    Fans in being optimistic shocker. Get a grip Falkirk fans in being wildly, ludicrously, overly optimistic shocker. Grip got, thanks.
  14. Lets All Laugh At Rangers Thread

    Today: Team defeated on the park. Support disgraced off it. Standard.
  15. The Falkirk FC Thread

    This is absolute shite, tbf. How so? The 'journeyman' comment was just last season wasn't it? I've been accused of a Falkirk obsession since way before then. And Houston first pissed me off when assisting Levein at Scotland.