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  1. Did he do the steeplechase? A vague memory says he did and won it or something. Can you imagine the star player with one of Europe's biggest clubs being allowed to do that in the summer now?
  2. I feel exactly the same way. I’m not sure where I’d want you to live though.
  3. It's not just the capacity to change half the team in one go though, is it? It's that 9 can be stripped, allowing further scope to make targeted alterations. As pointed out elsewhere, it encourages large squads for those with the means, and discourages loans.
  4. Another stupid bloody idea. All it does is further advantage the clubs that have greater advantages in the first place.
  5. It's stupid and unnecessary and once more, further favours those who already have greater advantages.
  6. I'd wager that your skills are no worse than mine. I only did it myself because I had to. It was early in the first lockdown and I was convinced that the task of changing the element would be wildly beyond me. It wasn't. It was a piece of piss, aided by a YouTube video. I just called our local place with details about the cooker and they sold me the element. In normal circumstances, I'd have got them to fit it too, at vast expense. Doing it myself really was a doddle though and I never ever find such things easy.
  7. You'd assume these big companies have done research and know what they're doing. I'm surprised, however, that such a decision would represent good PR. If true, I suppose it establishes that most of what appears on here is still way out of step with wider opinion, even in much lauded England. That, of course, is not to say that public opinion must be right.
  8. Why would I avoid simply saying that? Sounds pretty sensible to me.
  9. No, I'm disagreeing with the sentiment and with your suggestion that that would involve disagreeing with myself.
  10. Didn't quite say that either. Your use of the word "wholly" is problematic.
  11. I usually do. A damn good read in my view. Often I find myself nodding in enthusiastic agreement. I generally qualify my remarks and avoid attributing anything "wholly" to anything else. The world isn't usually like that in my experience.
  12. Crikey, that certainly would be baffling. Has anyone done that? Anywhere? I've not seen it myself, but it must be there if you say it is.
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