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  1. I wasn't too clear but I was talking more in general about the season ahead rather than Friday. If it goes badly on Friday, it is as you say, work in progress. Can't expect too much from the first game.
  2. Friday will be very interesting. It's a big risk going with a young inexperienced side and it could go disastrously wrong, but hopefully it will go well. It must be our least expensive squad, but then we can't afford it not to be. We can't afford to overpay for a squad of more experienced players who may not perform any better anyway. Maybe we are saving some money for a few more expensive signings (like Greg Stewart when he gets bored with the cold Indian weather and wants to swap it for the Scottish heatwaves!) Hopefully the players gel well and we do ok. Nothing worse than a young team getting a hammering.
  3. They are supposed to be getting permission for fans to stand at the side of the pitch as well, but I think they have to put some sort of barrier up and probably too short notice if correct.
  4. We have only got 4 players over 20 .
  5. Looks like we will be the first visitors to the newly refurbished Meadowbank Stadium for the cup match against the "new" FC Edinburgh. The ground re-opens on the 19th July. That's if they sort out how many can actually attend.
  6. That's what I was meaning. They will be young, but still probably more experience than our current squad.
  7. Good luck to Mango. I am sure there were plenty of teams interested. He will be a key player for Tranent. Maybe we will get a few (more experienced) players through loans when we get closer to the season starting (not that it is far off now). If we keep signing up players who are the same age range as those already signed people will think we are a colts team .
  8. We have a Lemon and a Berry now. Any more fruit related signings likely? Another signing being announced later tonight.
  9. That'll be tomorrow's reveal in the pic. Looks like a unit.
  10. If we announce a new signing every day, we should have enough players for a team and some subs by then.
  11. Yeah. Played in the right position Harvey can be a really effective player. However, just need to go with what we have got.
  12. Surely we would keep a few of the squad, assuming they want to stay that is.
  13. I don't remember seeing anything about us celebrating when Tranent won either. Every team will have been glad that they won, but I think East Kilbride and Spartans will be the fancied teams now.
  14. Carty gets a bit of unfair stick. He didn't play many minutes for us and he looks alright. He fluffed a few opportunities, but so did the others. Will we sign Aikamhenze? He looked the part whenever he played.
  15. Well done Tranent. Much rather have you in the league than Darvel. You are a proper club. Good luck next season (not too much though).
  16. He doesn't start much now and might not be there now they are up to the Lowland League. They have better forwards.
  17. Yeah. Well done to Tranent. Moneybags Darvel didn't make it. Maybe we might have a slight chance next season now.
  18. I see Darvel beat St Cuthberts 3-1 last night in the play-offs to enter the Lowland League. Tranent beat St Cuthberts 7-0 though, so maybe Tranent will win the final game against Darvel on Saturday. The game is at Darvel though. Not sure if it is just luck of the draw to get that game at home.
  19. Agree. It is a backward step, as he won't get a game unless Gaston gets injured. Good luck to him though. Young enough to improve, but he needs to be playing. We have had good keepers over the years and I didn't think Gill was any great shakes. He was ok. His judgement at times was poor and kicking also poor, although improving. Never had any confidence in him saving penalties either, and I don't think he did.
  20. Aaron Ramsey, what a signing. Worth every penny. Just cost the orcs approximately £30 million!
  21. Yeah. It will be interesting to see how these type of teams fare in say League 2. I was surprised at how small Darvel and Auchinleck are. I always assumed they had a bigger population, especially Auchinleck. They do really well for such a small place, although Darvel is down to the sugar daddy. Then look at Ross County. They have a population which is about 1/5th of what Elgin has. Like you and others have said, when the entrance cost doubles and they aren't winning most weeks, we will see how many paying fans keep turning up. I thought the same about Kelty before they came up. Some of their fans insisted that they could still do well without the sugar daddy, but I can't see it. Without his money I think they would head back to the Lowland League
  22. To be fair, if the bigot brothers were not in the league (and I wouldn't have them there), the averages would be lower. Based on the cup attendance, it looks like Darvel are not that well supported (not that we can talk). The population is less than 4000 and I doubt they will attract fans from further afield. That's why they get the Gretna comparison. Far better set up than comparable clubs. The guy who owns them is the owner of Browning's the bakers (the Killie pie company) who sponsor Kilmarnock (if only Charlie Gronbach was still with us). Cowdenbeath mentioned earlier, the away support coming to Central Park will be poor. There were plenty of games in the Lowland League with crowds under 100. Bonnyrigg were the best supported if you ignore the bigot brothers.
  23. Darvel should stroll the play-offs and they would be hot favourites for next season in the Lowland League. Not sure what the attendances are like for Darvel, but they had 781 for the Scottish Cup match against Brechin. They put Kelty in the shade when it comes to resources. Their equivalent of our 100 club pulls in about 3k per month. Never mind the sugar daddy money. They are serious about moving up. Apart from the bigot brothers, Berwick, Boness and Spartans get the best attendances. I think Berwick averaged nearly 380, Boness nearly 290 and Spartans nearly 240. The Rangers b team averaged over 800, but that was mostly down to switching the game against Celtic to castle grayskull and pulling in over 9000 fans for that match. Even though the bigot brothers didn't pull in the "big" crowds that some expected, they still boosted the average attendance for a lot of the teams. So yeah, some games do have crowds in the tens, rather than hundreds.
  24. Yeah. Tough now to get up without lumping money at it and still not guaranteed. Brechin probably have the best chance, as the top teams in the Lowland League are better than in the Highland League and only likely to get better, as the west teams enter the Lowland League. I think it is more likely that one of the promoted teams end up back in the Lowland League before one of the relegated teams come back up, unless of course, as you say, it becomes easier to get promoted.
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