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  1. Aaron Ramsey, what a signing. Worth every penny. Just cost the orcs approximately £30 million!
  2. Yeah. It will be interesting to see how these type of teams fare in say League 2. I was surprised at how small Darvel and Auchinleck are. I always assumed they had a bigger population, especially Auchinleck. They do really well for such a small place, although Darvel is down to the sugar daddy. Then look at Ross County. They have a population which is about 1/5th of what Elgin has. Like you and others have said, when the entrance cost doubles and they aren't winning most weeks, we will see how many paying fans keep turning up. I thought the same about Kelty before they came up. Some of their fans insisted that they could still do well without the sugar daddy, but I can't see it. Without his money I think they would head back to the Lowland League
  3. To be fair, if the bigot brothers were not in the league (and I wouldn't have them there), the averages would be lower. Based on the cup attendance, it looks like Darvel are not that well supported (not that we can talk). The population is less than 4000 and I doubt they will attract fans from further afield. That's why they get the Gretna comparison. Far better set up than comparable clubs. The guy who owns them is the owner of Browning's the bakers (the Killie pie company) who sponsor Kilmarnock (if only Charlie Gronbach was still with us). Cowdenbeath mentioned earlier, the away support coming to Central Park will be poor. There were plenty of games in the Lowland League with crowds under 100. Bonnyrigg were the best supported if you ignore the bigot brothers.
  4. Darvel should stroll the play-offs and they would be hot favourites for next season in the Lowland League. Not sure what the attendances are like for Darvel, but they had 781 for the Scottish Cup match against Brechin. They put Kelty in the shade when it comes to resources. Their equivalent of our 100 club pulls in about 3k per month. Never mind the sugar daddy money. They are serious about moving up. Apart from the bigot brothers, Berwick, Boness and Spartans get the best attendances. I think Berwick averaged nearly 380, Boness nearly 290 and Spartans nearly 240. The Rangers b team averaged over 800, but that was mostly down to switching the game against Celtic to castle grayskull and pulling in over 9000 fans for that match. Even though the bigot brothers didn't pull in the "big" crowds that some expected, they still boosted the average attendance for a lot of the teams. So yeah, some games do have crowds in the tens, rather than hundreds.
  5. Yeah. Tough now to get up without lumping money at it and still not guaranteed. Brechin probably have the best chance, as the top teams in the Lowland League are better than in the Highland League and only likely to get better, as the west teams enter the Lowland League. I think it is more likely that one of the promoted teams end up back in the Lowland League before one of the relegated teams come back up, unless of course, as you say, it becomes easier to get promoted.
  6. Hopefully we go all out attack. No point holding back. I am still confident. It's not going to be easy, but it is possible. Definitely possible. The Championship team lost in the play-offs, the League 1 team lost in the play-offs, so let's hope it is not a hat-trick we are the team that survives and the luck goes with us. C'mon Cowden! Might go to penalties and Dean misses the final penalty! Stranger things have happened.
  7. Don't think anyone is suggesting there is a conspiracy in favour of Bonnyrigg or against us. The thing that looked suspicious was the betting before the game. We were both the same price and then late in the day (so to speak), Bonnyrigg moved to hot on shot favourites. Probably nothing in it, but we all know dodgy betting happens in the game, especially lower down the leagues. Then when you get a penalty decision like that, you start to wonder. Maybe we were just unlucky to get an inept referee (some others have said he was as bad in other games), but without the penalty I think it would have been a lot closer. I spoke to plenty of Bonnyrigg fans and people involved and they were not too confident before the game. I have said before though, the more you end up in these play-offs, no matter how well you play (and we didn't, we played poorly on the day, although that penalty was a sucker punch), the luck will go against you eventually. Just have to get the best line up on the pitch on Saturday and go for broke. Anything is possible. Might be unlikely, but definitely possible (even without a dodgy decision in our favour). Someone said Bonnyrigg Boris is still suspended for Saturday. Not sure if that is definite. I was looking forward to seeing him play. Maybe we will sign him if the teams swap places!
  8. Don't think anyone will be bothered if they ask to go in the stand.
  9. They could have just done the same as Bonnyrigg and suggested that their fans congregate in a specific area*. I don't think there will be any trouble. The Bonnyrigg fans seem like a decent bunch. * That area might be the whole ground though! They might bring half the town through expecting a promotion party. Better get in early just in case
  10. If we do go down, I will look forward to returning to Shielfield Park. I would much rather it was for a League 2 match though.
  11. At the bottom right of the parking map where it says Cowdenbeath Social Work Office, there are a good number of parking spaces there as well and you just walk down the high street. There is also some parking next to Morrison's and of course their own car park as you come into the town from the A92. At the other end of the high street there is B&M and Lidl with a large car park. Not sure how fussy Morrison's, B&M and Lidl are about non shoppers using their car park though. We don't usually get busy enough for anyone to need to use them
  12. That's why it is not wise to comment just after the game. Best to wait and calm down. If Bonnyrigg were far superior to us it wouldn't have been so bad, but I don't think they were (not that we were any good). The sending off didn't help us, but the penalty decision was a disaster. That's what turned the game. Another goal down from absolutely nothing. I can't wait to see the highlights to see why it was given. Then they could relax a bit and push for the 3rd or 4th and Deano duly obliged with the 3rd. I thought Deano played really well. He did get some stick at the end from a few fans, but I am guessing that they thought he was milking it when Harvey tackled him for the sending off.
  13. Yeah. I thought you were going to headbutt the cretin. He was an utter disgrace. Handed the game to Bonnyrigg.
  14. We are going to win 4-0 next week. Courtesy of another nobbled referee
  15. Yeah. It was definitely over the line (it was also over the line at Annan as well) No it was never a penalty in million years. Scandalous decision. Worst refereeing I have ever seen. How on earth was that a penalty? Never sending off either. Harvey won the ball. Not into conspiracy theories, but that was atrocious refereeing today. Referee was a useless cretin and that's being nice. Bonnyrigg deserved the win, but 1-0 was more realistic. Not sour grapes, but Bonnyrigg are relegation material if they make it up.
  16. Almost certainly pay at the gate. Probably be half of Bonnyrigg there.
  17. Good on you for berating the cheating ref.
  18. Robbie Buchanan is absolutely gash! How he got player of the year is more bizarre than the refereeing today.
  19. Bonnyrigg deserved the win, but that was the most scandalous refereeing I have ever seen. Not a sending off and the penalty was beyond belief. Miller shielding the ball out almost on the line and the Bonnyrigg player pushes into him from the back and they both fall down. Ref blows his whistle and you think it is a Goal kick, or maybe at a push a free kick to us. No, the ref gives Bonnyrigg a penalty! Astonishing. The ref must have been the one who lumped on Bonnyrigg when their odds crashed last night.
  20. 2018 was the last time the League 2 team won the play-off (us), so I think the League 2 team is due to win it again .
  21. Yeah. Ferguson easily ahead of Miller. Depends where Bonnyrigg are stronger. If it's midfield, then we would need Morrison and Ferguson in there at least.
  22. Somebody must be lumping big time on Bonnyrigg. Both teams were 7/5 the other day, now Bonnyrigg odds on.
  23. Don't think they have many areas to park. A bit like Kelty. Eskbank train station would be an option as well, but a 20-30 minute walk. Or maybe, the Tesco next to Eskbank. A little bit closer.
  24. Not sure where Morrison or Robbie Buchanan have been for last 3 weeks. Carty also missing last week. I was nervous when playing East Kilbride, but strangely didn't feel any nerves when we played Cove, even when we went 2-1 down. After finally seeing us win a league title when we beat Elgin in 2006 and surviving 2 play-offs I think I am almost at the point where I don't worry anymore. Whatever happens will happen as they say, no point worrying about it if you can't do anything to change it. I am not sure how it will go tomorrow. I can picture Bonnyrigg winning by a few goals (or even more if certain players lose the plot), but I also wouldn't be surprised if we won by 2 or 3. I wonder if we will go all out for a win if it looks like it is going our way, or if we will be happy to hold back and settle for a draw and rue not attacking more. If we are clinical with our chances, then we will do ok I think. I see Bonnyrigg are the hot favourites with the bookies for tomorrow.
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