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  1. If most of their crowd are season ticket holders, then they already have the bulk of the money from match revenue. So what massive shortfall is it that has them relying on us to bail them out.
  2. Bonnyrigg can still win the Lowland League, so they can't promote Kelty. I don't see why the season can't start up again in the near future, assuming all the clubs survive.
  3. Yeah. Berwick were easily the worst team in recent years.
  4. Looks like the other teams decided it was for the best.
  5. That may be a very long wait. Very few viruses have available treatments. The small number that do tend to just lessen the symptoms to allow our immune system to fight back. Bacterial infections are far easier to treat, or they were until we started over using antibiotics. There are many coronaviruses and there are no vaccines for any of them. That's why it is mainly frail elderly people who are affected. Their immune system struggles to fight the virus, just as it does with the common cold or influenza and pneumonia causes their death.
  6. It's a good idea, but there will be lots of fans in danger of losing their job and more now because of the Govt advice. I know people who this afternoon were told to go home and not to return to work and they are not getting paid. Businessess are now starting to close. Some small clubs will fold if the shutdown lasts longer than 3 or 4 weeks.
  7. Unfortunately, it will always be a guessing game. The only way to know the fatality rate of any infection is to test everyone for it and calculate the numbers based on the fatality rate of those who test positive. Something that will never happen. There will be many more people infected than is known, because they won't and can't realistically test everyone. I know of two people who were showing symptoms. One was not tested and will never know if they had this virus. The other was more poorly and was tested when at hospital. It turned out to be a bacterial infection and both are ok. It was and still is my personal opinion that temporarily isolating those with serious underlying health issues and the frail elderly people in our country would be a better course of action. What is a minor infection to the bulk of the population can be serious for people in these categories. I originally had the view that a delay to the season would be the best option and I still do. I can understand a partial shutdown (talking about society here, not football) in order to slow the transmission rate and give the health service a chance to try and cope in the short term. However, I don't believe a longer term or near full shutdown is the right course to take (again, just an opinion). This virus is unlikely to disappear. Like cold viruses, there are people all around the world infected at any given time and it will come and go, usually more often in winter months. For most of us it is not serious, but for some it is, as it is for them with many other infections. They are the people we need to help. If the bulk of us get the virus and quickly recover whilst the vulnerable are self isolating, then it reduces the chances of them getting infected and the experts have more time to try and develop antiviral treatments. I think what is different with this virus is that it is believed to have spread from animals to humans, which is not that common and it spreads rapidly, which is even more uncommon in this scenario. Anyway, best wishes to all. You know it is serious when we are discussing things like this on a football forum.
  8. Sorry, I meant to type UK. It actually fluctuates and can be much higher and lower, probably depending on the severity of the winter. Although, not every area records stats on flu deaths. Overall, about 600,000 people die each year in the UK, roughly about 10% of this in Scotland. There are a wide range of causes and of course it is mainly elderly people. It's early days regarding this new strain of coronavirus, but if a list of causes of death were produced, this coronavirus would be well down the list. The fatality rate in Italy is much higher than elsewhere in Europe, but Italy has the oldest population in Europe.
  9. Maybe they will move to the 3 leagues of 16 set-up. Bringing in 6 new teams and having automatic relegation at the bottom of the third league. They could try to push it through as a solution to any longer shutdown. It would mean no relegation for anyone and promotion for the top four in the Championship, promotion for the whole of League 1 and no promotion for anyone in League 2, but adding 6 teams to the league. A few teams would complain, mainly the top of League 2, but they would be in the minority if the other teams were keen. Or, maybe they could have some sort of play-off to decide some of the promoted teams. Although, if the shutdown isn't temporary, do we shut down every time the virus starts spreading again?
  10. Any company involved in entertainment, travel and tourism is really going to struggle. I don't see the point in ending the season rather than delaying it. I can understand a temporary shut down to let the emergency services cope with an upturn in infections and also because a lot of people will be unwell in the short term. The main aim should be protecting the vulnerable. A true total lockdown isn't realistically possible and a partial lockdown isn't going to stop the virus spreading. Just delay it to help cope. China is a bit different. The sheer size of their population makes it impossible to cope if they didn't enforce a lockdown. I see there is some talk in England of maybe enlarging each league for one season, just promoting the top few and then relegating more teams than normal at the end of next season. Scrapping the League Cup to ease congestion etc.
  11. The SFA and SPFL have stated a few times that it won't be void and of course we can always trust what they say. I think it will be a delay rather than anything else. The virus isn't going to go away and we can't live with everything in total shutdown. People will say we can survive no problem without football or other sports and in many ways we could. Life is more important, but for some people it is their livelihood. What right does anyone else have to dictate to someone that they cannot work when they themselves are going to their work? Not everyone involved in football or other sports earn fortunes. Many people earn an ordinary living from the game.
  12. Within a heartbeat they already stated that there was no pot of cash to dish out to clubs and that clubs already have any money that they are due. If that's true, then the smaller clubs will definitely struggle in the short term. That is another reason why I think this will be a temporary delay to the season. That is the problem in China. It was relatively easy to shutdown, but far more difficult to restart the economy. 80% of the workforce are employed by smaller private companies and most of these companies couldn't survive more than a few months with no revenue. Wages and other outgoings still had to be covered. This will be the reality for smaller clubs just now Things have started kicking back into gear in China over the last week, but they are nowhere near back to normal.
  13. You do wonder. The actual fatality rate is probably much lower than published, because they are not testing everyone. Many more people will actually have it and many will only have mild symptoms. You can understand why conspiracy theories will arise. There has already been a suggestion in China that it causes infertility. I have my own views as to why there is a mass panic, but the way it is being handled will definitely fuel the theories. They could be lying about the fatality rate, but they wouldn't be able to hide that for long. Maybe it does cause a serious underlying issue that they are not being open about. Only time will tell. It's probably more likely that this strain of coronavirus is just a short step away from mutating into something really lethal.
  14. I doubt they will find a cure. You generally just treat the symptoms to lessen the effect of the virus. To help your immune system fight it off. The main issue with this virus is that it seems to spread rapidly. If it wasn't so quick and easy to spread I doubt the authorities would be so concerned. The flu kills over 20,000 people in Scotland every year alone, but the flu doesn't seem to spread as easily and our bodies are more used to fighting it off.
  15. Surely it should be a delay to the season rather than anything else. The exact same thing could happen again next season. What's the point in playing a new season for it to be scrapped again? The virus is not going to disappear. It will more than likely be a seasonal occurrence from now on, like many of the related viruses. With the ease with which this one seems to spread, it is unlikely that it will not infect the majority of people.
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