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  1. That was my original point. Fans are discussing what format the leagues should or could be going forward, but as long as we have social distancing there won't be any football. I don't think it's a matter of 'if' we go into 2021 without football. It looks like a definite based on current policy and it's more a matter of if we will have any clubs left, other than the very top leagues. They may be able to play in empty stadiums for TV money. The powers that be are arguing over how to close off this season in order to be ready for next season, but what's going to change to allow next season to commence? I don't disagree with you re football or people's lives, but the discussion was about football.
  2. Sorry, but it is. I see the failed scientific advisor to the government has just resigned as well. The whole lockdown policy was based on his mathematical modelling which has been wildly inaccurate on previous occasions as well.
  3. It's all a matter of opinion. I don't believe that keeping a few metres apart from others make any real difference. Who says most of us haven't already been infected? People most at risk need to isolate. It's not about not enjoying it and it's not going to be a wee while either. What is going to change? Coronaviruses don't just disappear. They are also far more prevalent in the UK in wintertime. The recent advances in medical science make it more likely that new treatments will be developed, but coronaviruses are very difficult to develop vaccines for. That is why there aren't any, despite almost 60 years trying. I am not trying to come across as heartless. Losing someone close to you to any illness, health condition or accident is heartbreaking. While we have social distancing nothing will return to how it was, or even close to how it was. Most companies (if they are still in business) cannot cope with social distancing. The idea that Schools and nurseries can have social distancing is ludicrous. Most sports cannot function with social distancing. If people truly believe that social distancing is vital and a necessary step to deal with a virus like this, then football is finished. Society cannot function with social distancing. The government cannot keep printing money to sustain the status quo either and I see they are already talking about reducing the furlough to 60% and it ends in 8 weeks.
  4. Or you could state that those clubs are two promotions from the premeirship. They still will be under a three 14 team league set up. They are just moaning because of the shit crowds they will get. They needn't worry. If the Government doesn't scrap their social distancing instruction, very little will change. There won't be any more football. Society cannot function long term with social distancing.
  5. Kelty didn't win the league. They were awarded it. Bonnyrigg had a decent chance of winning it. Brora were worthy champions though.
  6. I don't agree with the decision. I think it is still too early, but if it wasn't for the small band of mostly volunteers running Cowden, the club more than likely would not exist and if they think it is the right decision then I back them 100%. As for Doncaster and co. They are an utter embarrassment. They should be punted, like some of these clueless sheep in the government. How can they mismanage such a small and simple ballot? Now we may have league reconstruction (not that I am against this). However, it is not for the right reason. The sole purpose of it being to suit the Premiership, namely Hearts and rush it in. The lockdown was to stop the NHS from being overrun. This is working. A lengthy lockdown isn't realistic for all sorts of reasons. Wintertime is when respiratory viruses are at their worst in the UK and it will spread more then than now. Are we going to shutdown again then? That's why I think this season should have been given more time to be finished. It has been cut short and, judging by the efforts of our government, next season will probably involve some form of shutdown as well. If it is even allowed to start. Doncaster and co seem to think that as long as we are in place to start next season everything will be hunky-dory.
  7. I think they need to wait a bit longer to see what happens with the lockdown. There is nothing to prevent the virus from spreading again and it will. As soon as the lockdown eases, the virus will spread again. Are the authorities going to enforce another lockdown in the winter and then the new season is goosed as well? As long as the NHS gets in a position to cope, I can't really see how the lockdown can continue for weeks and weeks.
  8. Glad you liked it. Shame they still don't get the message. Nothing original, nothing new, nothing that doesn't make sense, but they continue with the same old failed model. Surely you must get tired of it all. They can't keep overspending. They are fast running out of ideas to keep the act going
  9. It was a bit tongue in cheek. They are always going to have this shortfall until they wake up to reality. Their model is not sustainable and it is comical how they try to pretend that it is. Instead of buying more worthless shares, they would be better asking the gullable hoardes to buying Euro Lottery tickets on their behalf every week. Then if they win, it might delay them entering administration for another season.
  10. The season should be finished. It is only early April and any lengthy continuation of this partial lockdown will bankrupt the country. There are already murmurings re how the lockdown can be relaxed, here and in other countries. The lockdown was introduced to help the NHS from being overrun in the short term. Not for any other reason. Is this not more to do with Doncaster panicking because they have some fancy new TV deal in place for the start of next season and they don't want anything to jeopardise it.
  11. I thought it was McClair when he took over from Wotte as the SFA Performance Director. Sure he said it would be scrapped, but he only lasted about a year in the job.
  12. I thought the SFA ended the performance school scheme. Once the remaining kids in the scheme hit 16 it is finished. No new kids were being placed into it.
  13. If most of their crowd are season ticket holders, then they already have the bulk of the money from match revenue. So what massive shortfall is it that has them relying on us to bail them out.
  14. Bonnyrigg can still win the Lowland League, so they can't promote Kelty. I don't see why the season can't start up again in the near future, assuming all the clubs survive.
  15. Yeah. Berwick were easily the worst team in recent years.
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