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  1. The worry for me is that come January we will be so far adrift we won't be able to catch anyone up. As I said before, the teams above are taking points off each other. It is looking like a dogfight between us and Elgin now.
  2. Interesting line up for us. Good to see Ross is willing to chop and change it. Never understood why Bollan just stuck with the same old same. It might not work, but at least give it a chance.
  3. The teams above us are taking points off each other. It looks like this season the team finishing 9th will have to pick more points than in past seasons, which means we have to get a move on.
  4. If we don't win today, then yeah, there are plenty of matches left. However, no disrespect to Elgin because I am sure they will be thinking the same, if we can't beat Elgin, then who are we going to beat? I hope we are more attacking this week.
  5. Kelty much fitter and pressing all the time, whereas we sat way, way too deep. Liam and Luke running and chasing all the time, but we were far too deep to remotely trouble Kelty. It looked early doors that our game plan was to sit back and hope Kelty misfired and take a point. I would rather we had a go and risk losing than sit back and lose anyway. Robbie needs to be benched. He is still a passenger and contributes nothing. Hopefully we fair better against the other teams, but I worry about where the goals are coming from. Other than Liam, it doesn't look like anyone else will score. We need to start winning or we will be cut adrift in no time.
  6. If he has seen us play, then hopefully he will realise (unlike Bollan) that we don't have the players to play hoofball. At least he seems ready to go with a formation that suits the ability of the players available, rather than impose one.
  7. Just picking him would be a good start, but yeah, I think Harvey maybe needs to decide if he is serious about giving it a real go now. He looks like he needs to tone up a bit. Also Robbie could do with a pep talk. He is capable of playing much better than he does. It's like he has lost the belief in himself. He is only 25. He is good enough to play at a higher level if he believes in himself and gives 100% all the time.
  8. It will be interesting to see how Harvey Swann plays now that Bollan and his team have gone.
  9. It could be 4 Paatelainen's now. Mixu's son Joel could play while his dad and uncles manage/coach. Don't think Joel has a team now.
  10. Sadly, as has been mentioned, Jimmy was diagnosed with dementia 6 years ago. He was a director at Cowden, but I don't think he is anymore. I think his son Scott still manages a lower league Dutch side. Maybe he might apply. He previously said he would like to manage in Scotland.
  11. We should be, but we aren't. If we don't dramatically improve then it would be no surprise to me if CSS beat us about 3-0 next week. It will be interesting to see what the odds are.
  12. We do seem to create far more chances than the opposition in some games, but are really poor at converting them. If we converted them as well as the opposition do then we would probably be in the top four just now.
  13. Probably about £5 more for the Umbro top. I can understand clubs trying to get every penny they can, but we (and I am sure Forfar) don't sell thousands of tops. Surely it's better to have a smarter, more expensive base cost top and make a few quid less. Of course, having a smarter top will more than likely bring in more money anyway if it sells better. Also, our adult tops this season are £49. The Forfar top was only £40 last season (ours £45 if I remember correctly and it was a cheaper Errea top), so we are likely to make about the same money if sales are similar to last season. If the Umbro top is more popular, then we will make more. The difference in revenue that clubs at this level will bring in between having a smarter more expensive branded top and a cheaper branded top must be small beer. I would always go for the smarter option. Although personally I am not too keen on this season's home top. I think some of the other Umbro options were nicer. Looking forward to seeing what the away top will be. Love to see us in a smart Adidas kit one day.
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