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  1. QP are a good side and should win League 2, but the result was as I expected. I don't think QP are anything special (honestly not having a dig). League 2, sadly, is woefully poor, so it doesn't take much to win it these days. When you move up to League 1 you will have to strengthen to keep progressing. Some fans have said that you have players of championship level, but I am not so sure. I think they are a good standard for league 2. Take Murray for instance. He is big, strong and fast, but I don't think he has any real true ability. Sadly, this is all too prevalent in Scottish football just now. Ability seems to be an afterthought, especially at youth level. When the players make it to the league level they are fast, strong etc, but basically very mediocre. We do have some real talent in this country, but they are not making through the ranks because the majority of the coaches at youth level are obsessed with everything but ability. Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season. Enjoy the success which comes your way. Hopefully you can bring through some talent from your youth set up.
  2. It doesn't. Clarke hits the ball just before the defender connects with him and it deflects off the defenders leg (not the other way round). The defender then goes right through Clarke.
  3. If you watch the video you can clearly see Clarke hits the ball off the defender before the defender goes right through him. At no point did the defender get the ball first, then the man second. Not saying it was intentional, but awful timing and definitely dangerous. That's why the ball travels forward and doesn't follow the direction of the defenders tackle.
  4. Good luck this season. I hope you keep the good form going and win the league. It definitely looks like it will be more of a dogfight at the top for once, instead of one club pulling away. Very exciting season. Just hope it's not us in the play offs!
  5. Yeah. I would agree. It seems that Scottish and English fans are the most determined to go to games. Other nations seem far less interested. Wouldn't be surprised if there are loads of tickets back up for grabs for the games in other countries when the portal re opens.
  6. I have been to games over the years and I have never seen anyone get asked for ID near or at the ground, not yet anyway. Sometimes you need to just show a ticket to get into the fan area around the ground, but they don't check anything re your ID. If you are paralytic, then they will check. For more recent tournaments you had to give your address and passport number just to apply. So anyone thinking of using the UEFA portal, make sure you have a valid passport.
  7. They might just issue refunds to the traveling support and sell these tickets to fans in the host country. Then it is only the squad players who travel, as they do now anyway, like for recent games. That would be the easiest option.
  8. Scotland are the new Germany. 100% record in tournament shoot-outs. Every penalty scored as well.
  9. The ticket categories, as some have already mentioned, are purely down to cost. Category 1 tickets are the most expensive (usually in the central part of the main stands). Category 2 are usually near the corner flag area and category 3 behind the goals or the seats with the poorer view (which is less of a factor in most of the big grounds nowadays). The ticket application opened from about last March onwards if I remember correctly. Like most UEFA tournaments. You normally have to buy them before you know who will be playing in the matches and often a year in advance. Although for this tournament you knew which games the host nations would be involved in at the group stage if they qualified, more so as the qualifying progressed. Again, like some have mentioned. The 'home' team have approx 19% of the tickets and the away team approx 16%. I think Scotland are the home team for the Czech game and the away team for the Croatia game (and also the England game). If Scotland win the group, the round of 16 game will be in Dublin. If they are second, the game will be in Copenhagen (capacity of only 38,000). If they are third and one of the four best third place teams, the game might be at Hampden on June 29th. Depends on position in list of best third place teams. If they were at Hampden for this, they would likely be up against Spain. All the standard neutral tickets, bar possibly a small quantity (some which have been returned) are sold. There may be a small number of standard tickets on sale early next year on the UEFA portal, as anyone deciding to cancel their tickets due to the uncertainty of the games being played when they were supposed to be had until June this year to do so. Although, from experience, when a game is in Scotland or involves Scotland or a Scottish club side, the neutral tickets for these games are usually the hardest tickets to get hold off, so I wouldn't bet on many tickets being returned. We seem more determined than any other nationality to go irrespective of who might be playing. The only tickets still to be sold/allocated are what's left of the hospitality tickets and of course the home and away fans allocation. I would guess that the SFA will offer the fan allocation to those with the most points in the official supporters club. So, if you are in it and have a reasonable amount of points, you will be more or less guaranteed the option to buy a ticket. There will actually be more chance of a ticket for the Wembley game than the Hampden games because of the capacity. If you desperately want tickets for the England v Scotland game and you are loaded, you can buy them right now (although I suspect these will be gone in a day or so, maybe longer), as UEFA are still selling the hospitality tickets. This is unusual. Normally they would be all sold out quickly. All the Hampden and Copenhagen hospitality tickets are already sold out, but almost every other game is still available, including all the Wembley games. The cheaper hospitality tickets for England v Scotland are sold out, but there are still lots available at 1500 and 1900 euro's a ticket, plus vat. For the 1500 option, you can buy 1 ticket. For the 1900 option, you have to buy all 12 tickets! They are in a private box with food and drink included. If you have the money, you can guarantee yourself some tickets. The venue ticket option is also still available. This ranges from 800 euro's upwards, plus vat, per game. The 'cheap' option is 4 games. England's 3 group games, plus the round of 16 game at Wembley. You can buy from 1 person upwards (so 3600 euro's plus vat each). There are a range of other options for first 4 Wembley games, or just 2 semi's and final, or for all 7 games. These cost all the way up to 23200 euro's a person! The latter one gets you tickets for all the Wembley games, but you have to buy for 2 people. For some options you can buy for 1 person. There are various private box ticket options for first 4 Wembley games (8, 12 or 20 people), or the knockout games, or all 7 Wembley games. Pricing depends on where the seats are located in the ground. Also, accommodation is reasonably priced just now in Central London for the game next June. Premier Inn is around £100 for a double/twin room and you can slum it for around about £30, but I wouldn't advise it. If you can afford these tickets though, I doubt you would need to slum it.
  10. That was my original point. Fans are discussing what format the leagues should or could be going forward, but as long as we have social distancing there won't be any football. I don't think it's a matter of 'if' we go into 2021 without football. It looks like a definite based on current policy and it's more a matter of if we will have any clubs left, other than the very top leagues. They may be able to play in empty stadiums for TV money. The powers that be are arguing over how to close off this season in order to be ready for next season, but what's going to change to allow next season to commence? I don't disagree with you re football or people's lives, but the discussion was about football.
  11. Sorry, but it is. I see the failed scientific advisor to the government has just resigned as well. The whole lockdown policy was based on his mathematical modelling which has been wildly inaccurate on previous occasions as well.
  12. It's all a matter of opinion. I don't believe that keeping a few metres apart from others make any real difference. Who says most of us haven't already been infected? People most at risk need to isolate. It's not about not enjoying it and it's not going to be a wee while either. What is going to change? Coronaviruses don't just disappear. They are also far more prevalent in the UK in wintertime. The recent advances in medical science make it more likely that new treatments will be developed, but coronaviruses are very difficult to develop vaccines for. That is why there aren't any, despite almost 60 years trying. I am not trying to come across as heartless. Losing someone close to you to any illness, health condition or accident is heartbreaking. While we have social distancing nothing will return to how it was, or even close to how it was. Most companies (if they are still in business) cannot cope with social distancing. The idea that Schools and nurseries can have social distancing is ludicrous. Most sports cannot function with social distancing. If people truly believe that social distancing is vital and a necessary step to deal with a virus like this, then football is finished. Society cannot function with social distancing. The government cannot keep printing money to sustain the status quo either and I see they are already talking about reducing the furlough to 60% and it ends in 8 weeks.
  13. Or you could state that those clubs are two promotions from the premeirship. They still will be under a three 14 team league set up. They are just moaning because of the shit crowds they will get. They needn't worry. If the Government doesn't scrap their social distancing instruction, very little will change. There won't be any more football. Society cannot function long term with social distancing.
  14. Kelty didn't win the league. They were awarded it. Bonnyrigg had a decent chance of winning it. Brora were worthy champions though.
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