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  1. Bizarre why Allan is not on from the start. We only looked dangerous when he was on, but I would keep Taylor on with him. They look like they would be a good pairing. Just the sort of game where Cox would have snatched the winner.
  2. Todd is getting better and much improved on his early appearances. He is solid, especially when he has decent players around him, but Hamilton is our best player by a country mile.
  3. Of course it's not acceptable, but football is far more popular and has far more fans than these other sports, or games , as some of them are. Also, most of the league 2 players are not doing their job. They are part time players. They have a job outside of football.
  4. I have never heard anything said about his mental health at games. He probably gets criticised less than most of our team. He does seem to get treated more leniently by the ref's as well. He is like a mini tornado sometimes. He needs to chill a bit more in games, but maybe that's the only way he can play. The games would certainly be more boring without him playing, but his well being is more important than him providing entertainment for fans. Giving players stick for their performance is fine and I am all for players giving stick back as well, but everyone should think how they would feel if it was one of their family getting the abuse. Sometimes it is definitely over the top.
  5. You mean the classic vintage stand which is full of character. Unlike the soulless Hampdump. You will be well shot of it soon enough though.
  6. Exactly. Possession is overrated. Clinical finishing is the most important factor. Cowden are happy to sit back when in front and catch the opposition on the break, like at Hampden earlier in the season. We are confident that our defence can hold firm.
  7. I thought he went into the new stand and started celebrating with the fans before heading to the dressing room.
  8. I like Coxy. He is entertaining to watch, although not always for the right reasons. He is like a Tasmanian devil or an angry little bear, like Ted in the fight scenes. He gets away with a lot more than others do. He almost costs us points, but I wouldn't change him. It would be boring if he wasn't there.
  9. I have no problem with players giving stick back. It's funny when they do and usually fair enough. Our very own Fraser Mullen gave one of our fans a mouthful recently after being on the receiving end of some abuse. Great stuff.
  10. Pyper is ok. He just needs to have more belief. Believing in yourself is a huge factor in football.
  11. How is Fraser? Is his arm healing ok?
  12. The league is dross. Cove have better players because they pay silly money. Edinburgh are an ok team. We are ok with our loan players. Without them, we would be struggling. They give us a little bit extra and improve some of the others in the team enough for us to win games like today's. QP are very poor. Fortunately for you, there are even poorer teams.
  13. Probably been asked already, but when do you actually turn pro, start paying players etc? Do you need to sign your current team on pro contracts?
  14. Website down. How unprofessional. Bunch of amateurs. Oh wait...
  15. Smith has been a bit stronger in challenges recently, but as has been said, he is only 17 and can get stronger. He helps create something out of nothing and just has to improve his final ball.
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