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  1. Just sign up for twitter, you don't have to tweet or follow anyone. I don't even use twitter app. Instead of going to Falkirk Fc main page just go to their twitter page for latest info.
  2. Seen that mentioned on twitter. Had a look at photo from Aberdeen youth squad. Could be him.
  3. Think the new strip is decent enough. Hopefully white shorts is an option from an all white away strip. Nice to see a local company run by a Falkirk fan being on front of top. Folk complaining about the size of the sponsors logo should try to remember the TR fastenings shirt sponsor. Now that was big.
  4. That turn by Hetherington at the goal. Cruise liners turn quicker
  5. If he's got such a lengthy ban coming up then what's the point if he has to serve them this season.
  6. Falkirk being mentioned in this article as one of two teams that was in for the rapist. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-10466015/amp/STEPHEN-McGOWAN-David-Goodwillie-signing-triggered-PR-catastrophe-Raiths-making.html I'm assuming this is the usual lazy journalism picking up rumours from P&B and COYB. Digusting use of far too many photos of him.
  7. I'm just so relieved we didn't sign him. A few goals for a couple of years is nothing when you consider the loss of lifelong fans and sponsors. Very likely we at least made an enquiry about his availability.
  8. Got to remember that Dowds only can play for us or Arbroath this season in Scotland. Two clubs a season rule.
  9. Will it be disappointment of not getting anybody else in or the disappointment of signing somebody completely pish. Paying a five figure fee for John Stewart level of pishiness of the past.
  10. They got a couple of breaks of the ball for the goals but defending after that wasn't great.
  11. Great game to watch, really enjoyed it as a neutral. Both teams kept going at it for the 90 minutes. Grit and determination that Falkirk have rarely shown in past few years.
  12. No but I did notice that the two teams showed strength and determination that we haven't shown much of for a few seasons. Cameron Blues was rank rotten however.
  13. Mills flicked on a header at a corner with his 1st and only touch from which Cardiff hit the post.
  14. Blair Sneddon loan to the Shire till end of season.
  15. I asked that question when Martin Rennie joined and was told he is not related.
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