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  1. Poor Toshney can't even stand up for the signing photo. Decent enough defender but too injury prone. For a 27 year old he really hasn't played a lot of games in his career
  2. Spot on. 2-1 win away to Alloa is only one I can think of
  3. Unless someone already lined up already there can only Totten able to do caretaker manager job. Then again could be Lex picking the team
  4. Marshmallo's profile says he lives in Glasgow, this guy doesn't. Before it's said, no it's not me
  5. Remember the St Johnstone game. I'm sure the Sunday Mail report ran with the Sting Ray or Sting Rae headline. Quality journalism
  6. All this from some other teams fans saying this is a tough league. Results yesterday show that Falkirk fans have been right in saying it's not tough it's just shit
  7. Interesting piece about Scottish football finances, administration and waiting for a white knight https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49500481
  8. Comparison to Paton is ludicrous. He does seem to be involved in creating goal chances for others. I just thought Tidser was the type of player to control the midfield but appears to be more of a goal creator
  9. Would think Montrose are more typical of a league one team than Dumbarton were last week. This type of game will probably be repeated a few times this season. Good battling win in the end. As most would agree Gomis looks the better option than McShane but he played decent enough. Better than Tidser who although had a hand in the first goal did not do much else of note.
  10. Had a wee chuckle at this because wulffc is the guy that runs the COYB Facebook page 😆
  11. From outside looking in McShane keeping his place ahead of Gomis is a very strange decision. That's Ray for you
  12. Falkirk Herald saying Lewis Toshney unlikely to play along with the expected missing Durnan and MacLean. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/football/falkirk-mckinnon-hails-talented-louis-longridge-1-4979734 Mentions it right at bottom of page. Looks like Moore will get a start at LB if Toshney doesn't make it with Dixon moving to CB.
  13. Unlikely to sign DKD at this time. Longridge is simply a less talented more experienced DKD. Still happy with him signing though
  14. So if Dixon was injured who in current squad could fill in at left back. I'm thinking probably Tidser
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