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  1. I asked that question when Martin Rennie joined and was told he is not related.
  2. To be fair there has been much worse than Sammon over the past few seasons. I know he's pish but not to the levels of Wilson or Dennon "fuckin" Lewis pishiness
  3. Suppose it shows how bad our central defenders have been in the last few years.
  4. Ciaran McKenna probably the only one that is close to Paul Watson compared some of the other dross.
  5. When I saw this in my Google news feed I thought us and Queens Park close to signing him. It's just us closing gap to Queens Park with DGW penalty
  6. Keena going frees up a wage rather than having to pay up the rest of his contract.
  7. Seldom would be a good name for Keena. He's still got a half decent reputation in the game that we can move him on. Can't say the same for Wilson and Ompreon.
  8. I think the fact that we are playing East Fife next does give us another week to get players in. Probably jinxed it but even with our current squad surely we can score more goals than we let in on Saturday.
  9. I remember BPM saying he needed surgery on his wrist. Unknown if he's had it yet
  10. The "Falkirk" instead of "we" in Dowds interview is a bit of af a concern. As others have said he is an employee of Falkirk not a fan. However he showed today that will give 100% till he is not a Falkirk player this window or whenever. He needs to perform for the sake of his professional football career
  11. Actually quite comical watching some of the pixelott streams across some the games trying to follow the ball
  12. The trouble is in the short term there are other areas of the squad which are in desperate need of improving. Something to look into this summer.
  13. No wonder I had forgot. Munro was completely hopeless
  14. True. I'm a good few years out there. Can't think who came after Tommy then
  15. We signed Kenny Milne as a replacement but was poor at left back. Turned out better at centre back. Can't remember the circumstances of Tommy's departure regarding his performances in his final season
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