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  1. Shows the apathy amongst our support when there isn't a few more posts about that lineup. The other changes just looks like they are enforced
  2. That time frame of back in December could mean he had a meniscal tear (torn cartilage in knee). Trim away torn cartilage and back playing 2-3 months.
  3. You could be right about Wilson as he has same player agent as Hetherington.
  4. How the f**k has Hetherington not been hooked. Wait a minute he's teacher's pet so can't sub him
  5. That is what everyone has been saying. Nobody who can put ball in net will cost us
  6. To be fair Hartley's second half of 17/18 season was the last time we had a reasonably decent team.
  7. Sheerin did say in the interview that Dowds went out on loan because we had too many strikers for one position. Sounds to me if we do get anybody else they will need to be able to play in any of the forward positions.
  8. Not 100% sure where I heard (might have been Sheerin pre-Clyde on Falkirk TV) but Krasniqi was named as just EK when referring to him. Take it that is what he is called in the dressing room.
  9. Me and the wife would previously go work permitting. Streaming at present. Wife not long had surgery and she hasn't worked since end of April so finances have taken a hit. £13 for both of us to watch makes sense for now
  10. Even though I quite liked Dowds he doesn't fit our style of play. Keena will be our main striker if fit. I believe Ruth can play in any of the four forward positions if signed. Should be full of energy and keen to impress. Wilson should be capable of coming on 70+ minutes in games to press defenders from the front. At this stage that looks all he is capable of. Ompreon, not sure what he brings yet.
  11. This is spot on. Hall does look better with Dixon as a central defensive partner. No matter how good a game Hall has he will cost us points at some stage this season if we have to keep playing him
  12. Think the GK is as sorted as it's going to be with Martin pushing Mutch. Should play Martin against Edinburgh City
  13. You can see him in the video on our twitter/Facebook. Around 1.05 to 1.15 minutes. Appears to have some sort of support on right shoulder. Maybe not quite as serious as thought. I know when I fractured my collarbone I was in a sling for 7 weeks
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