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  1. Was at Hertha's game at the weekend against Hoffenheim. Hertha needed to win and hope Koln lost to stay up so the stadium was reasonably busy (53,000 if i remember). The atmosphere was amongst the best I've ever been to with the ultras going crazy for the whole game - could show a thing or two to Scottish fans! Took us about two hours in all to get from the centre out to the stadium via a whole load of changes on the U bahn and in the queues (as somebody mentioned earlier) are huge and they pat down everybody! Good night out too, although again big queues for the watergate (apparently really well known!?) club!
  2. We won't get rid of, same as we never got rid of Hughes until he walked. The board will not change things and Pressley will come out ahead of Saturdays game saying 'its a long season and we're still in it' Out of interest was McCall the last manager we appointed externally? (Coyle/Hughes, Hughes, May, Pressley). The thing is if and when Pressley leaves you can see the board just offering it to Bullen with Smith as Asst. Why continually do that when I'm sure there are better / as cheap candidates out there!? The thing with internal candidates is they are surely still influenced by previous manager and so will most likely continue the style of play / formation etc. I'm also fed up with Falkirk managers and the press talking about nice football - i don't care - give me rubbish football and hard to beat every week.
  3. Return to paradise - 6/10 - its got Vince Vaughn before he was famous for playin funny guys! Ending is a bit pish though.
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